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The Positive Leadership Blog is Moving!

09/26/2013 09:28:01 AM

The Positive Leadership Blog is closing but you can still follow Mel Hawkins at his new blog: THE LEADer (Thinking Exponentially: Leadership, Education, and the American Dream). The new blog will be focused on all of the issues that contribute... > read more

Why Don’t Structure our Schools According to the Way Children Learn?

05/08/2013 21:09:03 PM

One of the principles of Positive Leadership is to challenge people to re-examine our basic assumptions about why we do what we do. Our systems of education in America provide a marvelous example of a system that demands a complete... > read more

Therapeutic Alienation Contributes to Dysfunctional Organizations

03/26/2013 14:58:57 PM

One of the distinguishing characteristics of organizations that are becoming or have become dysfunctional is that its people, employees and leaders (line and middle management supervisors and managers), begin adopting a strategy that I like to call t > read more

Rules Can Become Self-Defeating

03/04/2013 10:19:04 AM

An employer recently implemented a “No Overtime Policy” as one component of a corporate-wide cost-reduction initiative to reduce expenditures during tough economic times. As so often happens, such policies become more important than the purpose f > read more

Powerful Positive Leaders talk about "We" not "I"!

07/16/2012 11:25:25 AM

In an earlier article we said that leaders are defined by their accomplishments. Powerful leaders accomplish great things but not all powerful leaders can also be characterized as positive leaders. There are many powerful men and women who, in order. > read more

The Power of Positive Leadership

03/15/2012 09:16:49 AM

(This article is an updated version of an article printed on The Positive Leadership Blog in September of 2006.) Organizations led by powerful, dynamic leaders – individuals who believe in strong positive values and who are committed to infusing th > read more

The Challenges of 21st Century America

03/14/2012 11:10:49 AM

The United States of America, which for nearly seventy years has been the richest and most powerful nation in the world is entering what will be the most difficult period in American history since the Civil War. If we are... > read more

America's Pre-eminence at Grave Risk

01/03/2012 13:03:30 PM

The United States of America, which for generations has been the richest, most powerful nation in the world, is under attack and our position of pre-eminence is at grave risk. This threat is more dangerous than anything Al Qaeda or... > read more

America: A Leadership Crisis of Great Urgency!

08/10/2011 07:02:08 AM

Any illusions we might have had regarding the invulnerability of the United States as the richest and most powerful nation in the world were surely shattered in the wake of Standard and Poor’s decision to downgrade our nation’s credit rating.... > read more

To Act Or Not To Act: That Is the Question!

05/10/2011 09:26:44 AM

Recently we wrote that positive leaders make things happen and that we define these powerful men and women by their accomplishments. For many of us, however, this advice flies in the face of that which we have learned throughout our... > read more

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