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Is the hcg diet a Valuable Weight Loss Program?

Posted on 07/10/2014 02:48:09 PM

Here is my personal experience with the hcg diet. In 2007, I hit the wall, as far as my weight gain was concerned. I was 51, I had just entered menoause, I had gone on a cruise with my daughter, and after taking one look at a photo of myself from the trip, I was just d-o-n-e. I think that being -don..

DoTerra oil uses

Posted on 06/23/2014 08:03:17 AM

Essential oil has its own magic and has proved that it can help in healing body problem through all means. There are not only 1-2 specific essential oils, but are available in many collections which are offered by companies. Some of them are peppermint, citrus bliss, cassia, deep blue rub and many m..

DoTerra Reviews

Posted on 06/23/2014 07:58:34 AM

In the spring of 2008, a group of healthcare and business professionals who shared profound personal experiences of the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils came together with a common vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. They wanted something diff..

DoTerra Cinnamon oil

Posted on 06/23/2014 07:50:00 AM

Cinnamon is a well-known flavouring spice in the food, but its popularity as an essential oil comes from its therapeutic benefits, including its cleansing properties. This is an ancient spice, popularly used in China, for enhancing the action and activity of other oils. Various studies show that Cin..

Lifestyle Changes to Just Eating Vegetables

Posted on 06/21/2014 02:51:19 PM

When you tell anyone that you are going vegetarian, more than likely their first response will be a mixture of horror and confusion over how you could willingly give up bacon for a vegetarian lifestyle if it isn’t because you have to.  However, there is a growing number of vegetarians and..

Let's Get In Shape

Posted on 05/31/2014 12:09:57 AM

I admit that I am a little chunky.  I am currently weighing 142 pounds. NO WAY! YES WAY!  This is not a lot of weight but for me it is.  I am use to my weight being around 125.  At 142 I feel sluggish and frumpy. Did I say sluggish?  It's not just the weight but it's also th..

Nutrition NEWS! FDA declares walnuts a drug and other TOP Stories!

Posted on 05/29/2014 06:08:52 PM

Omega-3s Help to Manage BP A major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure) can be treated by many non-drug approaches. Back in March 2014,   Dominik D. Alexander, from the Center for Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Computational Biology at Exponent, Inc. (I..

A Critical Evaluation On Brain Abundance

Posted on 05/27/2014 12:01:33 PM

I received my order of Brain Fuel Plus just a week ago, I was quite skeptical to even start another health product, I have been disappointed in the past in not getting the results that companies promised on top of that the money spent was not acceptable to accept.   How else can I give you a..

Does your PET need a Probiotic?

Posted on 05/15/2014 05:32:52 PM

Most veterinarians are dismissive on this subject and state that your dog or cat does not typically need a probiotic.  As an animal lover, owner, and nutrition and immune, GI/Skin specialist for over 15 years I will respectfully disagree.  I do not think howe..

This Vitamin Turns CANCER Cells back to normal!

Posted on 05/08/2014 06:25:42 PM

This Vitamin Reverses CANCER CELLS! Retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A found abundantly in sweet potato and carrots recently was shown to transform pre-cancerous breast cells back into their normal, healthy state!  Sandra V. Fernandez, Ph.D., assistant research professor of medical o..

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