To Househave, and to Household

(Science happens every Sunday over at Secondhand SCIENCE. Something like science, anyway. A few of the same letters are involved...

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To Househave, and to Household

04/15/2014 23:56:35 PM

(Science happens every Sunday over at Secondhand SCIENCE. Something like science, anyway. A few of the same letters are involved. This week, the topic was absolute zero, which turned into something about a card game with ice queens, a shrunken-head

Kitty Whipped

04/10/2014 23:27:51 PM

I've reached a crossroads. No, it's more than that; it's an existential fog. A crisis of identity. A questioning of everything I am. What brought on this morphing of self, this foreign mode of being? Yesterday, in the afternoon, I laughed -- out l

It's My New Best Policy

04/07/2014 10:41:20 AM

(Curious about scanning electron microscopy? Well, of course you are -- who isn't? Want to know what SEM has to do with 30 Rock, the Simpsons and Goldspider, which I totally didn't just make up? Then check out the latest post on Secondhand SCIENCE.

Occupational Suicide, Chapter #2,481

04/03/2014 18:28:24 PM

Today, I was asked to write a first draft of an email with an update on what my department has been up to recently. The final email will soon be sent to the entire company. It was my job to get the ball rolling. And I rolled that ball. I rolled it t

Picture-Perfect Pants

03/31/2014 18:19:43 PM

(Sundays are for science! But Mondays can be, too! So if you missed yesterday's Secondhand SCIENCE post on neutrinos, hop on over for a look. I promise it's the ninja-y-est, most Bigfooty article about physics you'll read all week. Or at least unti

(Environ-)Mentally Prepared

03/25/2014 23:40:52 PM

The other day, I was asked a seemingly simple (if rather pointed) question: "What are you doing to save the environment?" I was not ready for this question. I certainly had not thought about this question. And it's quite possible I was eating a meg

First in Our Brains, Secondhand in Our Hearts

03/22/2014 23:32:23 PM

I don't want to give the impression that while I was on my *ahem* "holiday" break, I was just sitting around doing nothing Yes, I was sitting around doing mostly nothing. But I did find time to carve out a different site, and start writing over ther

Refreshingly Honest Chinese Restaurant Delivery Menu Items

03/21/2014 01:37:12 AM

Appetizers Chicken Satay: The dipping sauce is peanut butter. It's always just peanut butter. Egg Roll: Because let's face it -- we have to. We get them in bulk, like cartons of fat brown cigarettes. Crab Rangoon: If an even number of people are d

Tis the Seeeeeeeason

03/19/2014 18:16:49 PM

There's something really great about political correctness. I mean, sure, the "not alienating people" is nice. Fostering inclusivity, making the world a better place, pissing off bigots and traditionalists -- these are all just super and fun and pea

You Down with A-H-T? Yeah, You Know Me.

12/19/2013 22:14:48 PM

My annual holiday pilgrimage to visit family is looming this weekend -- and this one is shaping up to be a monster. Not so much when I get where I'm going, of course. The actual holiday experience is forecast to be no more or less monstrous than usu

You Can Play, But You Can Never Win

12/15/2013 22:52:49 PM

This morning, I entered an emasculation contest. Well Not "entered", precisely. "Was chucked into" is more like it. I imagine that's how emasculation contests usually go; nobody enters them willingly. Like marathons, probably. Anyway, there's some

You Don't Even Know How Much Trouble Urine

12/09/2013 22:15:25 PM

I've been noticing a lot of urine lately. Let me rephrase that. I've been noticing people making a big deal out of urine lately. In particular, the color and how it relates to overall health. Those little "pee hue" charts are everywhere, it seems.

The Overly Auditory Lavatory

12/05/2013 22:06:02 PM

It's said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I don't know what those who ignore toilet seat history are doomed to, exactly, but I'm quickly finding out. And it's not pretty. Here's the thing. My wife and I have lived in our cond

Hi, I'm Damned Damned to Meet You!

12/01/2013 22:08:26 PM

I meet new people from time to time. Well, not "new" people, exactly. So far as I know, they've all been people for some substantial amount of time. Decades, in most cases. Some of them are actually quite old people, indeed. They're just new to me.

Fine, I'm a Turkey

11/28/2013 12:59:02 PM

This Thanksgiving week has been more... distracted than usual, so I'm way off schedule here. In lieu of actually getting back on track and posting something new, here's my favorite Thanksgiving-related nonsense from a few years ago: The Turkey Timel

Taxicab Confusions

11/22/2013 22:42:51 PM

Like most people, I find taking cabs in Boston a white-knuckled, horrific experience. My reason for this, however, is probably not as common. Let's talk it out. A lot of people are scared by the driving, what with the cabbies careening across lanes

If You're Happy, Then I'm... Something, I'm Sure

11/18/2013 22:48:34 PM

I was at the office today, in the middle of a pre-annual review chat with my boss, and she asked me what seemed like a very simple question: "Are you happy?" I knew what she meant. And I knew what the right answer was. But things are never quite so

Mean, Mean Greens

11/14/2013 22:23:47 PM

I don't have a problem blazing my own trail. Walking the path less taken. Beating my own drum, non-euphemistically speaking. Still. Sometimes I wonder. In the summer, the company I work for offered employees a chance to buy into a CSA. Naturally, I

(Not) Milking the Moment

11/10/2013 22:53:12 PM

Imagine, for a moment, you're me. All right, stop pretending to throw up in your mouth a little. Very funny, smartass. So, you're me, just for a moment. One specific moment, in fact. Last Friday afternoon, a couple of minutes after three. You're la

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