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GentleMax Pro laser hair removal

Posted on 08/11/2014 11:09:01 AM

  Tired of painful plucking, expensive waxing and frequent salon visits to get silky smooth and beautiful bare skin? Try the latest GentleMax Pro laser hair removal. When it comes to offering fast and effective laser hair removal, every minor specification counts. Due to its versatility and eff..

Tying a Physician's Hands

Posted on 08/11/2014 09:26:38 AM

Medical research has an incredible history of selfless, hard work and long hours investigating promising leads only to see them go up in smoke during clinical trials. And then the compounds, the elixirs, the pharmaceuticals are relegated to the back cabinets of laboratories and the race begins anew...

Another big Natural Gun in the HPV Battle!

Posted on 08/09/2014 11:03:45 AM

Photo: Courtesy   About 90% of Cervical Dysplasia have been linked to HPV infection.  Dr Tori Hudson, Naturopathic Physician, Clinician, and Author of the Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine has researched and published most of the natural protocols for reve..

Is lase hair removal permanent or will I have to wax, shave or pluck again.

Posted on 07/31/2014 04:36:47 PM

  It seems people today have major issues regarding hair. For some it makes a person look younger, others more hygienic, but we all have issues regarding hair. Most people think getting rid of it permanently is expensive. but think of it this way. Most of the times we get rid of unwanted hair t..

Hayfever? Natural Help may be closer than you think!

Posted on 07/31/2014 04:00:18 PM

Image: Courtesy   Hay fever can result in annoying symptoms like: runny nose, sneezing, itching, congestion and coughing. Hay fever affects the mucous membranes of the sinuses, nose, throat, eyes and palate. Grasses and plant pollens are the cause of inflammatory reactions that over..

Gunslinger Shrinks

Posted on 07/25/2014 12:08:53 PM

Psychiatry isn't one of the safest of medical specialties, neither is psychotherapy. We've had the case, several years ago, in New York City in 2008, where a psychologist and a psychiatrist were both attacked by an irate, probably psychotic former patient. The psychologist got the worst of..

TOP News! Beneficial Gut Bacteria ameliorates Autism and other neuro psychiatric disorders!

Posted on 07/24/2014 03:46:20 PM

Image Courtesy:   Waaaay back in 1997 while still a graduate student, I learned firsthand about treating autistic children by treating a good friend's year old son. I administered nutrients that were serotonin precursors and he responded fabulously.  He became way less violen..

Sad State of Psych Med Research

Posted on 07/22/2014 01:54:32 PM

he search for solutions to one of our most pressing international problems, psychiatric disorders and methods of treatment, remains stagnant, seemingly, as major drug companies pull back. No, that doesn't mean there's not a healthy bottom line for the psychiatric meds that are now being produced, on..

Stress and Diabetes

Posted on 07/19/2014 07:41:00 AM

Stress isn't just something you need to read about. Stress is something you need to manage because it is more powerful than you ever imagined and that goes doubly for anyone with diabetes or a heart condition. But don't take my word for it, take The American Diabetes Association's word for..

When Your Physician Forgets

Posted on 07/18/2014 04:13:29 AM

  Everyone has moments when you forget something. It's part of the natural cycle of life, especially in a world that is ever more demanding of your attention. The problems arise when your physician begins to forget things you expect to be no-brainers. One example came to me today.Whenever a new..

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