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Microsoft Office Mobile for Nokia Symbian released

04/12/2012 04:42:40 AM

Nokia has announced a final release of Microsoft Office Mobile for the Nokia OS Symbian. The package includes applications such as Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile (other components such as PowerPoint Broadcast, ...

Nokia presented Nokia 808 PureView cameraphone monster

03/02/2012 15:21:12 PM

Despite the fact that Symbian is not favorite child in Nokia family it got excellent present on MWC 2012. The name of the new product based on Symbian is Nokia 808 PureView. This is a best cameraphone ever - it got a camera whose ...

Nokia Belle got new Microsoft Apps

02/27/2012 15:30:15 PM

Microsoft, the best partner of Nokia, feeds Nokia's devices with its mobile apps OneNote, Lync, PowerPoint Broadcast, and Document Connection. This apps targets to Nokia Belle Symbian new version OS. Four Microsoft apps are initially ...

Nokia presented new Lumia 610 WP7 smartphone

02/27/2012 15:29:35 PM

Nokia has announced today at MWC 2012 Lumia 610 a new low cost Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device. New smartphone got only 256 Mb of on-board RAM and built-in 8 Gb flash drive and lack of  MicroSD cards slot. Capacitive display got ...

Nokia 500 Belle firmware appeared

02/15/2012 04:19:53 AM

This site  posted information that Belle firmware update for Nokia 500 is available for download in form of binary image and can be flashed with help of Phoenix flashing software. Belle still isn't available for Nokia 500 via ...

Nokia Belle Update Released For Symbian Phones

02/14/2012 03:45:21 AM

Do you have a Nokia phone with the Symbian^3 OS? Then perhaps it is nice to hear that Nokia Belle update have been released on February 8 to phones with Symbian^3. Nokia Belle is a new major update of Symbian OS since Symbian Anna release. Belle ...

Nokia MWC leaks - Nokia 808, Lumia 610

02/14/2012 01:10:23 AM

Last few days we've heard a lot new numbers from Nokia: 803, Lumia 719, Lumia 730, Lumia 910 and now they added more - 808 and Lumia 610. Two days ago our attention were focused on leak of probably the last Nokia smartphone running Symbian ...

Kik Messenger for Symbian and Win Phone 7 free in Nokia Store

12/06/2011 23:01:03 PM

Today you can download cool messaging app Kik from Nokia Store (Ovi) for free. Kik Messenger is available not only for Nokia Symbian N8, 701, 700, Nokia 603, 500 but for Windows Phone handsets too. This means you cat get it for your new shiny ...

Nokia Store presents free premium apps and games

11/30/2011 23:30:06 PM

The Nokia Store application is currently inviting users to download a number of premium applications or games for free for next 30 days. This is another such event from Nokia Store added to same happened in the past. For different phone model ...

Ovi Store client for Symbian updated

03/10/2011 03:44:56 AM

Nokia sent user emails about Ovi Store servers down this Wednesday because of Nokia Ovi Store client received an update. Still no official update list available, but you can fell that the app is more smooth and quicker in navigating and ac ...

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