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Medical Illness and Treatment Literacy

Posted on 04/12/2015 07:29:52 AM

Medical illness is a part of life. No matter what your age, your ethnicity or where you live, you will, at one time or another, experience an illness and you will need medical treatment. Successful treatment of any disorder, be it psychological or medical, contains two central components; the medica..

Using Natural supplements

Posted on 04/10/2015 07:52:37 AM

Poeple often say natural supplements like multi-vitamin and minerals do not work, also Garlic and vitamin c do not work. They may not work but they are protecting our immune system and in this way are preventing illness and disease such as heart disease, perhaps cancer, and norovirus. So no you will..

Alcoholism & Addiction: The Process Addictions: Food, Gambling, Sex and the Internet

Posted on 04/09/2015 06:09:33 PM

Alcoholism & Addiction: The Process Addictions: Food, Gambling, Sex and the Internet.  There is some dispute among some Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologist as to whether compulsive behaviors such as those in the title are addictions. If one defines addictions only by physical withdrawal..

Tinnitus Relief: Is It Really Possible?

Posted on 04/09/2015 01:28:48 PM

Frequently, tinnitus can’t be dealt with; however, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some sort of tinnitus relief. Some individuals, be that as it may, get accustomed to it and learn to not notice it as often as they once did. For some individuals, certain conformities make tinnitus less ..

4 Misconceptions about Tinnitus

Posted on 04/07/2015 11:29:21 AM

Have you ever experienced a buzzing or ringing in your ear? Is it constant and seems like it will never end? If so you probably have gone to a doctor and he told you that this can be a cause of Tinnitus. Have you been told that tinnitus cannot be helped? Have you felt that you just have to live with..

What Can Cause Tinnitus?

Posted on 04/06/2015 09:57:01 AM

The one thing people always ask when dealing with tinnitus is “what can cause tinnitus?” Unfortunately, most often the cause of tinnitus is unknown. Since there can be many reasons, some which we are not aware of, that cause tinnitus, people suffering from the condition strive to find ti..

The Silence Of Mindfulness: A Path To Inner Peace And Emotional Wellbeing

Posted on 04/05/2015 05:47:32 AM

Do you struggle with a mind that never stops, hammering you with harsh thoughts, demands and self-criticism, never letting you rest or get a good night’s sleep? A busy, racing, out-of-control mind is the driver for all symptoms of anxiety and depression.   Practicing the skill of mindfuln..

Caffeine: Can it reduce the Risk of Tinnitus?

Posted on 04/02/2015 02:36:12 PM

Caffeine, can it reduce the risk of tinnitus and help with tinnitus relief? According to the Nurses’ Health Study II, researchers tracked caffeine use and incidents of tinnitus in 65,085 women. Their ages ranged from 30-34 and without tinnitus during the start of the study. Over the next 18 ye..

Common Causes of Tinnitus

Posted on 04/01/2015 08:23:13 AM

How do you know if you have tinnitus? The fact is that you may not even know that you may be suffering from tinnitus, but there are some common causes of tinnitus that you should always pay attention too.   One of the most common causes of tinnitus is damage to your inner ear cell. Your inner e..

3 Myths about Tinnitus Relief

Posted on 03/31/2015 09:25:31 AM

A myth, by definition, is a widely held but false belief or idea. There are many myths that are generations old and like with any category, a myth is surely to present.Unfortunately, even tinnitus relief is plagued with myths that are not true that we would like to clear up.   Tinnitus Relief H..

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