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Fare thee well

06/13/2014 02:30:00 AM

The Jiu-Jitsu Fighter blog has served its purpose well, but has finally run its course. I'm going to leave it up and active for all who want to come and peruse its content, but will no longer be posting. Now that we have our own school and Lincoln Br > read more

Random Goings On

06/04/2013 16:13:00 PM

Since my last post, "Things I figured Out Today," I haven't figured out anything new. I'm still doing a lot of Jiu-Jitsu in my head when I'm not in class and trying to get better. If you went past 40th & O recently and it looked like there was a big > read more

Things I figured out today

05/22/2013 21:39:00 PM

Thanks for the awesome matches today, boys and girl. I almost forgot what it was like to have one of those workouts that leaves you utterly exhausted. I was rolling with Gina towards the end of class and about two minutes in she asked if I was okay. > read more

Stuff I Know

05/19/2013 13:10:00 PM

I'm still getting used to the new school class schedule. For years I was pretty much in control of my work and class schedule. Now I'm one of the regular folks fighting to work around an unforgiving work schedule and life in general. No Jiu-Jitsu on > read more

The more I know, the more I realize how much I don't know.

05/03/2013 00:32:00 AM

Some of us were sitting around and talking after the advanced class on Thursday night. Among the many topics we discussed, such as a handful of political hot topics, world domination and the benefits of using a back roller after a workout, we did fit > read more

What are you waiting for?

05/02/2013 01:01:00 AM

As popular as are the UFC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there are still a ton of people out there who have little to no real concept of what BJJ is all about. It can be confusing to the uninitiated. Maybe people who train in Jiu-Jitsu are just a bunch of > read more

You're a pain in my side

04/28/2013 14:30:00 PM

It's going to be Thursday before I can get back to training. There's a long work week in store for me. It's probably not a bad thing anyway. I've been nursing a sore rib for a couple of weeks now, so the time off is good. I can totally relate to Josh > read more

Jiu-Jitsu Party!

04/26/2013 13:35:00 PM

Okay, this is the real deal. We're having a Jiu-Jitsu party! This is to honor all the students, past and present, who have ever trained Jiu-Jitsu at Roseberry’s Martial Arts Center. We also want to invite our new family members from Lincoln Braz > read more

Student Schafer

04/25/2013 22:11:00 PM

I have to admit that even though I'm feeling it physically, I'm having a ball just being a student. It's difficult to be a student when you're teaching all the time. I had always tried to take part as much as I could and roll during open mat. It wasn > read more

First Class, First Class

04/25/2013 01:27:00 AM

We opened our doors today at Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center. What a hoot! Words can not even describe how happy I was to see all the folks who showed up to train. Even some who couldn't stay for class stopped by just to say hi and check out the p > read more

Home Sweet Home

04/22/2013 15:09:00 PM

As the open date of the school draws ever closer, I've received a lot of questions. I understand there are a lot of unknowns for some people. This is natural. When everything gets changed around, the way we make sense of it all, and the way we put th > read more

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