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Amazing Quote From a Favorite Work of Fiction

03/21/2013 09:57:00 AM

So I was rereading a quirky, one-of-a-kind book by the gifted > read more

My Top News Story for 2011

01/01/2012 06:23:00 AM

Strictly speaking, it's clear to me that I'm not qualified to name the top news story.What do I know about > read more

End of a Year: Dreaming in 3-D

12/27/2011 11:36:00 AM

? Marty invites you to put on the 3-D glassesfor his latest film.? A couple of weeks ago I did something that was forbidden to me one year ago when I was still Van Winkled. I went to the Century 21 Cinema and took in a newly released film.My son > read more

Baby Baby: Thoughts on a Crowded Planet

10/20/2011 07:04:00 AM

Is it coming to this? Packed in tight, togetherness...As I very slowly get caught up on some of the news I missed during The Van Winkle Project I still haven't looked at the newspaper I saved that heralds arguably the biggest news story of 2011: the > read more

The A,B,C's of the News - C is for (Sorry) Charlie Sheen

10/14/2011 09:18:00 AM

Today I conclude my brief foray into learning about what is probably some of the least consequential news of last year. > read more

The A,B,C's of the News - "B" is for Brett

10/11/2011 06:18:00 AM

All I wanted to do was learn more about Super Bowl XLV which was played back on Feb. 6 in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. > read more

The A,B,C's of the News: "A" is for Anthony (Casey)

10/07/2011 11:19:00 AM

It's been almost a month since I woke up and allowed myself the freedom to once again know what's happening in the world.The earth turns and I confess I find myself yawning. I'm not really following any of the going-on's as closely as I used to. I'll > read more

A Grave Time - Report From Austin No. 3

10/04/2011 06:17:00 AM

Last weekend when I went to a conference in Texas's weirdest city ("weird" in a good way) I realized something. We were sleeping beside the dead.Located on the east side of I-35, across from downtown, the Oakwood Cemetery is the oldest city-owned cem > read more

Sandra Bullock Licks Her Lips - Report From Austin No. 2

09/29/2011 05:11:00 AM

As I was saying last time...I was at a statewide meeting of creative writing teachers in Austin, Texas over the weekend.On Saturday morning I sat on a panel that discussed using research in creative writing. I shared how I was drawn to research becau > read more

A Novel Idea - Report From Austin No. 1

09/27/2011 06:50:00 AM

I was in Austin, Texas over the weekend.The occasion was an annual > read more

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