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Symptoms And Treatment Of Stomach Flu (Gastroenteritis) | DiagnosisDisease.com

11/14/2012 09:39:45 AM

Stomach flu or gastroenteritis is a type of infection in the digestive tract, particularly the stomach and intestine. The disease is caused by a viral or bacterial parasites that spread through foodand water that has been contaminated. This disease can also be caused by certain toxins..

Suicide, Infanticide, Death, Love, Loss...

11/05/2012 21:18:09 PM

Tragedies, Trauma, Disasters. What's the common thread?   Unfortunately, these are all the things that in most circumstances have to occur in order for change to happen. Why? Because when things appear to be going along swimmingly, nobody sees a need for change. So, let's take a look shall we..

Finding the right specialist for the job

10/07/2012 14:22:24 PM

At a very young age Tommy found himself being introduced to doctors and specialists. He had no idea what caused the changes to his body he was experiencing and that is why he was referred to a doctor in neurology. Tommy would have bouts of confusion and end up later wondering what went wrong. The me..

Combat bad breath today before it destroy your reputation.

10/05/2012 23:46:02 PM

Dental health is what everybody looks for. Just imagine if someone with nice smile but also a bad smeller talking to you or living beside you everyday. Just imagine how to get along with somebody who care less on the importance of self hygiene. Bad breath is a problem to almost individual. It also a..

The CPR Store

09/25/2012 09:50:44 AM

One out of three Americans suffer with one or more symptoms related to heart disease. Its important to feel prepared in case of an emergency when someone in your home or workplace may need cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You could be the one to step up and be ready to help. Weather its an elderly fam..

Luxottica Global Quality

09/05/2012 21:37:40 PM

"Made in Italy" represents quality which has been essential to the Luxottica Group,a leader in luxury and sports eyewear.Luxottica has approximately 7100 optical and retail stores in the Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Africa. In addition Luxot..


08/29/2012 16:59:11 PM

This is something that concern everybody on the face of the earth.Body odour is the acidulous smell emitted by the body as a result of the presence of bacteria,which might have multiply in the presence of sweat,therefore their must be sweat for these bacteria to multiply thereby giving out these..

Mold - What to do about it

08/28/2012 08:59:37 AM

There are many health-related problems associated with mold. These include allergic reactions, asthma, and an assortment of respiratory complaints.Symptoms are nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Those who are more affected by mold have been exposed to huge sources of the..

Magnificent Monday - Magnificent Improvement -Appearance

08/13/2012 10:37:45 AM

Throughout the month of August I am working on magnificent self improvements. Last week I started work on my attitude and this week I a looking at ways to kick my physical appearance up a few notches. I have been a wife for more than twenty-two years and a mother for more than sixteen. I am not prou..

Treating a Male Yeast Infection

07/03/2012 01:30:04 AM

Got a male yeast infection? Need a treatment for a current one or possibly the need to prevent recurrent infections? These infections are caused by Candida albicans bacterium which is normally found in moist parts of the body such as armpits, pubic area and mouth. Women are more suseptible to yeast ..

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