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A Thread about Going Natural

01/31/2013 12:36:47 PM

Reposted from the Understanding Karate Do Site Blog Here is a link to the thread that was posted on Google Plus. This will hopefully be very useful to not only martial artists, but anyone looking to improve their health. After the Doc said I need to reduce my cholesterol and blood pressure... The..

A Cosmetic Dentist Deals the Smile That Everybody Would Like to Have

01/31/2013 04:30:19 AM

A cosmetic dentist is the perfect resource for any individual who wants a smile that is both of those healthy and balanced and attractive. Even as old fashioned dentists focus on oral wellness and cleanliness, cosmetic dentistry is aimed at visual appearance, with healthy-wanting restorative strateg..

Gluten Free Food

01/24/2013 13:43:22 PM

Gluten Free BreadA few weeks ago we went away for a little holiday, just 5 days. We visited Ballarat, a lovely old gold mining town of the 1800s. Gold was what brought a lot of people to Australia. Aren't we the same today? All the 'Get Rich Quick' schemes are just people flocking to the gold fields..

Flower Essences and Water

01/24/2013 13:35:56 PM

How Flower Essences BeganDr Edward Bach, then a doctor in London, England, discovered that the energy of flowers and plants can affect the way people think and feel. He wanted to capture the energy of these plants, but how to do it? He placed the flowers in water in the sun then bottled the water, d..

It's not about the weight

01/16/2013 10:28:15 AM

It is amazing to me to see the difference in appearence in people who have the exact same height and weight. My real life story comes from an eye opening experience not that long ago. I have always been afraid of being over weight and the older I got the more drastic measures I would take to maintai..

How to Find Food That Burn Fat

01/10/2013 01:00:10 AM

Egg is one food that that will  burn fat significantly due to the fact that it is high in protein. Some persons may be concerned about their cholesterol level when thinking about consuming eggs as a part of their diet. This worry can be put aside once the amount of egg consumed is moderate. Eve..

Benefits of finding the best diet plan to lose weight

01/08/2013 01:11:12 AM

Finding the best diet plan to lose weight is  the most sensible thing you can do. The benefits are countless. Finding a meal plan to lose weight might take you only a few seconds online, but you never really know what you are doing to your body, unless you take the time to understand the basics..

How to Get Back on a Diet After the Holidays

01/08/2013 00:08:42 AM

What’s the most frustrating thing about the holidays coming to an end? Post holiday weight gain. One cannot help but feel guilty with all those food that they have eaten over the holidays when they realize that they’ve gain weight for such a short period of time. Don’t fret, there&..

Walking For Fat Loss

01/07/2013 13:09:36 PM

Walking for Fat Loss??? With obesity and disease increasing dramatically, many fitness experts are recommending walking for weight loss and fitness. Some are even going so far as saying that walking is the best way to burn fat and lose weight. I strongly disagree with this and am going to show you..

Abby's Health Tip: Perfect Digestion. Is it Possible?

01/04/2013 06:32:12 AM

With the stomach and other digestive organs in a state of perfect health, one is entirely unconscious of their existence, save when the hunger calls our attention that food is required, or satiety warns us that a sufficient amount or too much has been eaten. Perfect digestion can only be maintai..

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