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In the spirit of lyric and reflection

09/13/2013 13:19:48 PM

**What follows is the result of unease. A spontaneous reflection on observation. Wondering what happened to the vagabond? Read on, friend. It was in this moment that I realized the vagabond was gone.** I began this blog as an experiment in some respe > read more

Vagabond obituary

09/12/2013 09:52:49 AM

Vagabond obituary The vagabond is dead. May the sudden haste at which this news arrives find forgiveness, readers. For swift was his demise, and in irony, as with the slow passing of time, the slow fading of his weathered face found its end in one fr > read more

Science fiction short – part 1: Under This Dome of Pretence

05/04/2013 16:36:26 PM

** A note from the vagabond: I posted a flash science fiction piece here a while ago. I ended up liking it somewhat and decided to try and expand it to 8 or 9 thousand words. I eventually finished it about a month ago will be posting it in small chun > read more

An explanation unto my absence

03/27/2013 10:36:26 AM

To all of my itinerant readers, an explanation for my absence. Here are a few reasons for the long break in my posts (three months). 1) I started a new job as a mechanical engineer/software developer for an energy engineering company. My time and e > read more

Science and Human Behaviour – by BF Skinner

03/27/2013 10:11:08 AM

For a long time I have considered myself an introspective person, and I have attributed what wisdom I posses to this attribute. Others have noted before me that the self is the greatest opportunity to understand the social world and its behaviours fo > read more

Flash Science fiction 2: The man with the iron fist

12/10/2012 04:10:57 AM

**author’s note: as per usual, the below story is unvarnished, but that’s what drafts are for, enjoy it** The man with the iron fist That’s the way it was with him. Always running, never fighting. “Welcome to Chit Lom” said the sign > read more

Nok Krung Hua Juk

10/21/2012 18:46:49 PM

We are all in a contest of who can shout the loudest. In Thailand there is a bird that lives its life in the cage of its enthusiastic master. It is called the Nok Krung Hua Juk – the Cage Bird Head Mohawk (a loose, literal translation as close > read more

Science flash fiction: “Meta-gods”

10/05/2012 12:32:38 PM

** Writers note: I promised the internet and myself long ago that I would post some Sci-fi “flash fiction” short stories on this eclectic blog of mine. Well it has taken way longer than it should have for me to get anything up. This small > read more

The vagabond has more thoughts (part II)

09/08/2012 04:36:06 AM

Everyone wants to know more about my travels and experiences in Asia, why haven’t I written so much about this specifically? Maybe I feel as if there is too much pressure, there is so much to write about and I have felt that I could not possibl > read more

The vagabond reveals his thoughts (part I)

09/07/2012 11:03:33 AM

If I were to define myself with a single word, I’d hardly pause before making my choice: ‘Introspection’. I feel that this is often my greatest strength, and a great vice at other times. It’s hard to say sometimes whether it&# > read more

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