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Time for Salesperson Evaluations

03/30/2015 09:29:26 AM

Time for Salesperson Evaluations Last week one of my client’s and I were discussing the end of the first quarter, salesperson performance and next steps in their business strategy.  The conversation lead me to suggest the following steps for my cl > read more

10 Traits Buyers Seek in Salespeople

03/24/2015 12:09:25 PM

The 10 Traits Buyers Seek in Sales Superstars Selling yourself is the first step. What really separates the best salespeople from the rest of the pack? Our research shows that top performers not only understand each customer company — they unde > read more

If It Isn’t Fun, It isn’t Selling!!!

03/16/2015 10:04:21 AM

If It Isn’t Fun, It isn’t Selling!!! Last week I was in Arizona speaking at a conference, during my program I used the phrase: If it isn’t fun, it isn’t selling!, and the reaction I received was interesting.  Most of the comments seemed surp > read more

Enhancing Your Executive Edge

02/23/2015 08:37:54 AM

Enhancing Your EXECUTIVE EDGE How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed It’s time for another book review!  Last week I was on vacation and I had the time to read three books, one of them written by Kim Zoller/Kerry Preston was on Enhancing Yo > read more

What Sales Compensation Trends Are in Store for 2015?

02/12/2015 13:59:35 PM

What Sales Compensation Trends Are in Store for 2015?  By David J. Cichelli, Sr. Vice President, The Alexander Group, Inc. This week while I am on vacation I am adding a Guest Blog, it should be of huge interest to the readers of this blog. A look i > read more

Efficient Effectiveness: Sales Leadership

02/09/2015 07:30:14 AM

Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness As an Eagle Scout I can discuss the topic of “Be Prepared” easily and based upon this past Sunday it even has more credibility. Boom’s Day” the largest fireworks display in the U. > read more

What is all this talk about added value?

02/04/2015 08:44:57 AM

What is All This Talk about Added Value? A mind is like an umbrella, it must be opened to work….  During my keynote at a recent sales kickoff meeting I opened up the dialogue regarding how salespeople and organizations need to not only create valu > read more

The Soft Edge; where great companies find success

01/19/2015 08:22:28 AM

The Soft Edge Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success This week’s blog is a book review, The Soft Edge by Rich Karlgaard, published by Jossey-Bass. This is an excellent management book for any level in any company, I recommend to my clients that > read more

Increasing Velocity is a Critical Success Factor

01/13/2015 08:02:51 AM

Increasing Your Velocity is a Critical Success Factor > read more

The One Must Do Action Step to Ensure a Great 2015

12/29/2014 07:27:38 AM

The One Must Do Action Step to Ensure a Great 2015 What is the first action all salespeople must do to begin each year? It’s simple, but many times overlooked. The first action they need to do is reach out to every one of their existing clients, in > read more

AMP UP Your Sales

12/15/2014 07:43:56 AM

Amp Up Your Sales Powerful Strategies that Move Customer Fast, Favorable Decisions By Andy Paul I kept nodding my head and saying; Yes, Yes, Yes as I turned the pages. Amp Up Your Sales, published by AMACOM, written by Andy Paul is a book you should > read more


12/09/2014 14:18:56 PM

NONSTOP SALES BOOM Powerful Strategies to Drive Consistent Growth Year After year by Colleen Francis Time for a new book review-that must be added to your sales library! (Ken Thoreson) I finished this book by Colleen Francis, published by AMACOM on m > read more

Do you Dominate the Conversation?

12/01/2014 08:01:41 AM

Do You Totally Dominate the Conversation?  This week I have asked a friend of mine to share one of his blog posts, Bob Terson has much to share, this topic is one of the secrets to sales success. Ken Thoreson Two recent conversations I had—one on > read more

Put a Little Personality into Selling

11/17/2014 08:31:04 AM

Put a Little Personality into Selling The concept of selling based on your buyer’s personality style has been around for a while, but I’m often surprised at how many sales professionals aren’t familiar with it. Knowing the four basi > read more

Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning?

11/10/2014 09:06:58 AM

Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning? Last week I did a web cast for a vendor that was designed for their channel resellers. Its purpose was to discuss effective Business Planning and to review a specific process to ensure their plans and more im > read more

Sales Recruiting: Scoring Your Interviews

11/03/2014 07:55:28 AM

Sales Recruiting: Scoring your Interviews In every book on sales management, especially those that are focused on recruiting and interviewing salespeople there are always tools, sample questions, salesperson assessments and descriptions on various te > read more

It’s a Scary World Out There!

10/27/2014 06:26:25 AM

It’s a Scary World Out There While everyone maybe thinking of their Halloween costume or what tricks or treats they may provide, as sales leaders we must consider the bigger picture. It is a scary world out there and many fears exist; the future of > read more

Creativity for Sales Leaders

07/07/2014 09:21:48 AM

Creativity for Sales Leaders One of the traits sales managers must have or develop is a mind that is creative. The day to day pressures and various situations that you face are ever changing and appear at a rapid pace, the need to consider various op > read more

Slammed!!! for the first time sales manager: chapter 24

06/23/2014 13:21:34 PM

Slammed!!! for the first time sales manager, chapter 24 Traits of Highly Successful Companies  New EBook: This week I thought I would share with my reader’s one chapter from my new book:  SLAMMED!!! For the first time Sales Manager, there are 5 > read more

Super Teams, a book review

06/18/2014 09:27:02 AM

Super Teams Using the Principles of RESPECT to Unleash Explosive Business Performance Written by Paul Marciano & Clinton Wingrove Published by McGraw Hill For a management book, this is an excellent page turner. The methodology and systems they discu > read more

Slammed!!! The first time sales manager

06/10/2014 11:09:30 AM

Slammed!!! The First Time Sales Manager I can remember…those first 6 months as a new sales manager was a challenge! I had taken over from two previous sales managers who were now reporting to me and three other salespeople for a total of five on my > read more

There are only 10 day’s left in June!

06/02/2014 11:42:12 AM

There are only 10 days left in June! For the first time sales manager Today (6/2/14) during a client’s Monday morning sales meeting, before we started the sales forecast for June, I announced: “There are only 10 days left in June!” I did this o > read more

AGILE Selling

05/19/2014 06:55:18 AM

AGILE Selling By Jill Konrath I agree with Jill, this book should be a NY Times best seller. After reading her latest book and noticing my favorite technique of folding over the corners of pages that I would go back to for reference, I counted 37 pag > read more

College Commencement Address

05/13/2014 12:25:32 PM

College Commencement Address What about you? No, I did not deliver a college commencement address, but the idea of what I might say if I had the opportunity is intriguing. What about you? I read a recent newsletter from the Prouty Project where they > read more

Life Enrichment: Giving Back

05/05/2014 16:43:16 PM

Life Enrichment: Giving Back During the last few months I have been writing about Life Enrichment which is a descriptor for the general message of my Keynote programs; Gourmet Living: Building a Menu for your life. This week, as I am flying to San Di > read more

Time for Summer Pipeline Building

04/29/2014 09:21:01 AM

Time for Summer Pipeline Building I had two client conversations already this week reminding them to ensure they are focused on building their summer pipeline. In one case the client was excited about the event they just completed and the opportuniti > read more

Make It Happen-Now!

04/21/2014 13:51:43 PM

Make It Happen-Now! Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about “Life Enrichment: a mantra “, I wrote it regarding a more personal approach to building a better life, I had a lot of reaction to that blog, but several people asked me about writing a bl > read more

Life Enrichment: Satisfaction

04/09/2014 13:49:40 PM

Life Enrichment: Satisfaction Some might think that Life Enrichment is all about satisfaction and while that is the ultimate outcome, what I like to explore is how you get there. Gaining satisfaction is the challenge, understanding satisfaction maybe > read more

Life Enrichment: Develop your Mantra

04/02/2014 07:42:12 AM

Life Enrichment: Develop your Mantra Think about it. What is the basis for your personal life? How do you lead your life, how do you make the decisions that impact your personal or professional life? This topic is very important as I have found that > read more

EDGY Conversations

03/26/2014 07:34:09 AM

EDGY Conversations How Ordinary People can Achieve Outrageous Success A book review This week’s blog covers an interesting new book written by Dan Waldschmidt, I found that the book certainly has a message that everyone needs to hear! In my keynote > read more

Business Enrichment: Creating High Performance

03/18/2014 08:17:27 AM

Business Enrichment: Creating High Performance  For the past 10+ years I have focused on improving the performance of organizations focusing on their business strategy and sales leadership function, as a result I believe we have also improved their > read more

Second Quarter Plan

03/10/2014 11:15:19 AM

Second Quarter Plan Amazing, it’s the middle of March-are you ready for the second quarter? With many of my clients we have the each member of the sales team prepare a six month Business Plan and then a shorter Quarterly Action Plan is created and > read more

Life Enrichment: Personal Performance

03/03/2014 09:43:42 AM

Life Enrichment: Personal Performance Since I have been on the topic of Life Enrichment lately, one more topic came into perspective; personal performance. Specifically creating a more enriched life with high levels of personal performance. There are > read more

Life Enrichment: what does it mean?

02/09/2014 18:46:40 PM

Life Enrichment: what does it mean? Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “Life Enrichment is Yours?” I received a variety of comments regarding the topic, one however was quite interesting. This particular person liked the blog and liked the topic > read more

2014: How will you standout in the marketplace?

01/27/2014 11:15:24 AM

2014: How will you stand out in the marketplace? In reflecting on the past year it seems our program at WPC 2013 set the pace for many client projects. Our Master the Cloud Business Builder series we built for Microsoft provided a prescriptive approa > read more

Life Enrichment: Keeping Your Body/Mind Active

01/21/2014 18:37:07 PM

Life Enrichment: Keeping Your Body and Mind Active While the concept of life balance is important and much has been written and spoken about it, as sales leaders and people in any walk of life it is critical. To enhance life performance a person must > read more

HowTo Deliver a TED Talk

01/14/2014 12:18:16 PM

How to Deliver a TED Talk Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations How to Deliver a TED Talk by Jeremey Donovan, published by McGraw Hill, is a great read. As a member of the National Speakers Association and a frequent speaker at many k > read more

Sales Planning for 2014

01/07/2014 13:13:43 PM

Sales Planning: Sales Leadership and Sales Execution At this time of year all the planning, budgets and compensation plans are done or should be. Excellent sales organizations will have each salesperson complete a six month detailed sales business pl > read more

2014 New Year, New Goals? What are yours?

12/30/2013 14:13:13 PM

2014 New Year, New Goals? What are Yours? > read more

Be Bold:know that you don’t know!

12/09/2013 06:35:33 AM

Be Bold: Know that you don’t know! Ken:  This a guest blog by Jeff Shore on his new book.  I have written on this topic often, I believe it is almost a lost art in selling… I stress this with all my clients. “The art and science of asking > read more

Life Enrichment: is yours?

12/02/2013 09:21:43 AM

Life Enrichment: is yours? After speaking at a business conference someone asked me about how they could make their life more meaningful and fulfilling and the idea of life enrichment came to me. It seems almost everyone once they find out that I spe > read more

Happy Thanksgiving! thanks for your support

11/20/2013 10:35:04 AM

> read more

Advisory Boards

11/13/2013 10:46:48 AM

Advisory Boards  At a recent client meeting we discussed the need to create a Board of Directors.   It is a difficult task to find the right individuals and more difficult for an entrepreneur to accept what a good board can provide. Another spin i > read more

Upgrade your work & life to extraordinary

11/05/2013 09:26:42 AM

Upgrade: taking your work and life from ordinary to Extraordinary Author: Rana Florida As many of my readers know, from time to time I like to review books from McGraw Hill publishers; I like to schedule a pleasure book and then a business oriented b > read more

How to Amp up your sales letters

11/01/2013 16:33:55 PM

How to Amp Up Your Sales Letter and Ensure a Response How to Amp Up Your Sales Letter and Ensure a Response A sales letter is one of the best tools you have to make an impression. It’s important, and it’s something you want to get right t > read more

On Boarding Salespeople-a plan

10/22/2013 07:46:58 AM

On Boarding Salespeople This week will be hectic.  Next week I am off site all week during a 2014 client strategy and planning meeting, this week I am assisting another client with ‘on-boarding” two salespeople that are remote from the main busi > read more

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

10/14/2013 06:48:07 AM

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs  In the US there has been a lot of talk about the Government shut down, worldwide economic troubles and car bombs…I thought you might enjoy this thought provoking story…Ken There was a man who lived by the side > read more

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