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The 2-year-old as ADHD Lab Rat

05/17/2014 09:09:07 AM

No one, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is looking favorably at the fate currently meted out to 2-3-year-old toddlers. What fate am I referring to? Why, of course, it’s the need to control that awful scourge Attention Deficit Hyp..

Wishing a Son Hadn’t Been Born

03/11/2014 21:04:38 PM

Adam Lanza’s dad, Peter, gave what must have been a truly difficult interview recently. Lanza, of course, is the young man who coldly murdered 20 schoolchildren and six adults in their Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT two years ago. It was and still is one of the most horrific crimes in..

Ever Hear of Alexithymia?

03/04/2014 16:43:41 PM

Not everyone can talk about the daily trials we all face and with which we must contend or suffer the consequences. For many, just trying to get the words out is a chore and they feel as though the words are literally stuck in their throats. It’s something that can happen to anyone in the fa..

Who Can You Trust? Conflict in Psychiatry

01/02/2014 18:07:25 PM

Trust appears to be becoming a scarce commodity these days and the more we read, the more we find our trust quotient slipping away. Slip, slip, slip as it now appears that those who wrote the new guidelines for psychiatric disorders in the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association&rsq..

Causes Of Wrist Pain - Learn how To Treat Ankle Pain

12/25/2013 15:07:34 PM

Causes of wrist pain - Wrists and ankle joints are 2 certain body parts which contain bones, ligaments, vein, and nerves. A patient can experience discomfort in these 2 parts. Here we will learn the best ways to manage these events.The wrist is an elaborate joint includes eight little bones position..

Bullying the Dying Person

12/11/2013 21:21:13 PM

Life is precious and because we hold it so, we often become staunch advocates for its protection and refuse to permit anything that we believe interferes with its continuing on, even in persons diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Having said that, it may appear to you that I am advocating something y..

How Is Pain Measured Accurately?

11/03/2013 17:31:41 PM

Have you ever had to go for a pain evaluation? What did they do? Do you know that the experience of pain is quite personal and related to your anxiety? The pain threshold, in fact, is directly related to anxiety. The more anxious you feel, and who doesn’t feel anxious if you havie a medical il..

Death Watch: When You Want the World to Stop

10/29/2013 17:12:40 PM

Two distinct paw marks are on the outside of the glass in the kitchen window. It’s a sign that we’ve had nocturnal visits, probably from the raccoons that spent part of their early days in a nest on the fire escape. The paw is a reminder that no matter what happens in our lives, life st..

Hospital Communication and Medical Mistakes

10/24/2013 18:50:28 PM

The saga of the cancer diagnosis and future treatment continues with a poor start. The first hospital did an x-ray and thought they found a slight fracture, gave pain medication and said they were too full so the patient had to go home. The next hospital, after two days of intense pain, thought it..

The Monster Still Strikes Without Notice

10/23/2013 17:05:36 PM

Medical advances in treatment for so many illnesses have come so fast and furiously over the past seven decades since the discovery of penicillin that we feel comforted in knowing things are curable. But the one truly intrusive monster illness that comes without warning many times still lurks and h..

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