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Getting in Sync, Master Your Bio Rhythms Naturally!

04/19/2014 12:14:07 PM

 Humans and all other animals are governed by cycles of darkness and light.  Brain Activity is triggered by signals set off by light letting nerve cells know which activities should be amplified or wound down.  You may be surprised to learn that even organ activity is gov..

Pot Smoking Shrinks Your Brain?

04/17/2014 21:06:36 PM

Yikes, first we hear that marijuana actually has incredible medical uses in so many disorders that it’s a miracle drug. Now, we’re hit with a research study that says even casual pot smoking once or twice a week shrinks your brain. What are you to believe?   Any research must be loo..

Does Mateo Need Medication or Is the Problem Cupcakes?

04/16/2014 16:11:15 PM

Go on the internet to YouTube and look for the Mateo video.  You are in for a treat as this little boy pleads his case regarding why he asked grandma for cupcakes. His mom, Linda, of course told him he couldn’t have cupcakes so he, cleverly, went to grandma because, after all, it’s ..

Successful Information About Face lift Surgical Procedures

04/11/2014 09:27:48 AM

A mini face Lift the type of cosmetic surgery treatment used to supply a more youthful overall look. It usually consists of the removal of surplus facial epidermis, with or without the tightening up of root tissues and the red raping of the pores and skin on the patient's the neck and throat. a face..

Dott Nicola Nardelli

04/06/2014 17:20:53 PM

E' disponibile online il sito ufficiale del dott Nicola Nardelli specialista in chiururgia e chirurgo colo-rettale a Taranto. Sul sito ufficiale dello specialista, reperibile all'indirizzo sarà possibile trovare informazioni utili ed importanti sulle patologia colo-retta..

Don't Detox Until you read THIS!

04/03/2014 16:40:31 PM

Don’t DETOX until you read this! It is April and spring detoxification programs are very popular with celebrities and consumers.  They seem to offer a speedy way to health according to the hype but is “detoxing” really worthwhile? Let’s explore some little known facts ab..

TOP Foods for Health 2014!

03/26/2014 18:47:02 PM

Healthiest foods for 2014! As mentioned earlier this month March is National Nutrition Month. I’d like to close this month with the healthiest foods to eat for 2014. When I am counseling people with respect to diet in my clinic, it is an extremely individual affair. I belie..


03/22/2014 12:14:06 PM

  Best Tips for Healthy Sinuses   Clogged sinuses are no fun as many of you know. Unchecked they can lead to PAIN, infection, sleep disruption and other health problems.  Sinus congestion is predicated on two factors: mucus thickness or viscosity and or infla..

The Essentials Behind Breast Reduction Surgery

03/21/2014 12:15:50 PM

It is likely that the cosmetic surgeon will analyze the person's general health. The breasts are measured and analyzed and likely photographed for health care records. Due to the fact the surgery involves sedation, the types and adverse reactions are talked about with the affected individual. The su..

Common Nutritional Deficiencies, Have YOU Been Screened?

03/15/2014 12:03:31 PM

Everyone, I think, (I Hope),  is familiar with Vitamin D’s Benefits and deficiency symptoms, but what about all the other nutrients?  March isNational Nutrition Month. This Week,  I wanted to give an overview of the major nutrients and deficiency symptoms, best fo..

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