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Carlos Brillembourg on Adam Bartos

05/18/2006 15:32:00 PM

Carlos Brillembourg~BOMBThe photographs in Adam Bartos's Boulevard, taken in Paris and Los Angeles, document places that are at once ubiquitous and hidden. Bartos photographs a commonplace urban scene animated by a soft wash of light infused ...

R.I.P., 'Arrested Development'

03/31/2006 11:34:00 AM

Tim Goodman~San Fransico Chronicle"Arrested Development," the critically praised but low-rated Fox show that won an Emmy for outstanding comedy series, as well as Emmys for writing, will not be resurrected on Showtime as rumors circulating for ...

Interview with Damien Jurado

03/31/2006 11:14:00 AM

Brian Hoscheit~30music30: So it’s the realism that touches people more easily? It seems like you used your character David like that.Jurado: David is actually David Bazan [of Pedro the Lion] from a dream I had where his wife and I go looking ...

Borges and the Plain Sense of Things

03/31/2006 11:07:00 AM

Gabriel Josipovici~ReadySteadyBookThe name of Borges, among readers of modern literature, has always been synonymous with labyrinths, babelic libraries, gardens of forking paths, parallel universes, refutations of time and all sorts of cunning ...

Interview with Ray Caesar

03/29/2006 16:16:00 PM

Brentley Frazer~PixelsurgeonLike a wonderful old book you find that captures you with the mystery of the main character you read the beginning and fall under its spell and become unaware of the real nature of reality because you are absorbed ...

2nd Annual Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest

03/29/2006 16:11:00 PM

Apartment TherapyThe Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest is a contest for all small apartments and homes in the lower 48 states under 650 square feet. We are seeking the most ingenious and beautiful 120 submissions along with all the tips and ...

Concrete Island

03/24/2006 13:59:00 PM

Geoff Manaugh~BLDG BLOGI suppose it's not even outside the realm of possibility to imagine, several hundred years from now, after nearly everyone's died of bird flu, AIDS, or open civil warfare, that freeways – those massive examples of widespread ...

D'oh The Right Thing

03/24/2006 13:53:00 PM

New York Post"Simpsons" cast member Harry Shearer, who provides the voices of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns and Rev. Lovejoy, among others, says vocal work on the movie has begun. Appearing on the syndicated Mancow radio show, Shearer said the movie ...

The Art of Fiction No. 11: Nelson Algren

03/24/2006 10:07:00 AM

Alston Anderson & Terry Southern~Paris ReviewINTERVIEWER: Did you ever feel that you should try heroin, in connection with writing a book about users? ALGREN: No. No, I think you can do a thing like that best from a detached position. INTERVIEWER: ...

An Interview with Dan Bejar of Destroyer

03/23/2006 15:51:00 PM

Phil Hunt~The OdysseyIs there anything that inspires your lyrics? What are you reading right now? Yeah always I guess. Not maybe subject matter. The way I write is pretty fixed these days. I don't think I'm aping other writers the way I once ...

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