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Watch Football Stream Live Blog Now Running!

12/02/2012 11:57:00 AM

Watch Football Stream Live Blog Now Running!I've been very busy since my last post on this blog but I have now began work on my new blog Watch Football Stream Live and this blog will be my main focus now for new posts. I will post on the World ...

Amy Winehouse Dead

07/23/2011 11:49:00 AM

Amy Winehouse DeadIt's been reported that pop singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London flat this afternoon around 4:00pm. The cause is as of yet unexplained by authorities. Winehouse had been spotted alongside goddaughter Dionne ...

bam margera

06/20/2011 11:58:00 AM

bam margeraThe sad news has emerged that fearless stunt addict Ryan Dunn has passed away aged 34. Reports say his life was claimed in a car crash which happened in Pennsylvania early Monday morning. Dunn appeared in all three Jackass films alongside ...


06/19/2011 09:24:00 AM

boliviaReports have emerged from Bolivia where police have discovered a 21 year old son who had been locked in a wooden box for 8 weeks, and put there by his own father. Johan Knelson was made to live in the nine feet by six feet box in the ...

amy winehouse

06/19/2011 08:51:00 AM

amy winehouseLately Amy Winehouse has been set free from rehab and had been given the all clear to venture out on her European tour but after last night's display in Serbia it seems that the exit from rehab was premature. The singer was booed ...

Paul McCartney

06/18/2011 12:30:00 PM

Paul McCartneyThe history of The Beatles may have been more extraordinary had they not disbanded but it's something we'll never know but it's come to light from a latest radio interview with Paul McCartney that John lennon was the reason behind ...

tupac shakur

06/16/2011 17:39:00 PM

tupac shakurToday marks the 40th Birthday of the legendary gangsta rapper Tupac "2Pac" Shakur and his birthday will be celebrated by many fans of the murdered star whose life was taken in a fatal shooting in 1996. Yesterday a chilling confession ...


06/15/2011 18:07:00 PM

tupacA criminal has confessed to authorities that he was the culprit behind the 1994 robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur that triggered the bloody rivalry that ultimately led to the rapper's murder two years later in 1996. The man's name is ...

moon phases

06/15/2011 16:27:00 PM

moon phasesTonight sees a Lunar Eclipse occur and will be visible in many places across the globe but what of the phases the moon goes through during it's eclipse? There are 8 different positions the Moon goes through in it's cycle and these ...

Amber Portwood

06/15/2011 15:29:00 PM

Amber PortwoodQuestions over the ability of Amber Portwood as a mother have been raised as the star of the tv show "Teen Mom" was hospitalised in Indiana after threatening to commit suicide on Tuesday, according to reports. Police from the area ...

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