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A Critical Evaluation On Brain Abundance

05/27/2014 12:01:33 PM

I received my order of Brain Fuel Plus just a week ago, I was quite skeptical to even start another health product, I have been disappointed in the past in not getting the results that companies promised on top of that the money spent was not acceptable to accept.   How else can I give you a..

Healthy Diet Ideas for a Healthy Life

05/23/2014 03:10:38 AM

Breakfast actually literally means, "Breaking the fast", this is that early morning meal that an individual takes after a long night of fasting so to speak. It is of great important this that this meal should be taken right as it is the one that helps to refuel and restock the body after a long peri..

Does your PET need a Probiotic?

05/15/2014 17:32:52 PM

Most veterinarians are dismissive on this subject and state that your dog or cat does not typically need a probiotic.  As an animal lover, owner, and nutrition and immune, GI/Skin specialist for over 15 years I will respectfully disagree.  I do not think howe..

This Vitamin Turns CANCER Cells back to normal!

05/08/2014 18:25:42 PM

This Vitamin Reverses CANCER CELLS! Retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A found abundantly in sweet potato and carrots recently was shown to transform pre-cancerous breast cells back into their normal, healthy state!  Sandra V. Fernandez, Ph.D., assistant research professor of medical o..

Tres Belle Spa: Brooklyn Spa Secrets and Reiki Healing

05/05/2014 12:33:06 PM

We Spoke To The Owner Of Brooklyn’s Hottest Beauty Spa And She Shared All Her Secrets With Us! Tres Belle Beauty spa is the not so secret treasure of Brooklyn. Nestled in the Boreum Hill section of the Kings borough in NYC, lies this tiny spa. Here you can find all the services ..

Protein for performance – what, when and how much?

04/14/2014 12:50:04 PM

Protein and Muscle Building In the last few years protein has been the one nutrient most discussed amongst the sporting community and now it is highly featured in many weight loss programs. The question is, is it essential, what contains protein and how much should we be eating.   Protein Good ..

Does America Really Run on Duncan? Find Out Here

04/10/2014 17:43:50 PM

Coffee Talk, the REAL scoop on the Caffeine Controversy The US is becoming an uber “yang” culture.  Everywhere it seems, people are loud, anxious, rushed, aggressive, and sometimes hostile.  Take the rise in horn blowing drivers as but one example.  Folks in the US also te..

Buy Peptide Collaxyl

04/10/2014 05:49:30 AM

Peptides have created their thanks to the forefront of skin care trade over the past few years, with a good style of treatments and this is the foremost reason a person buy peptides. Most well-liked for his or her removal of wrinkles, their use doesn't stop there. Peptides are accusto..

Why to Buy Peptides for SPA and Facial Treatments

04/10/2014 05:42:26 AM

Have you been hearing a lot of and a lot of concerning crystal rectifier light-weight Facials? They’re turning into a particularly common spa treatment attributable to their safety and effectiveness. However what area unit they and might you actually take pleasure when you buy peptid..

How Hormones Affect Fat Burn

04/08/2014 20:27:21 PM

One premenstrual day, after snapping at my kids and my husband for the umpteenth time, I paused and thought about how much my hormones affected the way I felt and acted.  If you are a woman you know this to be true.  But did you know that your hormones affect how you store and burn fat? No..

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