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Another Award: Best Nutritionist of Arlington Heights!

12/12/2013 16:10:14 PM

We are proud to announce that we have received another Best of Arlington Heights award!  We have been named the best Nutrition Clinic in Arlington Heights for 2013!   "A notification email was sent to you earlier this year announcing that the Arlington Heights Award Program has chosen Appl..

Why energy drinks could be what your workout is looking for

12/03/2013 17:00:44 PM

Energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster have traditionally been the preserve of clubbers and hungover students. But a growing body of evidence suggests that they could power your run to new levels. There is a big difference between energy drinks and sports drinks. The latter ..

My thoughts on dietary supplements

10/23/2013 12:14:14 PM

The dietary supplements industry is a huge one – with total sales in the U.S. coming in at $22.1 billion back in 2006. While the FDA no longer regulates dietary supplements the way it does with foods, it does ensure the following things - Are produced in a quality manner Do not contain cont..

Eating for strength

10/23/2013 12:08:26 PM

After a hard workout or martial arts practice, it’s important to put quality food into your system to help you recover! The important thing to remember is to maximize the nutrient to calorie ratio as much as possible. Secondarily, prepare nutritious meals that taste good to you. A good, sa..

Why on earth are you so tired?

10/14/2013 03:47:03 AM

Feeling lethargic? Tiredness can be a real downer. There's nothing worse than feeling like your not quite up to it. But there are some surprising reasons why you aren't feeling on top form. Read some of the top reasons why you are feeling tired, but didn't even think about. You'll soon be firing on ..

The greatest obesity myths, debunked!

09/25/2013 15:06:05 PM

It's a fact, the world is getting fatter. By 2015 it's predicted that 2.3 billion people worldwide will be overweight, of whom 700 million will be obese. Studies from across the UK consistently show obesity levels rising among both children and adults alike. Obesity is the deadly combinati..

The Devil Is in the Food You Eat

09/06/2013 07:21:11 AM

Mothers for years told their children to “clean your plate” or they used the warning about the “children in China” who would like to have the food you were willing to throw away. Now, all that has changed. Eating everything on your plate may not be good for you and the childr..

The Summer Bulge

09/04/2013 16:32:05 PM

Why is it that Summer can be a time of putting on Five Extra Pounds?  Well, I can tell you from personal experience, no I am not perfect, I too can put on weight...and this is how - enjoying life to the fullest.  I believe that during the summer months it is a great time to get caught up w..

How to use butter to create mirepoix the base of many dishes

08/25/2013 02:39:40 AM

Freezing Mirepoix to Have Ready Mastering the art of creating bases or mirepoix for many dishes is an essential starting point. Mirepoix, is the French term for the process of using simple, basic ingredients to add complexity from the start to ‘flavour the pot’. Think of it as laye..

Nutrition Tools: E

08/23/2013 22:36:20 PM

Changes and transitions; we are going through a lot of those at my house lately.  My oldest daughter finished college and she's working full time and living in Pittsburgh.  She's planning a Fall 2014 wedding and we are currently making plans for that happy occasion. My youngest daughter is..

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