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Upgraded Joomsayer and Hyphenation for Movable Type

06/26/2008 05:14:19 AM

Joomsayer and Hyphenation for Movable Type are now both released in version 1.0. Sociotags and Curvaceous are both released in version 1.01.The previous version of Joomsayer contained a bug that appears to break functionality of either Joomsayer ...

First major release of Sociotags

06/15/2008 08:51:23 AM

The Sociotags plug-in for Movable Type has been updated with some new social networks, some of them more significant than others. The plug-in is now considered mature enough to warrant a version bump to version 1.0. Get Sociotags for Movabl ...

Hyphenation for MT4 Updated

06/14/2008 13:34:10 PM

Hyphenation for Movable Type was barely released before all but one of the planned features had been added to the alpha code.The new beta, which is out today, now features a dictionary installer that enables you to simply upload your...

Movable Type Plugin: Hyphenation

06/12/2008 11:50:10 AM

Hyphenation for Movable Type is a plug-in for Movable Type 4 that provides automatic hyphenation of your text based on OpenOffice hyphenation dictionaries.Automatic hyphenation is very useful if you often use left-aligned or right-aligned images ...

Movable Type Plugin Curvaceous 1.0 Released

06/09/2008 09:33:45 AM

The Movable Type 4 plug-in, Curvaceous, is now released in version 1.0. Have fun!...

Movable Type Plugin: Sociotags Updated to v. 0.3

06/05/2008 12:21:44 PM

The Sociotags plug-in for Movable Type has been updated to remove old social networks and update the links to the current social networks. Get it here....

Movable Type Plugin: Curvaceous

06/05/2008 00:30:40 AM

Curvaceous is a plug-in for Movable Type 4 that causes text to flow smoothly around the edges of irregularly shaped images, as shown in the actual screenshot below:Once installed, the plug-in works in the background, converting any images that ...

Movable Type Plugin: Joomsayer Updated for MT 4.1

06/02/2008 02:12:57 AM

The Joomsayer Movable Type plug-in has (finally!) been updated to version 0.2, which should work with Movable Type v. 4.1. The new version no longer relies on modifying the entry while editing, and instead makes the necessary modifications at ...

OPML Template for Movable Type 4.1

03/08/2008 07:22:33 AM

I'll confess that I haven't found much use for an OPML feed yet for a blog, but some geeks might insist that if it can be done, then it should be done.The following template is an example of how to...

A Tribute to the Devil

02/26/2008 11:26:14 AM

Science has a reasonable understanding of matter and how the strong, the weak, and the electromagnetic forces and (at least for practical purposes) gravity affect it. We also have a firm grasp on an large array of other natural laws...

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