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These herbs and foods radically help digestion....find out which ones!

07/12/2014 11:42:54 AM

    Image: courtesy     Prebiotics are compounds that help to promote “good bacteria” (probiotics) in the gastrointestinal tract, with which a wide variety of beneficial health effects are associated. More about that a bit l..

Healthcare Professionals Do Burn Out

07/10/2014 16:15:47 PM

Patients, for the most part, are comfortable in their belief that the healthcare professional they are currently seeing is well-schooled, competent, secure and will provide excellent care. The last thing they think about is the mental health problems of these professionals because, in their minds, t..

TOP NEWS! Alleviate Arthritis Naturally!

07/03/2014 15:53:47 PM

  TOP NEWS! Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease among Americans, where the natural cushioning between joints –  cartilage tissue  – wears away.  Because symptom management IE drugs are often ineffective and joint replacement is invasive surgery, many..

Telemedicine and Our Future Care

07/01/2014 09:59:11 AM

Large areas of the United States are isolated from a variety of medical and other therapeutic services.  How far some towns are from any or little in the way of therapeutic resources contributes to a lack of help to people in need. How can a family get help for a child  or, indeed, the ent..

Docs Selling Stuff in Their Offices

06/28/2014 06:28:24 AM

Shopping is usually something you do in malls, downtown in your hometown or on the Internet, but is it something you should be doing in your doc's office? Apparently, this practice of either putting their names on everything from face creams to supplements isn't so new. I will bet all the face cream..

Ignorance and Analytic Dreams

06/27/2014 07:03:29 AM

Ancient times, as we have all read, saw the rise of the wise ones, the special people who were Cassandras wrapped in animal furs or homespun clothing. Each of them offered either potions, or ointments or even spells or mojos and were renowned for their ability to interpret that most enigmatic of thi..

The Skin Rash Gut Connection

06/26/2014 16:43:04 PM

 image courtesy What do skin rashes have in common?  Inflammation!  What does that have to do with your gut?  Read on to find out!   Read on at For ..

Distracted or Disinterested Therapists Abound

06/23/2014 10:00:52 AM

The elderly couple, there for marriage counseling for almost 15 years now, sat patiently waiting for their psychologist to finish perusing his mail before he swung around in his chair. "Now," he said, "what's happening?"Happening? What had been happening with them for 15 years that required a weekly..

Headaches-A Chinese Viewpoint

06/21/2014 11:00:21 AM

Headaches, a Chinese Perspective. Do you experience head pain in any part of your head such as the: forehead, occiput, sides or vertex.?  Headaches are extremely and uncomfortably common. Western Medicine tends to organize them by symptoms such as: Migraine, hormonal headache, sinus headac..

The VA & PTSD TX: So what's it to be today?

06/20/2014 13:16:20 PM

Anyone who knows anything about organization, and I'm talking everything from closets to corporations here, knows that you need to have a plan, be consistent and check on your follow-through. Right? So, doesn't it make sense that when you are a major US Government arm charged with treating military ..

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