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Designing with Light: Gilding a Wall

07/02/2014 18:27:26 PM

I’ve been working on my dining nook for a while now, trying to bring it all together. It’s not much of …Continue reading → > read more

Finding an Old Growth Forest in Manhattan

06/19/2014 13:46:43 PM

The best thing about moving to a new neighborhood is exploring. A few weeks ago, I dove into the depths of Inwood Hill …Continue reading → > read more

Color Matching Madness

06/12/2014 19:47:24 PM

Here’s a quick little post about all of the color matching I’ve been up to these days. I love these projects; …Continue reading → > read more

Meandering Around Munich

06/04/2014 18:15:26 PM

Last week, Tom and I were in Germany to attend my youngest cousin Christina’s wedding, which took place just outside …Continue reading → > read more

Sketchbook: Why Cats Seem Indifferent

05/21/2014 21:27:18 PM

There are dog people and there are cat people. But when you ask a dog person why they don’t like …Continue reading → > read more

Standing Inside of a Pinhole Camera

05/15/2014 21:20:13 PM

I went to the Whitney Biennial a few weeks ago, and this week I went back. There was one exhibit I …Continue reading → > read more

But What About the Beetles?

04/24/2014 20:05:44 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about decorative paper. Today’s topic: insects, and which ones make the cut as …Continue reading → > read more

The Paint Doctor Returns… with a Comb

04/16/2014 20:30:50 PM

Artists use all kinds of tools to get the effects they want, and decorative painting has its own bag of …Continue reading → > read more

Visiting the Olympic Peninsula and the Hoh Rainforest

04/10/2014 19:59:19 PM

In September 2012, Tom and I visited the west coast. After spending a few fun days in Vancouver, we drove …Continue reading → > read more

Catching Up

04/02/2014 18:24:27 PM

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that I’ve been silent for a few months. Between work, fixing up my new apartment and …Continue reading → > read more

Sketchbook: Things I Like About Christmas

12/27/2013 14:58:07 PM

As I slowly recover from the family food fest known as Christmas, a few thoughts. Happy holidays, everyone! > read more

A Transformation: From Yellow Sienna Marble to Limestone

12/19/2013 21:08:15 PM

Last week, I drew the parameters of a project I was working on in my sketchbook journal. This week, I’ll …Continue reading > read more

Sketchbook Journal: On the Job

12/11/2013 17:14:01 PM

> read more

Are You Where You Think You Are?

11/27/2013 21:53:03 PM

Where do you live? Do you feel that you know your town or city well? Really well? Can you find …Continue reading > read more

Painting in the Paleozoic

11/20/2013 17:08:36 PM

Here’s a little job I took care of last week: playing magician again, making things disappear. It’s funny how, once …Continue reading > read more

Finding Flow

11/13/2013 20:04:44 PM

Artists often talk about a term called “flow,” which is when you become so engrossed in the task at hand, …Continue reading > read more

Just One Shot

10/09/2013 20:18:40 PM

Since I just moved and am still digging my way out of an avalanche of boxes, my post this week …Continue reading > read more

Farewell, Sweet Little Gardens

10/02/2013 21:29:56 PM

I finally closed on my new apartment, so I’ll be heading uptown later this week and moving in. One thing …Continue reading > read more

Summer Slips Away

09/25/2013 20:18:11 PM

Last Sunday, we went to Atlantic Beach in Amagansett. It was chilly, a sharp wind coming off the water. My …Continue reading > read more

Hiding in Plain Sight: Urban Camouflage

09/18/2013 16:23:43 PM

When I was a kid, I loved looking at books about animals and nature. Some of my favorites contained photos …Continue reading > read more

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