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To Vitamin D or Not to D, The Vitamin D Controversy

Posted on 03/26/2015 04:02:09 PM

              Image: Newsweek     Why is vitamin D so important to our health? Quite simply, it directly and indirectly influences most of what happens in our bodies everyday. To understand, you have to shift your think..

Food Therapy

Posted on 03/14/2015 12:28:19 AM

Would you be impress if I told you that you can switch your mood around from being depress to being happy by the foods you eat? Well its true and its called Food Therapy. Many people don’t know that what they are eating can not only affect their body but their emotions and thoughts as well. Ha..

Best slimming shake Flavours

Posted on 03/10/2015 03:03:14 PM

For more information on the best slimming shakes visit: The best selling slimming shake on Evolution Slimming is the EvoShake, a meal replacement shake. The slimming shakes actually taste delicious and come in a variety of flavours such as; strawberry, chocolate and vanill..

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Posted on 02/22/2015 01:12:08 AM

There is many tricks from dieting to exercising, and they do work if you do them all regularly, but I found a very best thing that has helped me always! Here it is. Here in the USA we tend to eat a lot more than in many other countries in the world. Have you noticed how huge these plates are in comp..

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado Seeds!

Posted on 02/18/2015 06:17:50 AM

Read the full article at Hello people of Earth. Thought I'd share with ya some pretty amazing health benefits of avocado seeds. It's common knowledge that avocados are really good for us. But did you know that avocado seeds are powerful in their own right? Avoc..

How to make Fat Burning Supplements more effective

Posted on 01/29/2015 01:30:52 AM

In order to be physically fit strong, one has to shed fat muscle and increase lean muscle. Rigorous exercise and strict nutritional diet is important to achieve this goal. Fat burners Only supplies quality fat burning supplements that can aid in this routine when combined with exercise and nutrition..

Indonesian Sweet Potato Soup

Posted on 01/27/2015 11:43:22 AM

It’s soup season! This is a hearty soup inspired by Indonesian gado gado sauce is fragrant and spicy with ginger and cayenne, rich with peanut butter, nutritionally packed with cabbage, sweet potatoes and sprouts. It’s a perfect meal for YUMMY AGERS. See YUMMY AGING benefits below. INDON..

Best Fat Burning Exercises

Posted on 01/21/2015 04:20:35 AM

We all question what is the best fat burning exercise? How can I lose belly fat or overall body fat? Especially as draw closer to summer! One secret to burning more fast is by doing exercises that require BIG movements. You will get greater results when doing exercise which involves the biggest musc..

Best time to take Fat Burners

Posted on 01/21/2015 04:05:21 AM

Finding the right fat burner for your body and lifestyle is a great first step on the journey toward your fat loss goals. However to maximise the effectiveness of your supplements it’s also important to know when to take them to best optimize your results. Fat burners, when taken at the right ..

The HCG Diet: Plan, Injections, Side Effects and More

Posted on 12/10/2014 12:47:48 PM

There are three basic phases in the HCG diet plan:The Loading Phase is first. This is to prepare your body for the changes ahead. You may eat whatever you like, which is great. It only lasts for two days, however. The next phase is stricter and the first phase just prepares your body for what is to ..

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