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First aid emergency drills

10/23/2013 12:27:40 PM

Those of us who are teachers are responsible, in some way or another, for the success that our juniors enjoy. We provide safe atmospheres for them to grow and develop not just as martial artists, but human beings. I am sure that all of us are used to dealing with the risks and pitfalls that come..

Taking a Look at the New Health Exchange

10/23/2013 12:13:18 PM

How does a California Health Exchange actually work? How can it help people in California who are looking for cost-effective health care insurance in the area?   In a nutshell, an exchange refers to a market place wherein small businesses and individuals can shop and compare various standardize..

The Two Inevitables; Death and Taxes

10/17/2013 11:58:00 AM

No one said you had to pay your taxes, unless, of course, you have some off-kilter idea that you can actually get away with not paying them. We’ve seen how well that plan has worked out for everyone from people with on-line pastoral degrees to famous entertainers. The usual result is a quick..

Not a Push, Not a Shove But a Loving Touch

10/14/2013 19:40:09 PM

Parents, probably instinctively, have always allowed themselves to cuddle, lovingly touch or otherwise use physical touch to establish a feeling of support and love to their children. Nurses, several decades ago, began to use touch in a therapeutic manner and we have seen research that indicates th..

Postpartum Depression and the Andrea Yates Case

10/05/2013 18:35:49 PM

Chances are you won’t remember the Andrea Yates case or her trial in 2001, but if you do or don’t let me provide a bit of background because it brings up a very important issue; undiagnosed and untreated postpartum depression. Of course, if you want, you can go to Wikipedia where there..

Into the Wild for Therapy and Mental Relief

09/01/2013 11:31:45 AM

Wilderness therapy programs have been around for long enough for all of us to begin to take stock of their usefulness, safety and effectiveness when it comes to kids and adults. They even have wilderness programs strictly for women and I suppose that has its benefits just as high schools for girls o..

Dream On With a Little Pill

08/29/2013 11:00:36 AM

September appears to be the month when we begin to see quite a bit of information on sleep, the need for sleep, sleepy workers, sleep studies and that’s because we think about turning back our clocks. While we may be able to turn back that clock in our homes, our body’s internal clock (c..

Testosterone Supplements – Do They Work?

08/26/2013 15:08:50 PM

When it comes to declining T levels in men, some physicinas will suggest hormone replacement therapy for their patients, but people often wonder whether testosterone supplements might work to help them feel more energized and invigorated for longer. Before you start with any testosterone supplement ..

Brain Trauma Doesn't Only Affect Cognition

08/24/2013 15:14:03 PM

Blows to the head can happen almost anywhere; while working in the home, bending under an open cabinet drawer in the office or even while driving in our car. Most of the time, there’s little damage done other than a bump, a bruise or a small cut.   The consequences are entirely different ..

Is There a Placebo Effect in Psychotherapy?

08/22/2013 14:41:37 PM

The number of therapeutic interventions currently in use is probably more than any of us know because not everyone sticks to a pure form of any type of psychotherapy, unless they truly know nothing else.  Rigid adherence to anything is always questionable because it fails to acknowledge that de..

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