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Falcons Ornament

12/14/2014 20:41:21 PM

In my quest to make lots of fun ornaments that weren't too girly and appealed to what Mr. Crafty Scientist likes, I first thought I'd try to create an ornament with Matt Ryan's face on it... but then I remembered what my skill level is with stuff lik > read more

Gold Polka Dot Ornament

12/10/2014 15:00:00 PM

I made this super-cute little ornament for our tree last year... largely inspired by Kate Spade stuff and Hi Sugarplum's ornaments. It was super-simple - just grabbed a circular spongebrush (like these) and painted some little gold dots on the orname > read more

What I Read in 2013 {An Updated Roundup}

12/08/2014 10:35:22 AM

After my LinkyTools subscription expired, this list of the > read more

500+ Glass Ornaments Roundup

12/06/2014 18:15:29 PM

After my linky subscription expired, my post of 300+ glass ornament crafts no longer had any ornament ideas. So I decided to re-do the list without any subscriptions or tools...But I thought I should make it more fun than just re-posting the old list > read more

LinkyTools Posts to Update...

11/30/2014 19:11:10 PM

Turns out that when you get a LinkyTools subscription, the links you set up are only good when you have an active subscription... so, when I chose not to renew, all the roundups and link collections here that I made with LinkyTools no longer work (in > read more

Gold Star Earrings

10/19/2014 13:23:38 PM

After making the clay heart stud earrings using my small clay [cookie] cutter shapes, I wanted to expand the possibilities (it was ridiculously quick and easy, cost me about nothing, and I got something pretty to wear... my perfect project!) so I pla > read more

Clemson Tray

10/07/2014 19:30:17 PM

Before we moved away from South Carolina, I had the idea to make a little Clemson tray using my Silhouette. My thought was that I could incorporate it into wherever we lived and it would be a little bit of the subtle Clemson flavor in the background > read more

DIY Earrings Roundup {Part 1}

10/06/2014 13:58:48 PM

After I rounded up some awesome DIY ways to store your earrings, I whipped up something for myself (that I'll share at some point here) and then the only natural step was to look for inspiration on the web in the form of earrings to make... I got a l > read more

Clay Heart Stud Earrings

09/21/2014 20:57:59 PM

After I rounded up all the DIY earring organizers for this post, I made one of my own (that I'll share some day), which inspired me to whip up some new earrings for myself... I've been playing with clay a lot recently so I started with clay and this > read more

Favorite Finds from the Web {Week of 9/8/14}

09/13/2014 16:51:06 PM

I shared my favorite things a few weeks ago on Labor Day here and now I want to share a few more awesome discoveries and cool stuff I've seen this week...Sporcle - free online trivia with a million quizzes and categories. And you can earn badges! I l > read more

Ombre Scalloped Wreath

09/06/2014 18:44:09 PM

I saw some pretty felt wreaths on Pinterest (like this one from Make & Takes, this one from a bit of sunshine, and this one from Green Wedding Shoes)and knew for awhile I wanted to make my own. I finally got around to it after hoarding some blue felt > read more

Free Desktop Wallpapers Roundup

09/03/2014 21:37:02 PM

I love the first of the month in part because I get to go collect free desktop calendar wallpapers to fancy up my computer (it almost kinda sorta balances out the bills that start again each month). People who know me in real life usually ask about w > read more

Best Stuff on the Web {This Week}

09/01/2014 13:09:44 PM

I used to try to share some of my favorite things here on the blog. Since I love reading about everyone else's favorite things, I figured it would be good to share my own.... turns out I could never narrow down the list enough to hit publish. But I'm > read more

DIY Earring Organizers Roundup

08/29/2014 19:19:07 PM

I genuinely love organizing and re-organizing my jewelry - probably because it gives me a chance to take it all out and play with it. This week I was thinking about organizing my earrings and went to gather some ideas from the interwebs... and I real > read more

Wooden Wall Art

08/10/2014 20:13:53 PM

I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't already shared this little tutorial because I love this project so much it's in my living room... > read more

2011 Scrapbook {Part 2}

08/07/2014 20:20:10 PM

As I mentioned before, I've gotten back on the scrapbooking bandwagon and had a blast making scrapbooks for previous years, starting with 2011. I shared part 1 here and now I want to share part 2...If I don't tell you where I got the particular suppl > read more

Marbled Clay Gem Necklace

08/04/2014 19:24:11 PM

Once I got started with the clay, I was off and running.... looking at fun tutorials online and making a Pinterest board just for clay projects and making enough beads and pendants to use up a big spool of cotton/leather-ish cord. This is one of my a > read more

2011 Scrapbook {Part 1}

07/15/2014 22:21:52 PM

As I admitted here not too long ago, I've gotten back into scrapbooking after a long time away (which explains why my scrapbooks have been from 2010 and now 2011). When I started this one, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the Project Life route or not > read more

Fave (Free!) Fonts #3

07/09/2014 19:59:05 PM

As I did some blog design updating around here, I discovered some fonts that have quickly become some of my favorites (and they're free)! So I thought I'd share them with you here... Click the links below to get your own copy of them!Download here: H > read more

Chevron Ombre Clay Pendants

07/05/2014 12:44:24 PM

While I'm enjoying some break time, I wanted to share this tutorial with you.... I figured I'd add another trend into the Striped Ombre Clay Pendants I made - and it would let me play with more clay and make more shades and tints (which I love). So v > read more

Favorite July 4th Projects

06/23/2014 19:29:37 PM

I really like patriotic crafts and July 4th is an awesome time to roundup some of my most favorite patriotic, July 4th, flag-centered crafty projects and recipes... check out some of my favorites highlighted here.And the full roundup of more than 50 > read more

My Wreath on Good Housekeeping(.com)!

06/22/2014 12:16:13 PM

I'm SOOOOO excited to tell you guys that my July 4th wreath (the interchangeable one from 2012) is featured on Good Housekeeping's website here. I got an email telling me it was up, I clicked on over, and nearly passed out from shock...I just wanted > read more

Under Construction

06/16/2014 19:20:57 PM

If you're reading this blog in a feed reader, that's a good thing... for now! : )The blog itself is under construction because I'm prettying it all up and it's going to take some time. Normally I like to do more behind the scenes, but I can't do that > read more

Ombre Striped Clay Pendant

06/14/2014 23:52:55 PM

I rediscovered how fun it could be to play with clay around Christmas when I made these ornaments. However, I got pretty excited to clay projects and tutorials and figure out how to make more clay jewelry and I came up with a few of these pendants.Un > read more

Interchangeable Blue and Green Polka Dot Wreath

06/07/2014 22:23:31 PM

....or the second version of the interchangeable wreath polka dot attachment I shared almost a year ago. That one was purple and orange for Clemson and this one is a bit more 'cool colored' because I wanted something summer-y, but I mostly just had t > read more

Why I've Been MIA...

05/31/2014 21:05:36 PM

I think the picture explains it all. Basically, my old laptop finally ground its way to non-functional hard drive and it was time to buy a new one (which renders me terrified and indecisive... and then to making ridiculous spreadsheets by hand to thi > read more

Top 10 Travel Essentials

05/10/2014 14:54:13 PM

I travel a fair amount for my job up here in Maryland and I've learned a lot about what to pack and how to pack and what to leave at home... I saw this > read more

My 2010 Scrapbook {Part 2}

04/27/2014 13:36:11 PM

I shared the start of my 2010 scrapbook - in all of its low budget supplies and quick turnaround time glory - many moons ago and I promised to share the second part. Well, after a delay much too long, here it is! (For a look at the first part, visit > read more

Happy Easter from the Easter Puppies!

04/20/2014 14:57:09 PM

The whole gang wanted to wish you a very happy Easter...Max got pretty into the photo shoot despite early efforts to go to sleep in the sunshine on the porch...With and without the snaggletooth...She really liked the bunny ears (as did Max), no matte > read more

Your Experiments: Alyshia's Bills Tracker

03/23/2014 20:24:45 PM

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these, but they might be my most favorite kind of post... I love seeing someone else make something from what I've posted here or inspired by it. Totally makes my day!I was super-excited to share Alyshia's id > read more

Paint Chip Tray

03/16/2014 19:12:03 PM

After I saw some tutorials where creative bloggers used picture frames to make trays, I wanted to try making my own to corral some stuff around the house. I love paint chips and quick projects that also help me organize so this project was a quick fa > read more

Glitter Ornaments

03/16/2014 15:59:08 PM

I know there are lots of tutorials for sparkly glitter-filled ornaments out there, but I just wanted to share some pics of the ones I made (mostly last year) and that are currently making our tree merry and bright!First, a little reality check here.. > read more

Free Updated Bills Tracker Printable

03/15/2014 17:36:29 PM

Last year, I shared a free printable for how Mr. Crafty Scientist and I track our bills and spending and make sure we're up to date on everything... that printable had "2013" at the top and was only supposed to cover that year so it's time for new ch > read more

Beaded Ombre Necklace

03/09/2014 00:31:33 AM

In my real life, I wear lots and lots of long necklaces. As in, a different one almost every day because I can. I actually made this one because I had lots of green beads that didn't really go together and weren't enough for a necklace by themselves. > read more

Past St. Patrick's Day Crafts

03/01/2014 17:54:53 PM

I love St. Patrick's Day and the color green. I'm not a big drinker, but I just think the whole thing is super-fun and it's one of the holidays that I've actually made some fun stuff for so I thought it was time to review them here, all together in o > read more

Felt Shamrock Pins

02/28/2014 16:23:10 PM

A couple years ago I made the shamrock attachments for my interchangeable wreath and then Mr. Crafty Scientist's mom saw them and thought they'd make for perfect wearable St. Patrick's Day greenery. She wears scrubs to work at the hospital every day > read more

Fave Fonts #2

02/24/2014 18:59:16 PM

I put together some of my favorite fonts a few months ago because I used a lot of them in the Wooden "No Soliciting" Sign and I basically loved looking through my favorite fonts to pick some out to share here (and I made it a category on the blog tha > read more

Fave Fonts: From the No Soliciting Sign

11/10/2013 17:47:36 PM

After I made my "No Soliciting" sign, I realized I was pretty darn pleased with my font selection. I think that if you downloaded the cutting files for the Silhouette to make your own sign, you don't need to have all those same fonts. But I love them > read more

No Soliciting Wooden Sign

11/01/2013 20:40:39 PM

I realize the timing of this post might seem weird, but it makes sense to me because A) we've gotten a LOT of people selling stuff recently and B) this is a quick and easy way to make a sign that you could use for Halloween (witch parking, ring the b > read more

Your Science Experiments: Francie's Scarf Organizer

10/20/2013 20:44:33 PM

In the spirit of sharing projects done long ago, but never posted, I'm sharing a crafty experiment from someone else! Today's awesome project is a scarf organizer that Francie of Escovedo Escapades created and showed off here. > read more

Papercut Honeycomb Art

10/17/2013 16:42:27 PM

I would say that I'm not sure how this little project slipped through the cracks, but then I remember what the last 18+ months have included and I feel a bit better about my craft-project-amnesia.... I'm just glad that the internet still seems to thi > read more

Free Printable Medical Tracker

10/06/2013 21:00:54 PM

I realized recently that I sort of fell off the sharing bandwagon when it came to the organizing printables I made for our house so I figured I'd get back into the swing of things. This printable is something you can fill out and take with you to doc > read more

Painted Vases

09/27/2013 18:07:48 PM

I saw this super-awesome, super-gorgeous gold polka dot vase that Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! made awhile back and I LOVED it (I LOVE everything she makes, but this was obviously one of my faves) and I wanted to try it out and just a few hours of dryin > read more

Crafty Clocks Roundup

09/17/2013 20:54:26 PM

My whole work group/department recently moved office locations... the change has been interesting. Some good, some bad... the upside for me is that I have some new walls to decorate. I just had some personal photos at the old office (and then file ca > read more

Louisiana Postcard Art

08/24/2013 15:43:48 PM

Life has been pretty busy (see my recent Instagram update post here) so I'm sharing a project from the vault. I saw some pretty vintage-y postcards on the trip to New Orleans a million years ago and my sister needed some stuff for her walls at that p > read more

Insta-Travels and Honor

08/23/2013 21:45:52 PM

I love Instagram. I've confessed this before, but it's worth repeating. I've also been traveling recently so I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram pics. > read more

Interchangeable Pinwheel Wreath

08/11/2013 15:29:55 PM

I made another fun attachment for my interchangeable wreath... this time, it's pinwheels in a fun pink, blue, white, and yellow color combo. Sort of summery, lots of fun! You might remember the interchangeable wreath project - I made attachments/p > read more

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