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Did You Order Hucog HCG, But Get Something Else?

04/18/2014 14:34:00 PM

If You Have Recently Ordered Hucog High Purity HCG You May Want To Read This!So once again Suzy is doing the HCG Diet to lose a little more weight. This time, as she has done every other time, she ordered Hucog High Purity HCG ... So she th ...

Should You Be Eating Before You Work Out, Or After?

03/28/2014 11:06:00 AM

If you are wondering about whether or not you should be eating before or after your workout, check out this article.

HCG Treat: Apple Fruit Rollups

03/07/2014 18:39:00 PM

Surprisingly Better Than Store Bought Fruit Roll-Ups -- And Healthier Too!I remember when I was a kid and my mom would pack Fruit Roll-ups in my lunch every once in awhile - It was always such a delicious and healthy treat ... So I thought.After ...

Where To Get A Never Ending Supply Of FREE HCG Recipes

02/28/2014 16:34:00 PM

Want An Unlimited Supply Of HCG Recipes? They're Out There - You Just Need To Know Where To Look!Over the years I have written about many many different topics related to the HCG Diet Plan. But I would have to say without any doubt that the ...

One Way To Experience Lasting Success With The HCG Diet

02/10/2014 01:21:00 AM

Doing This One Simple Thing Can Help Ensure That You Experience Lasting Weight Loss Success After HCG!Most of the things we do in life is a direct result of what we have lived and learned. From the moment we are born and even through adulthood, ...

Peer Pressure To Cheat On The HCG Diet

02/02/2014 22:18:00 PM

If You Have To Deal With Peer Pressure To Cheat On The HCG Diet You'll Want To Read This...While on the HCG Weight Loss Diet, or any other diet for that matter, the urge to cheat can sometimes be hard to resist.Although your appetite is much ...

Life After HCG: Eat What You Want When You Want

01/19/2014 12:33:00 PM

After Resetting Your Hypothalamus And Retraining Your Metabolism, Can You Really Eat All Of The Foods You Want With No Worry?In my many years of researching and writing about the HCG Diet, I have read a number of different HCG Protocols. And ...

How To Start The New Year Right

01/07/2014 00:58:00 AM

What Do You Plan On Doing Different This Year? It's 2014, a new year, and a great time for a fresh new start.And with the new year comes the annual tradition of making New Years Resolutions - Some people will commit to one main goal, while others ...

The Best Way To Do The HCG Diet

12/22/2013 21:36:00 PM

Be Sure To Choose The Best Plan Of Action For Doing The HCG Weight Loss Program!With so many variations of the HCG Diet System, it's important for you to know which plan works best for losing weight.Now I wish I could tell you that all HCG Protocols ...

Is The HCG Diet Dead?

12/09/2013 01:39:00 AM

Is The HCG Diet Coming To An End? Back in 2008 the HCG Diet experienced a huge spike in popularity, mainly thanks to Kevin Trudeau's book, "The Weight Loss Cure "THEY" Don't Want You To Know About".And although Kevin's book was responsible for ...

3 Reasons To Start The HCG Diet This Holiday Season

11/28/2013 18:54:00 PM

With All Of That Delicious Holiday Food, Is It Really A Good Idea To Begin A Weight Loss Regimen?Some people think that the Holiday's are without a doubt the worst time for a person to start the HCG Diet - But I'm here to put that myth to bed ...

25 Things People NEED To Know About The HCG Diet

11/17/2013 23:51:00 PM

There Are A Few Things That You Must Know As An HCG Dieter ... Find Out What They Are Below!These days there is no shortage of information about the HCG Diet floating around. In fact, more and more as the diet grows in popularity, so does the ...

Did You Gain Weight After The HCG Diet Ended?

11/11/2013 02:29:00 AM

Are You At Risk For Gaining Back All Of That Weight You Fought So Hard To Lose? The HCG Diet is not just some weight loss fad - If used the right way, it could very well be the last diet that you ever have to use. Retraining your body's metabolism ...

5 Maintenance Phase Recipes That Everyone Should Know

11/05/2013 01:26:00 AM

Everyone Should Try These 5 Maintenance Recipes After The 500 Calorie Diet Ends.The Maintenance Phase is arguably the most important and crucial part of the HCG Diet - This is the reason that everyone needs a few delicious recipes to help them ...

10 HCG Recipes You Must Try

10/30/2013 02:34:00 AM

10 Phase 2 HCG Recipes That You'll Definitely Want To Try!The HCG 411 Blog has a lot of great information and tips for using the HCG Weight Loss Program. And it just so happens that we have a wide variety of HCG Recipes as well.But because of ...

4 Years Of The HCG Diet

10/23/2013 12:31:00 PM

Can You Believe It, Day In Day Out For 4 Years Of The HCG Diet!After 4 long years of the HCG Diet you'd think we would be tired of it, but we're not! I mean how could we be, it has been such a big part of our lives for so long now.What am I ...

HCG Recipe P2: Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken

10/21/2013 16:02:00 PM

So Delicious It's Hard To Believe That It's An HCG Recipe!This HCG Style Sweet and Sour Chicken is comparable to the Sweet and Sour Chicken that you find at your local Chinese Restaurant.Trust me, this is one Phase 2 Recipe that you will want ...

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