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A Natural CURE for Vaginal Dryness Part II

Posted on 09/05/2015 12:19:40 PM

    Alaska Digital Images. com         If you have chronic symptoms of vaginal dryness which have not responded to our recommended vaginal suppositories in part I of this series,, ...

Avoiding painful and expensive dental work with natural medicine!

Posted on 08/27/2015 03:59:25 PM   Weary of expensive not to mention PAINFUL dental work? Dental health is also a direct indication of the health of your internal organs. Besides a beautiful smile, it is important to get to the root-- HA that again -- of various dental disorders. Naturopathic ...

A new clue in the AUTISM Puzzle!

Posted on 08/20/2015 03:35:19 PM

  Hi, I will post the article on natural tips for healthy teeth next week but I saw this and knew that many of you would be very interested in this obscure piece of interesting research!  We will pick up our normally scheduled articles next Wednesday!   According to a new small study ...

Is THIS the new GLUTEN?

Posted on 08/06/2015 03:41:04 PM   Goodbye gluten, hello Mycotoxin. This mold byproduct has been lurking in everything from dog foods to coffee  and is poised to become the next health buzzword. I have known this for several years and have avoided grains for about a decade for this ...

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Firestorm breaks out in Denmark

Posted on 07/30/2015 04:16:11 PM

    A Firestorm of controversy regarding the relatively new, 2006, vaccine for HPV Gardasil begins in Europe.   In March 2015, a Danish national television station (TV2) aired a documentary focusing on girls who suspected they had been injured by the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Immediately ...

The Negativity Cure Part II

Posted on 07/23/2015 05:02:20 PM

    Image:   The Negativity Cure-Part II     I have been a physician and healer for 16 years and I can attest to the fact that the habit of negative thinking is a very likely predictor of illness of all kinds in life.  It has incredible power to wreck ...

Are BioIdentical Hormones Right For YOU?

Posted on 07/18/2015 11:30:08 AM

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is it right for YOU? Bioidentical hormone formulations in measured doses (i.e., tailored to individual patients) may be obtained from a compounding pharmacy with a physician’s prescription after careful testing. Bioidentical estrogen therapy has been utilized ...


Posted on 07/02/2015 04:12:14 PM

  Liver Spots Image:     Sun Spots or Liver spots  tend to show up on individuals after age 40. According to western medicine and dermatologic experts, they have nothing whatsoever to do with liver function and occur solely because of sun exposure. I am pretty ...

This ONE Health Practice May Be Even MORE Powerful Than We Thought!

Posted on 06/25/2015 04:47:58 PM

      Image: How To Practice Transcendental Meditation . Org   With stress levels ever escalating,  what if I told you that just ONE health practice could alleviate stress, relieve depression and anxiety, improve self awareness, mindfulness, improve concentration ...

Pesticides now linked to THIS?!

Posted on 06/18/2015 04:16:08 PM

Most of you have learned, I truly hope, that pesticides are toxic and that they lead to disruptions of the endocrine system. This has been linked to MANY, many illnesses. Now, a brand new study links pesticides to the most prevalent degenerative illness in the U.S.     Image:     Pesticide ...

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