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Join The FaceBook Group Now....

05/27/2016 05:16:00 AM

I've created a FACEBOOK GROUP which will be more interactive, fun and engaging. I will be updating on there quite regularly. So do join the group and I will approve you, the link is below: > read more

Don't be average...

05/26/2016 15:48:00 PM

Believers are not meant to be average...Most people are people who like to blend into the crowd. They are average in their studies, go on to get average jobs, and lead average lives.But believers are not meant to be average, they are meant to stand o > read more

Winter is coming....

10/20/2014 08:33:00 AM

Keep yourself soft, supple and nourished this > read more

looking for some extra income?

07/01/2014 07:18:00 AM

Assalamoualaikoum,** RECRUITING MY SUMMER TEAM **3 places available for the month of JULYSeeking Driven & a passion for success people all over the UK.Must enjoy a challenge, happy to work flexibly with me.Location not a problem as online methods suc > read more

Ramadan 2014

06/23/2014 06:45:00 AM Kareem! Products to help you during Ramadan:Aloe Vera Gel - Maintains healthy digestive system, energy levels, balances immune system. It has an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including the rare > read more

Aloe Vera

06/04/2014 09:48:00 AM

Subhanallah Aloe Vera is really a cure for SO many illnesses and skin care problems!Visit my website now for all the fantastic aloe vera products ranging from health, weight loss, beauty, skin care, house care and even animal care subhanallah!click h > read more

Grab this new opportunity!

06/04/2014 09:42:00 AM

Self Employed Business Opportunity, Work from Home, Full or Part Time ***RECRUITING NOW*** Position: ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR EMAIL ME NOW ON: salsabilbhoyroo@gmail.comSick of your usual 9-5 dead end job? Spending too much time working and not enough t > read more

parable of life

01/04/2014 09:34:00 AM

Imam Al Ghazali gives us an amazing parable. The parable of a man who walks through the forest, and as he is walking, he is calm. suddenly a lion jumps and starts chasing him. so he runs and runs as fast as he could. then he sees a well in front of h > read more

Let's be grateful...?!

11/20/2013 06:48:00 AM

Hadith of the day :)The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “…if the son of Adam has one valley, he will wish that he had a second, and if he had two valleys, he would wish that he had a third. The stomach of the son of Adam will be filled only wit > read more

Steadfast onto the Deen

09/10/2013 12:48:00 PM

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said to his Companions: > read more

Plan your Ramadan!

07/09/2013 04:39:00 AM

great talk for what you can do to make the most of Ramadan! > read more

participate in this competition!

04/05/2013 08:49:00 AM > read more


04/05/2013 08:35:00 AM

> read more

Life is like a rose

01/06/2013 10:30:00 AM

Know that life is like a rose - beautiful. There may be thorns which prick you from time to time, but that does not negate the fact that the rose is still beautiful.At times, we need a few trials in our beautiful lives. These trials expiate our sins, > read more


11/04/2012 11:56:00 AM


I'm back again!!

11/04/2012 11:50:00 AM

Assalamoualaikoum all, peace be upon you...I haven't been posting here for a while. Life has been busy, busy, busy..BUT one thing I have learnt during this time is..We spend the lives that Allah has given us in deluding ourselves, but why do we do th > read more

Little gems

09/25/2012 14:08:00 PM

> read more

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