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What Is A Project Portfolio Management Software

06/02/2011 06:54:08 AM

Manage multiple projects with shared resources within your company PPM, short for Project Portfolio Management, is a term used by project managers and project management organizations (or PMOs), to describe methods that enables corporate and business users to organize a set of projects into a sin..

Adjust your Speakers the Right Way!!

05/31/2011 13:12:11 PM

Adjust your Speakers the Right Way!! TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011 Whether you've got the same cheap system you rocked in college or 10 grand's worth of high-fidelity frivolity, one of the most important factors in how good your audio system sounds is where you put the speakers. Sound can trip o..

if i need to buy laptop?

05/16/2011 15:47:34 PM

Laptops have the advantage over desktops for many reasons. Laptops are constantly advancing their technology and they serve various purposes. They make a niche in each category and provide customers with a convenient easy-specific products. You should be careful when you buy a laptop by your needs t..

Kelemahan BlackBerry Torch dibandingkan iPhone 4 dan Droid

05/14/2011 21:43:37 PM

Ada banyak kelebihan BlackBerry Torch 9800 bila dibandingkan iPhone 4 maupun Droid. Disini saya hanya akan fokus pada kekurangan Blackberry Torch saja: Blackberry Torch kurang bertenaga, terutama bila dibandingkan dengan rivalnya keluaran terbaru iPhone 4 dan Android yang telah menggunakan prosess..

10 cara menambah followers di twitter

05/14/2011 21:42:33 PM

Twitter seperti yang banyak saya jelaskan sebelumnya adalah sebuah tool microblogging yang sangat digandrungi saat ini terutama di dunia internasional. Salah satu acuan dalam twitter yang membedakan antar usernya adalah followers. Walaupun sebenarnya mengenai follower di twitter ini bukanlah hal yan..

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan BlackBerry OS 6

05/14/2011 21:41:23 PM

Sampai saat ini baru ada tiga handheld Blackberry yang menggunakan Platform Operating System terbaru OS 6, yakni Blackberry Style 9670, Blackberry Torch 9800 dan yang terbaru Blackberry Bold 9780 yang juga dikenal sebagai Onyx 2. Dibandingkan OS 5, Blackberry OS 6 benar-benar jauh lebih b..

Buy Laptop for Your Needs | Buy a computer wisely

05/14/2011 04:32:31 AM

buy the right laptop that suits your need is very important. Every laptop model has different specifications. Laptops for home use are slightly different than laptop for business use. It is very convenient to shop for laptop because you can buy it online. If you frequently travel around, you should..

How to check multiple email accounts for new emails on a single web page

04/25/2011 01:33:51 AM

Many people often have multiple email accounts for various uses and reasons. The difficult part when having too many email accounts is that you'll have to check for new emails one by one, logging in and out in each of them, which is too boring and time consuming. Thanks to webware developers who ..

How to take the picture of a whole web page with a single click in firefox?

04/25/2011 01:33:13 AM

Suppose there is a long webpage for which you want to capture its image and save it. Hovewer you can't do it because you have to roll up and down with your mouse to see part of it. Hence you can't press the print screen button as it will only capture the whole screen and only part of the webpag..

How to browse the web from another country using a proxy

04/25/2011 01:31:28 AM

Have you ever wished to know the browsing experience from another country? well you can use a proxy! In this tutorial we'll learn how to to browse the web from another country using a proxy in Firefox. What is a proxy and why to use it? A proxy is distant server from another country which will ma..

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