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Be A Manly-Man With Lemon Essential Oil

01/15/2013 16:12:49 PM

Although essential oils are pretty, smell nice, and can be used in a variety of craft and cooking projects, they’re not just for women! As a matter of fact, any manly-man’s toolbox could greatly benefit from a few vials of … Continu > read more

Organic Materials

12/12/2012 01:20:42 AM

Cotton farming is one of the United States’ biggest industries, raking in a total of about $25 million annually. Conventional cotton farming can attribute much of its success to the usage of pesticides, which endanger the very people who spray > read more

Paper vs. Plastic: Choose Neither

12/08/2012 19:31:33 PM

Although it’s possible to recycle disposable grocery bags, it’s still a major drain on our environmental resources, and isn’t really worth the trouble. A reusable bag will last forever, and is 95% less likely than a disposable bag t > read more

Paper vs. Plastic: Recycling

12/07/2012 23:02:27 PM

Yesterday’s blog focused on the manufacturing processes behind paper and plastic grocery bags. The volume of resources that both kinds of bag require seems pretty outrageous– especially when it comes to paper. Although recycling may s > read more

Paper vs. Plastic: The Controversy Continues

12/06/2012 23:19:14 PM

It’s the dreaded question you’re asked every single time you head to Central Market. “Paper or plastic?” Suddenly hit with a wave of insecurity and unsureness, you desperately grapple for the “correct” answer. Yo > read more

Holiday Gift Guide, Continued

12/02/2012 15:52:09 PM

Our last blog featured some great gift ideas for children, fashionistas, and stocking stuffers. However, if you’re reading an article on selecting the perfect gifts for your friends and family, we suspect that you might have a few more folks &# > read more

Holiday Gift Picks

11/30/2012 21:05:35 PM

Welcome to part two of our Holiday Gift Guide! In our last post, we explained the four most important factors to consider when buying a gift. Luckily for you, The Greener Good has already sniffed around for the most eco-friendly, … Continue rea > read more

Holiday Gift Guide

11/28/2012 01:01:17 AM

‘Tis the season to be shopping! For the environmentally-conscious consumer, however, that can be an absolute nightmare. How do you find products that are socially responsible? Where are all the ethical companies hiding? Which gorgeous piece o > read more

The Dark Side of Organic Food

11/24/2012 12:15:03 PM

First of all, happy Small Business Saturday! There are some great deals going on in our store right now to celebrate. Learn more on our facebook page! Secondly, the time has come for the final segment of our “Buying Organic” … Conti > read more

Why Buy Organic?

11/21/2012 11:52:12 AM

In our “Green Thanksgiving” post, we made some recommendations for making your holiday celebration a little more eco-friendly, which included the suggestion to buy organic produce. If you’re wondering what the big deal about buying > read more

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