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Living to 100, Indeed

06/18/2014 06:59:45 AM

The media loves to do stories on people who have lived to 100 and more and it's often interesting to listen to them and to see how 100-year-olds vary in their abilities. Some are spry and engaged in activities, others are barely able to stand up or whisper a few responses to the questions fired at t..

Death, Damnation and Maternal Depression

06/17/2014 08:56:43 AM

Postpartum depression has been a recognized disorder for many years, but it has never, until now, been fully recognized in how long it may last and when it may actually begin--not necessarily after the baby's birth. Consider the sad case of Cindy Wachenheim, a successfully lawyer for the State ..

Hurry, Hurry Give Your Boys Mouth Cancer

06/16/2014 15:10:47 PM

Sports fans are reading the headlines today and mourning the loss of the great baseball player Tony Gwynn, Hall of Famer,  monumental baseball champion who won eight batting titles, was considered one of the best all-time hitters in the game and who, at age 54, died of cancer. But not just..

Bulletproof Blankets and Irish Infants

06/12/2014 17:05:34 PM

Children are precious to all of us, no matter where we live but it hasn't always been that way. Matter of fact, it may not be that way now considering that we've had 74 shootings, school or elsewhere, since the tragedy at Sandy Hook in 2012 where 21 died. Protecting children from school shooter..

This Vitamin extends lifespan by 46%-Must READ!

06/12/2014 17:04:01 PM

Intake of this vitamin Correlated with Lower Mortality Risk, from all causes.  Must read! The Journal of Nutrition reported in March 2014 that dietary intake of this vitamin is associated with a reduced risk of mortality in subjects with high cardiovascular risk. This vitamin is a fat..

Ageist Attitudes in Healthcare Professionals

06/10/2014 13:28:43 PM

Ever notice how you are treated by any healthcare professional, especially if you're over the age of say 60 or so? Oh, what about when you reach Medicare eligibility? Is there a change in how you are perceived and how your wishes or needs are handled? Take one example, and it's a valid one, in the a..

Return to Community for DD Patient Results in Death

06/05/2014 18:06:28 PM

The community mental movement of the 1960s was all about respectful, adequate and compassionate treatment for those with mental illnesses. Included in the movement’s target audience were those who had severe developmental disabilities. Many of the former could find homes, day treatment centers..

Is your Sunscreen Causing CANCER? Find out!

06/05/2014 17:15:35 PM

 Recently, the EWG, Environmental Working Group released its annual report regarding sunscreens and the results were electrifying!  Less than 8% of those studied-(approximately 500),  held up to their claims and could be recommended based on the safety of their ingredients.  Sinc..

Asthma Treatment

05/29/2014 04:10:18 AM

Asthma can be a chronic illness which complicates the normal life of a man. Asthma is wide spread these days thanks to the low quality of food and air. The main reason for asthma is dust allergy and it's directly related to the way we live in 21st century society. Asthma attacks are different. So..

What your Seasonal Allergies are Trying to Tell YOU!

05/22/2014 17:22:29 PM

 A difficult allergy season is now well underway.  My clients are increasingly looking for alternatives to anti-histamines, intranasal steroids etc.  Does naturopathy hold out any therapies for proven allergy relief?   In a word…YES!   First, let&r..

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