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WHAT?? 20 Cans of LARD Around My waist, hips, thighs and butt?!!!--How many cans do you carry?

Posted on 06/28/2011 09:00:20 PM

I was working out at a ladies gym a long time ago and on their white board they had written "a can of Crisco = 3.2 lbs of fat".   Now, I don't use Crisco anymore and I didn't really much then but I was familiar Crisco and the fact that people used it instead of butter for baking or for dee..

Finding the Best Fitness Programs

Posted on 06/24/2011 01:25:09 AM

 There are many of fitness programs that exists nowadays that you might totally get dizzy which one would be best appropriate for you. I can really relate to that since I also did struggle in finding programs that could help me obtaining my fitness goals. I fully understand that you want also t..

North Carolina Greensboro Weight Loss Diet

Posted on 06/22/2011 09:37:57 AM

Thousands of people around the world are facing problems to become over weighed. Due to this fact, many fat loss centers have cropped up in many portions of the earth. These are offering prescriptions with their customers to help them lose excessive body weight which many consider detrimental thus t..

Life after Physical Therapy

Posted on 06/22/2011 07:59:56 AM

We know that physical therapy can be a long, hard road and it takes willpower to keep at it. Staying consistent with your appointments can be hard at times and you might feel like celebrating when it’s all over; but what comes after you’re done with your therapy?   Your therapi..

Importance of a Warm-up

Posted on 06/20/2011 10:38:02 PM

Have you ever wondered about the real physiological benefits of a warm-up and what exactly happens when you go through it? Well, as you start to exercise your body needs to make a number of quick adjustments. The three most profound changes that occur during a warm-up include an increase in heart ra..

Do you know when to use ice and when to use heat on an injury?

Posted on 06/15/2011 10:49:00 AM

Most people know to apply ice to an acute injury but aren't so sure when to use heat. There are two basic types of injuries: acute and chronic. Acute Injuries Acute injuries are sudden, sharp, traumatic injuries that occur immediately (or within hours) and cause pain (possibly severe pain). Most o..

What can a personal trainer do for me that I can’t do myself?

Posted on 06/13/2011 12:24:03 PM

The cartoon above is humorous but in all reality a good personal trainer is an educator who provides well-informed answers to your fitness questions. A skillful trainer chooses safe and effective exercises for you based on your age, gender, level of conditioning, health, motor skills and goals ..

Water, Electrolytes, Carbs & Cramps

Posted on 06/13/2011 12:22:33 PM

Athletes need to consume fluids before, during and after exercise because dehydration of more than 2% body weight can cause exertional heat illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Water Approximately 73 percent of our lean body mass is water. Without food, the body can main..

Understand & Avoid Muscle Cramps

Posted on 06/13/2011 12:21:02 PM

You’ve probably experienced a muscle cramp sometime, and it probably happened while you were exercising. Or it may even have occurred while sitting, walking, or just sleeping. You felt a sudden contraction of one or more muscles that resulted in intense pain and an inability to use the af..

The Power Of Attitude

Posted on 06/13/2011 12:18:02 PM

Attitude is everything.  It’s how we view the world.  Our attitude affects how we act and feel in everyday life. Optimistic people have a positive expectancy that helps to achieve the goal at hand.  It’s with this can-do attitude that we take action to accomplish our g..

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