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The 13 most common running injuries

01/15/2014 08:27:10 AM

Running is an increasingly popular sport and leisure pursuit with an estimated 30 million regular runners and growing. Runners can suffer from injury rates ranging from 29.5% all the way up to 56% with competitive distance runners seeing their chance of injury shoot up to 70% in any given year. Endu..

The ultimate guide to ankle sprains

01/08/2014 08:28:06 AM

Ouch! A sudden, excruciating pain shoots through your ankle. You’ve taken a wrong step and you’re suddenly left writhing on the floor, grabbing your injured limb in a desperate attempt to numb the agony. If this scene sounds all too familiar then you’re most definitely not alone. A..

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

12/29/2013 08:18:04 AM

Will it be a wonderful face or possibly a face that could do by incorporating modifications which you see in the reflection? In the event you belong to the second category then cosmetic plastic surgery is designed for you. A great look is achievable using the correction of the deformities in the ent..

The ultimate weekday workout for the time pressed

12/14/2013 01:09:27 AM

Could this be the ultimate workout to build aerobic capacity and strength in such little time? Researchers have designed a 7 minute workout that they promise will burn fat, build strength, improve cardio health and even reduce your risk of developing type-2 Diabetes. The workout builds on the new t..

Running on Treadmill Motivation: How To Prevent Boredom On The Treadmill

11/29/2013 06:00:25 AM

Is running on a treadmill a similar as running outside? It’s a typical question and despite conflicting opinions, scientific research has shown that running on the treadmill is roughly identical as running outside if you create some easy changes. In fact, there are some forms of workouts you'l..

Llyn Trawsfynydd Reservoir

11/24/2013 11:47:37 AM

Set within the beauty of Snowdonia National Park, Llyn Trawsfynydd Reservoir is a huge man-made lake, bigger still than the largest natural lake in Wales at Llyn Tegid. This wonderful area can easily take an entire day to explore. The lake now covers an incredible 1,200 acres having been exten..

Attributional Style: Who Do You Blame?

11/19/2013 02:47:11 AM

  Coping with failure is a key strength we can all develop.  When it all goes wrong  Is your first response to Blame yourself? Blame someone or something else? Neither. Concentrate on managing the problem?   For people prone to depression the answer is likely to be 1 wha..

Instant Expert: Staying fit on business

11/14/2013 23:18:13 PM

Travelling for business can be tough at the best of times. Long journeys, late nights and fast, unhealthy food can all take its toll. To make it worse the logistics of staying fit can be really difficult. It's no wonder that many business travellers give up on fitness.   Whether you travel regu..

Can strength training improve your running performance?

11/14/2013 23:16:31 PM

Muscle strength can be an important factor in achieving faster, stronger and longer runs. But what is the best way to achieve this? Could traditional strength and resistance training have a negative effect on endurance running? A new study might just have found out the answer.   It's common to ..

Incline treadmill workouts for toning only in a half hour

11/14/2013 16:20:52 PM

I have received lots of Emails from peoples United Nations agency solicit from me what reasonably cardio is my best!Cardio workouts to strengthen and see results quick and therefore the answer is often Incline treadmill workouts. you'll see leads to simply period all it takes is half-hour on a daily..

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