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Gardasil HPV Vaccine Firestorm breaks out in Denmark

Posted on 07/30/2015 04:16:11 PM

    A Firestorm of controversy regarding the relatively new, 2006, vaccine for HPV Gardasil begins in Europe.   In March 2015, a Danish national television station (TV2) aired a documentary focusing on girls who suspected they had been injured by the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Immediately..

The Negativity Cure Part II

Posted on 07/23/2015 05:02:20 PM

    Image:   The Negativity Cure-Part II     I have been a physician and healer for 16 years and I can attest to the fact that the habit of negative thinking is a very likely predictor of illness of all kinds in life.  It has incredible power to ..

Are BioIdentical Hormones Right For YOU?

Posted on 07/18/2015 11:30:08 AM

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is it right for YOU? Bioidentical hormone formulations in measured doses (i.e., tailored to individual patients) may be obtained from a compounding pharmacy with a physician’s prescription after careful testing. Bioidentical estrogen therapy has been ..


Posted on 07/02/2015 04:12:14 PM

  Liver Spots Image:     Sun Spots or Liver spots  tend to show up on individuals after age 40. According to western medicine and dermatologic experts, they have nothing whatsoever to do with liver function and occur solely because of sun exposure. I am pretty..

This ONE Health Practice May Be Even MORE Powerful Than We Thought!

Posted on 06/25/2015 04:47:58 PM

      Image: How To Practice Transcendental Meditation . Org   With stress levels ever escalating,  what if I told you that just ONE health practice could alleviate stress, relieve depression and anxiety, improve self awareness, mindfulness, improve concentr..

Natural Beauty Treatment - Which Do You Prefer?

Posted on 06/22/2015 02:03:24 PM

Natural beauty - It is a natural human nature to look appealing and attractive in the eyes of others. For this purpose, we don't hesitate to experiment with various charm items and appeal pointers and also therefore the majority of the times we wind up with different skin troubles. When it pertains ..

Pesticides now linked to THIS?!

Posted on 06/18/2015 04:16:08 PM

Most of you have learned, I truly hope, that pesticides are toxic and that they lead to disruptions of the endocrine system. This has been linked to MANY, many illnesses. Now, a brand new study links pesticides to the most prevalent degenerative illness in the U.S.     Image: GreenPlanetEt..

Your Gut's Instinct Against CANCER!

Posted on 06/11/2015 03:41:58 PM

    Cancer Cell Image: SangerAC.UK     Most people have absolutely NO idea that their gut comprises 70% of their immune system. This occurs as a vast network of lymphatic system known as the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue of GALT.   Now researchers have learned that: Read ..

What do OCD, Perfectionism, Depression, Defiance and Hostility have in COMMON?

Posted on 06/04/2015 05:14:58 PM

  Image:   What do Obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression chronic allergies, hostilility,  defiance, perfectionism and other personality traits and disorders all have in common?   Read on at

Hippocrates was RIGHT!

Posted on 05/28/2015 04:10:21 PM

  Image and  historic information from     Hippocrates medical theories and conclusions are based on his data and research and demonstrated  that disease was a natural process; that the signs and symptoms of a disease were caused by the natural reactio..

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