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Christmas Coffee Stocking Stuffers

12/08/2013 11:18:00 AM

Oh, what is coffee if it's not enjoyed in a festive way? Take your coffee to go in merry tumblers just in time for the holiday season. They make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends and acquaintances. Check out more stocking stuffer ...

Autumn Kitchen Favorites

10/12/2013 07:01:00 AM

Autumn is finally here! These gourd holders are simply adorable and would make an easy addition to your Fall decor. Hang your autumn wreath on the door because it's officially fall! Books and especially ebooks make for easy holiday planning ...

Holiday Party Helpers - Christmas in July

07/21/2013 16:45:00 PM

Christmas in July is in full swing. Check out the program guide here.

Christmas in July Specials: Kitchen/Gourmet

07/21/2012 14:18:00 PM

If you haven't yet tuned in to Christmas in July special this weekend only (July 21/22, 2012), now is the time. Watch the livestream here. I've been watching all day and have some picks to share with you:One of the most universally appealing ...

Single Girl’s Healthy Grocery Shopping List

05/16/2012 18:16:00 PM

Shopping for groceries as a single girl can be both daunting and fun; daunting because of all the fresh choices available and fun for the same reason. I try not to buy too much of anything all at once anymore because the spoilage rate for me ...

Better Ingredients = A Better Meal

04/01/2012 18:09:00 PM

As a singleton, you have some leeway when buying groceries. Since you aren't buying for a family of four, and therefore needing to clip endless coupons for the same few products found at the larger box retailers (you know which ones I'm referring ...

Home Office Makeover

03/04/2012 14:46:00 PM

The winter months are ideal for clearing out clutter, organizing paperwork, and getting ready for spring cleaning. So put all your Christmas decorations away, and let's get started. One of the major projects for me this winter entailed a home ...

Personalized Gift Ideas for Singles: Coffee Mugs

11/20/2011 18:36:00 PM

One can never have too many coffee mugs! For Black Friday / Cyber Monday, take 25% off your order + free shipping. Take advantage now! Valid midnight the day after Thanksgiving 11/25-11/28/11. The perfect gift for singles!Personalize this red ...

Top Five Kitchen Tools for Singles

11/11/2011 17:44:00 PM

For singles, making a recipe for four isn't always practical. These kitchen gadgets are single-meal friendly and will help create varied meals during the week. And the best part is dessert: make fresh whipped cream in minutes! Actually, the ...

Summer Kitchen Mini Makeover

06/23/2011 18:30:00 PM

It's good to refresh your kitchen look every now and then; makes it more interesting when you live alone or are single. Take advantage of summer sales and give your kitchen a mini-makeover. I found some various, cool accessories to perk up your ...

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