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Do NOT trust the Label....And other grocery store atrocities!

01/15/2014 15:06:11 PM

I recently returned an expired bottle of balsamic vinegar to a VERY popular grocery store.  I explained to the manager on duty that it had tasted "off" and I had then checked the label and seen that it had expired several months earlier.   Several days later I was in that aisle again and I..

Loneliness Can Be Damaging to Your Health

12/30/2013 20:35:15 PM

Sometimes, it is good to have some alone time, but what about people who are chronically lonely? Does this have an effect not only on their happiness quotient but their health as well? Seek and you shall find and that’s exactly what we’re finding now from some innovative research being..

6 weeks of RAINN!

12/21/2013 10:56:42 AM

    Gentle Readers!   I apologize for no updates since Thanksgiving but since Halloween I have been involved in a very important case, my sister Thyra's dog Rainn!   Rainn developed problems back in October which were thought to be chronic hepatitis or a copper storage diso..

Physicians Claim Our Bodies in Parts

12/16/2013 08:18:55 AM

Answer one question: How many different physicians are you receiving care from these days? My guess is that you’ve got a PCP (primary care physician), cardiologist, orthopedist, ear-nose-throat doc, dermatologist, dentist (yes, I include dentists) and maybe one or two others like an endocrino..

Ginger, nature's medicine

11/17/2013 18:36:42 PM

Where it may look ugly and unappealing from the outside, ginger can benefit us in many ways. A herb that is used as a spice, comes fresh and in dried form. In addition to recipes (add to rice, grate into a lemon sorbet or even add to your juicer), did you know how it can help our bodies from the ins..

Sleep Really IS Important

11/13/2013 17:05:24 PM

All the chest beating about how little sleep some people brag about would seem, according to much recent research, to be foolish in the extreme. Sleep is not a waste of time, or a sign of indulgence, or of laziness or lack of initiative or motivation. Sleep is one of the most essential things we MU..

The Raging Incidence of Suicide by Cop

11/06/2013 15:24:06 PM

The location is immaterial and the only requirement is that it will be sufficiently newsworthy and populated with people, kids or adults doesn't matter. The intent is to garner the attention of SWAT teams. This will optimize the chances that a sharpshooter or a random police officer will, ultimate..

Making Sense out of Health Insurance

11/04/2013 12:05:29 PM

When it comes to health insurance, it’s important to know what your benefits are and what you need to know about choosing the best policy for you and your family. There are different plans available and it depends on your individual requirements when making that choice.   Types of Plans ..

Insanity in the Hospital Room

11/01/2013 18:00:10 PM

Many people who have had to have their elderly relatives admitted to a hospital intensive care unit have little or no knowledge of how that environment’s impact can affect the patient. Even some medical staff are poorly trained in this aspect of care and begin to exhibit their ageist bias wh..

The Question Is Who Will Treat You

10/30/2013 10:10:47 AM

A long, long time ago in a land called the United States of America, people worked at small and large companies and corporations that did not provide health coverage. If you got sick, depending on the company, you were on your own and the ER was your only hope. Physicians made house calls, yearly e..

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