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Why do fingernails split?

Posted on 11/09/2016 05:38:17 AM

Roughness on the nail plate can be a sign of health problems: ancient healers used to pay attention to the fingernails not in vain. Smooth and strong nails indicate good health, on the other hand, the appearance of pits or grooves is the body's signal that there is a problem. Pits on the nails can be ...

Why Are You So BLOATED?

Posted on 05/05/2016 04:46:40 PM

        Image:     Many people have the daily experience as pictured above.  Many people experience discomfort on a daily basis. In fact, it is one of the most frequent complaints our clients have and a most common reason for them to schedule a visit ...

Could THIS supplement be the key to clear, healthy skin?

Posted on 04/21/2016 04:30:05 PM

           Image:Yaletownnaturopaths     Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema, even wrinkles could they all be linked to just one thing?  And could this key be linked to a remedy for digestion?    According to CBS news in New York that might well be ...

BEST ways to Save your SIGHT!

Posted on 04/16/2016 01:16:06 PM

       Image:   Today's article will cover several chronic eye problems and their natural solutions. But before I get into that let me tell you three things.  One: I have completely reversed my own astigmatisms...and they were severe.  Second: My nearsightedness, ...

Surprise! You're DEHYDRATED! Unusual signs you need more water.

Posted on 04/08/2016 04:50:44 PM

It is truly amazing that plain old H2O is involved in over 200 biochemical tasks in the human body each day.  Consider also that your body is almost 70% percent water. Major physiologic processes that require proper hydration include: blood circulation metabolism waste removal or detoxification regulation ...

Don't KILL Cancer, Live With It????

Posted on 04/01/2016 04:36:40 PM

       Research image:Boston Magazine   A controversial approach to cancer treatment may be in the offing according to some recent and enlightening research.  Managing cancer with low doses of chemotherapy could be more effective than attempting to kill the ...

Regrow TOOTH Enamel and get healthier teeth with these tips

Posted on 03/24/2016 04:07:52 PM

Image: Issues such as Celiac Disease, as well as other food allergies and intolerances, bacterial overgrowth and dysbiosis as well as, other conditions that affect  nutrient absorption can and do increase the risk of de-mineralizing tooth enamel. When the digestive system is impaired, ...

5 Fixes for "hormonal" ACNE!

Posted on 03/18/2016 04:52:08 PM

   Progression of Acne:           First of all,  let me advise you that I don't believe in "hormonal acne" as a diagnosis.  I do believe however, that acne can, and is exacerbated by fluctuating hormone levels but that is as a trigger for breakouts ...

Read this ONLY if you are as concerned about the environment as I am

Posted on 03/11/2016 04:36:02 PM     The Associated Press, (AP),  reported only a few days ago that MANY species of wild bees, butterflies and other creatures that pollinate plants are ALL headed towards extinction and that the entire world must wake up and pay attention before the ...

Veggie Extracts Improve Skin Health AND HALT SKIN AGING

Posted on 02/25/2016 04:43:51 PM     That's correct!  A brand new study finds that lowly vegetable extracts may hold the key to helping your skin repair and reverse the aging process!   Korean scientists are arguably the most advanced in the area of skin health and skin aging. ...

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