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Social Fitness

07/25/2011 08:14:18 AM

For those who love it – fitness is addictive. It may be hard to get into it at first, but after that first major challenge you are hooked for life. All you want to do is tell everybody what you did that day and the improvements you are making, its only normal. Social media can be a great pla..

Get P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, or Join as a Coach and get your Presidential Active Lifestyle Award!

07/12/2011 22:11:38 PM

Awesome news! Starting this Friday, July 15th, the Presidential Council on Fitness will begin recognizing Beachbody Coaches & customers as an advocate of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). And everyone who participates will get their own signed certificate. Feel the love!   HOW..

You Do Not Have to Break the Bank to Become a Healthy Eater

07/12/2011 00:32:14 AM

It is undoubtedly that staying with our healthy diet is incredibly difficult if we are attempting to keep our finances in balance at the same time. The craziness of work, school, youngsters, and various additional obligations that we all have, most of the time result in having little ..

5 Ideas for Stressful Living

07/08/2011 16:31:51 PM

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Does the Firm Express Work? I Know I'll BE Saying Good-bye Hips, Thighs and Buttocks.

06/28/2011 22:10:11 PM

I got my butt kicked this afternoon with Rebekah's Accelerate: Cardio workout.  Wow!  I am amazed at how quickly my heart rate went up today and how deeply I needed to breathe!  I hated it at the moment--but I have to say, it was awesome.   For only 20 minutes, yes, you can ..

20 Minutes of Interval Training Will Burn Calories

06/28/2011 22:09:25 PM

How many calories a day will you burn doing the Firm Express Interval workouts?  Well, it all depends on your weight and your heart rate.  That's not the answer I was looking for when I set out to write this and I'm sure you were hoping for a little more information if you clicked on this ..

I lost 5 pounds my first week with the Firm Express!

06/28/2011 21:01:55 PM

Yahoo!!  5 pounds down in just 7 days!   This week I set out on a 30 day challenge with a goal to lose 15 pounds in 30 days and so far so good--I'm down 5!!!   I worked out with the Firm Express and I got my butt kicked!  In only 20 minutes a day I found the workouts to..

20 Minutes is All It Takes to Become the Thinner, Happier You!!!

06/28/2011 21:01:05 PM

This morning is my cardio rotation in the Firm Express and I don't really feel up to it!  It's not what I feel like doing, I want to drink more coffee and watch some more Joyce Meyer.  But, I'm going to do it even though I don't want to.  I'm thankful this morning that it is only 20 m..

WHAT?? 20 Cans of LARD Around My waist, hips, thighs and butt?!!!--How many cans do you carry?

06/28/2011 21:00:20 PM

I was working out at a ladies gym a long time ago and on their white board they had written "a can of Crisco = 3.2 lbs of fat".   Now, I don't use Crisco anymore and I didn't really much then but I was familiar Crisco and the fact that people used it instead of butter for baking or for dee..

Finding the Best Fitness Programs

06/24/2011 01:25:09 AM

 There are many of fitness programs that exists nowadays that you might totally get dizzy which one would be best appropriate for you. I can really relate to that since I also did struggle in finding programs that could help me obtaining my fitness goals. I fully understand that you want also t..

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