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Kidney Stone Causes, Symptoms, treatments and Home Remedies

Posted on 11/21/2011 10:09:56 AM

The kidney provides a critical service for our bodies acting much as an oil filter works, that is removing waste and cleansing the body of impurities and at the same time regulating the level of chemicals that help our bodies function normally. The kidneys allow the urine that builds up to drain do..

Teen Body Building on Body Fitness Tips

Posted on 11/04/2011 05:07:27 PM

In the present times, the trend of teen body building is gaining momentum, luring the youngsters to head their way to gyms. Fitness clubs are witnessing a booming business and the credit undoubtedly goes to the teens, who join these health clubs to build up their body muscles, which they can flaunt ..

Do Not Start Running Until You Read This

Posted on 11/02/2011 08:29:46 AM

After having run seven marathons, countless 5ks, 10ks, many triathlons, ultramarathons, and other races I have seen many mistakes made by new runners that eventually end their running career basically before it even begins.  A lot of new runners come up to me and ask "what should I do to start ..

Fitness | Cross Training Part 1

Posted on 10/31/2011 04:45:18 AM

Many athletes of all calibers have taken advantage of cross training to increase their cardio and strength abilities tremendously. Cross training can help a martial artist like me or a marathon runner. It can even be very helpful for weight loss and simple strength toning. You may already be do..

Running Bleachers

Posted on 10/23/2011 04:20:18 PM

  There are many different workouts that can be done on the bleachers, depending on what you are trying to focus on, a bleacher workout can be aerobic or anaerobic, it can be done to build muscle or to slim up, running bleachers can even be done to focus on improving speed or end..

How to Lose Weight in the Holiday

Posted on 10/20/2011 03:21:21 AM

Everybody needs to spend some time with their family in the holidays. But many of us are scared of the coming holidays. And why is that? You probably know the answer- because you just have put in order you exercises and eating, in the name of your health and good looking body and this holiday can ru..

Why I LOVE Zumba

Posted on 10/19/2011 01:42:03 PM

It’s no secret that I absolutely love to dance! I’d say it’s my favorite thing besides family and friends. Zumba is a way for me to dance every day and share the party with friends and new people. I LOVE a fitness class, or any fitness program for that matter, where I enjoy the ..

Have a Healthy Relationship with your Children to Prevent Depression

Posted on 10/10/2011 08:48:34 AM

A longitudinal study was conducted by the Washington University University School of Medicine about the growing number of depression among children Preschool children with Major Depression Disorder (MDD) is already with the same number of that from school-aged children according to a study  Pre..

What to know about Severe Panic and Anxiety

Posted on 10/06/2011 01:18:33 AM

When you have whatever is frightening you might feel an increase of fear and panic engulfs you. If that feeling continues to the reality that you can’t move or do anything else well then, your experiencing what's normally referred as Severe Panic and Anxiety.  One will get to experience a..

NGOs Called Depression a Chronic Issue and Should Be Given Special Attention

Posted on 10/04/2011 03:31:20 PM

Natasha Goulbourn Foundation is among the non-profit organizations (NGOs) that are active with its campaign against the issue of depression.  Antidepressant medication can cause several side effects, thus the foundation is encouraging people with depression to undergo natural treatment. Just li..

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