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How to Have Clean and Healthy Home

Posted on 11/24/2011 08:02:59 AM

When you need to clean your home, there are several different ways to do that, but if you have small children in the house, living with you and sharing the same rooms, you'd better think for cleaning methods that are more environmental and health friendly. This way you will be sure that the kids in..

Exposure to Elevated Levels of Indoor Mold Can Cause Severe Health Problems

Posted on 11/23/2011 01:57:59 AM

by Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist MESA, ARIZONA.  Nov. 23, 2011. Humans and pets suffer severe health consequences from exposure to elevated levels of indoor airborne mold spores thrown into the breathing air by molds growing on and inside walls, wallpaper, ceilings, floors, ca..

Why Carpet Cleaning is so Important

Posted on 11/22/2011 05:21:51 AM

We all know that one of the most important things to do in our homes and never miss is the carpet cleaning. But do we know why it is so important? Here are all the answers you need so the next time you're going to clean your carpet you will not only do it as a routine but you will understand exactly..

Free eBook Reveals Secrets on How to Lose 10LBS in just 2 Weeks

Posted on 11/22/2011 12:28:08 AM

Dear Friend, Are you having a hard time burning those excess belly fat? Or have you been testing out other weight loss system that never worked?…And are you losing Hope, Sick and Tired of working out all day just to lose fats or doing diets, starving yourself just to see the results of losing..

Lawsuits Charged Against Zoloft Manufacturer Imply that Antidepressants May be Dangerous

Posted on 11/21/2011 07:52:48 AM

A new study has found out that everyday activities may trigger depression, as published on the American Journal of Epidemiology.   From the study undertaken by the US Nurses' Health, it was found out that those who watch too much TV and those who have inadequate exercise stand more l..

For a brighter smile

Posted on 11/20/2011 05:49:14 AM

For a dramatic smile its essential that you have a good oral health and smile. For good oral health you do so many things like brush twice a day, floss and use other products, but maintaining a good smile is somewhat difficult. For a good smile you are to control your eating habits that are the ..

The Sweet Stevia

Posted on 11/17/2011 04:14:23 AM

The stevia, also known as sweetleaf or sugarleaf, is a plant that could by itself uncover the unethical business behind aspartame (chemical carcinogenic sweetener used in many food products, pure poison) and significantly reduce the intake of transgenic drugs and insuli..

Purée of Winter Vegetable Soup

Posted on 11/16/2011 09:50:15 AM

Living in France, I was always impressed by the bags of mixed vegetables, called soupe, sold in farmers’ markets and supermarkets alike. The bags usually included an onion, carrots and celery, a leek, a turnip or two and a bouquet garni consisting of a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme and another of..

Vegan Creative Cuisine: Tarte Tatin – the French Apple Pie

Posted on 11/15/2011 05:27:42 AM

Today we have prepared a delicious and simple vegan dessert. As you can see, it looks great! It is the famous Tarte Tatin, a traditional French recipe that still holds its original freshness. Perfect for our cuisine! Prepare caramel using the sugar and the margarine. Do it carefully so that it does..

Teeth whitening gel a better alternative

Posted on 11/12/2011 11:09:05 PM

Dark teeth can seriously affect your personality and your confidence. For one reason or the other, people usually have dark teeth. The prominent reason can be wrong eating habits. If you are taking too much of staining products like wine, tea, coffee or tobacco, that is going to make your teeth dark..

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