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Facebook Pages New Timeline: A Streamlined Look for Pages

03/15/2014 02:44:45 AM

Click to enlarge Facebook with its habit of day by day changes in the timeline has bought the same habit to the pages too. Yes, facebook page timeline is going to rollout with a new design (You can see the preview of the new design from the above image).   Recent observations cl..

Delete one site from history - Google Chrome

01/12/2014 05:06:41 AM

Problem : How to delete history for specific site?Solution : Follow very simple steps to solve the problem :While in Google Chrome, press ctrl+h, which will open history in a new tab.Now in search box type name of that specific site you want to remove from history.Now on pressing enter key, history ..

Learn Ways to Protect Forums from Spammers

12/20/2013 00:55:19 AM

Running an online forum or message board can be a great way to create a community and generate a lot of meaningful discussion. It is also, generally, a low maintenance way to drive more traffic to a website. When people get involved in forums, they keep coming back to your website. However, one of t..

Battling against Unfair Business Practices like Content Stealing

11/27/2013 03:14:27 AM

Website content stealing is a problem, but there are ways of protecting your data. Use anti-scraping services to block bots and stop scraping, programs, techniques and, if you have to, go to court.   The idea of content stealing has many business owners and content creators, especially those wh..

Best Ways to Protect from a Computer Virus

11/16/2013 01:32:53 AM

Many of the computer users are unaware of the fact that what a computer virus is. It leads them to file damage, slow working of the computer, loss of files, and many other problems. This is a common issue where computers are shared without any protection.   What is a computer virus actually? It..

Best Ever Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your New Business

11/02/2013 02:25:12 AM

 Owning a website when starting a new business is like printing a visiting card for your business. This is one of the best and economic ways of marketing for your new venture. Here are the best ever tips on choosing the best domain name for your new business.   The domain name must be clo..

Can HTML5 Win Over The Consumer Preference Of Native Apps

08/31/2013 01:03:58 AM

Mobile applications have become dime a dozen in a densely populated ecosystem of marketplaces. Android and iOS is ushering in applications which not only provide seamless integration with OS itself but also enhances the overall experience of user. Earlier there were many analysts that were of th..

Down to Earth Cloud Computing

08/17/2013 16:03:21 PM

Everybody’s talking about Cloud Computing these days, and most of the conversation is so high in the sky that it’s hard to understand and harder to believe. It’s true that the Cloud is transforming business—in fact, it’s quickly becoming the new business utili..

Technology Helps You Put the World in Your Hands

07/17/2013 19:26:14 PM

It is terrific to know that technology can help you be independent by putting a world of information in your hands. I am old enough to remember when computers were big heavy things that got put on a desk and never moved. Over the years I have seen them evolve into laptops,  notebooks, tablets,..

Preorder samsung ATIV Q, germany available

07/02/2013 00:16:32 AM

Preorder Samsung ATIV Q in Germany According to ARLT Computer, the device could be launched on July 8. Samsung has not mentioned release dates for the device during the show either. TabTech has it from Samsung Germany that the ATIV Q will be available in the region at some point in August. As the ..

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