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A Snack Attack for Kids

03/01/2013 13:02:00 PM

Do you ever get frustrated that the preschool where you send your children serves cheeze-its and pretzels for snack every day? Does it ever bother you that after baseball and soccer games, your kids are given snack cakes and fruit punch? In ...

A Better Way to Buy Produce

02/28/2013 14:34:00 PM

Recently, I joined a produce co-op in my area and I just keep asking myself why I didn't do it sooner! It helps that a friend of mine was already involved in one, so she got me the contact information to get started. Every other week I drop ...

Deep Water Running

12/30/2012 13:09:00 PM

As any runner knows, being injured is extremely frustrating! If you are looking to keep your fitness up in a time of recovery, try deep water running (DWR). DWR can be used as a way to maintain your aerobic fitness or to supplement a regular ...

Don't Forget To Give Back To Yourself

12/13/2012 14:58:00 PM

When you are thinking about which charity to donate your time to this holiday season, consider adding yourself to the list. I agree that giving your time to help others is noble and important, which is why you MUST take care of yourself. You've ...

Slow and Steady

11/15/2012 14:16:00 PM

The horn blows and we all take off running! Everyone is pumped and adrenaline is flowing. Soon, many people will "hit the wall" and begin to slow down for the remainder of the marathon. How do we avoid this problem? There are many solutions, ...

Empty Promises for Calorie Burn

10/10/2012 14:04:00 PM

After my run today, I was stretching near the group exercise room at my gym. I noticed a couple of signs advertising an aerobics class and a weight lifting class. On those signs were estimations of calories that can be burned in those classes. ...

Liebster Award

10/09/2012 19:15:00 PM

I want to thank Busy-Dad-E over at for honoring my blog with the Liebster Blog Award. Apparently this award is given to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. What a fun day for the woRD on fitness!With ...

Sugar, Fat, and Salt....addictive? How do we stop overeating?

09/22/2012 12:06:00 PM

I just finished reading David A. Kessler, MD's book The end of overeating. It was definitely an interesting read and I recommend it as some food for thought.For about the first half of the book, Kessler talked a lot about the enticing nature ...

Dietary Confusion

09/09/2012 18:47:00 PM

Meat will kill you, milk gives you cancer, all sugar is bad, bread is evil, fruit is nature's candy, carbohydrates make you obese, and any dietary fat will give you a heart attack. What do you get when you add all of these so-called truths ...

How to make "intuitive eating" work for your children

09/01/2012 07:37:00 AM

In my last post, I briefly discussed Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. and Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A, C.E.D.R.D. Many people may be wondering how that applies to children, especially as so many children battle obesity. ...

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