How to Eat Carbs for Workouts and Recovery

Carbohydrates seem to be a very misunderstood macronutrient these days. There are some who believe consuming any carbohydrates wil..

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How to Eat Carbs for Workouts and Recovery

07/28/2014 15:24:02 PM

Carbohydrates seem to be a very misunderstood macronutrient these days. There are some who believe consuming any carbohydrates will make you fat and unhealthy, while there are others who consume absolutely enormous amounts of carbohydrates, believing

Gluteus Medius Training Avoids Injuries

07/20/2014 23:52:05 PM

Don't neglect to train the

Standing Hip Abductor Exercise Improves Lateral Speed and Power

07/20/2014 23:50:32 PM

The Standing Hip Abductor Exercise will improve your

Achilles Tendinitis Prevention For Marathoners and Triathletes

07/12/2014 05:46:02 AM

Achilles tendinitis can be a problem for runners of 5Ks, 10Ks, marathons and triathlons. Actually, regular joggers have to be concerned about getting Achilles tendinitis. Here is the anatomy of the heel area:Achilles tendinitis is an inflammation o

How Athlete's Bodyweight Strength Training Powers Explosion

07/05/2014 05:46:59 AM

Build your athletic body with strength and

Weak Core Strength Hinders Speed, Power and Performance

06/18/2014 02:47:23 AM

Powerful athletic movements initiate with or transfer through your

Do Walking Lunges for Strength, Power and Speed

06/07/2014 06:02:12 AM

Use walking lunges as part of your

How to Improve Muscle Activation and Sports Power

05/24/2014 05:25:47 AM

Sports power training teaches you how to activate the right muscles (prime movers and synergists) at the right time. Sports power training also provides you with optimal neuromuscular efficiency.There are five purposes for sports power training:1. Im

Top Explosive Athlete's Training Technique

05/15/2014 05:31:12 AM

Become a more explosive athlete with eccentric contraction strength training. This type of training will improve your strength in a way that will maximize your

Stretch Tight Hip Flexors with External and Internal Hip Rotations

05/13/2014 05:49:45 AM

If you have tight hip flexors, a good dynamic flexibility exercise for you would be hip rotations.See Flexibility and Stretching 101Do external and internal hip rotations every day to improve your speed and athleticism.If your hip flexor muscles are

How Change-of-Direction Speed Improves with Core Strength

05/09/2014 05:27:47 AM

You have to train purposely to improve your change-of-direction speed (quickness and agility).In many instances, quickness is more important than straight ahead speed.

How to Burn Off Fat Cells

05/01/2014 01:50:00 AM

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CESSo here’s the story.The other day we explained

How to Eat Protein for Muscle Building

04/18/2014 17:30:30 PM

By: Brian St. Pierre, CSCS, CISSNIf there is one nutrient that you need to support your training and recovery, protein would be it! All the exercise in the world won’t help you build muscle or get lean if it is not supported with proper nutrition,

Calf Muscles Improve Power and Explosive Speed

03/29/2014 02:49:17 AM

Everybody's looking for NEW ways to improve running speed....sometimes, the simple answer is right there in front of more attention to training your lower legs for strength and power....The lower legs can provide 20% to 25% of the power ne

8 Tips for Athletes to Improve Dynamic Balance

03/15/2014 05:14:25 AM

If you want to be an elite athlete, improve your

Protein Banana Walnut Brownies

02/27/2014 05:32:17 AM

Protein is important to eat with every meal and post-workout to spare muscle mass loss.

Reduce Hip and Low Back Injury Risk with Iron Cross Stretch

02/13/2014 01:24:25 AM

Use the "iron cross" stretch to improve your hip and low back flexiblity and reduce injury risks.With flexible hips and low back, you will be able to move more fluidly as an athlete and your speed will improve.How to Do the Iron Cross Stretch1. Make

How to Build Speed Strength and Power Explosion

02/05/2014 02:57:09 AM

Speed strength is a combination of

Top 10 Super Bowl Team Nicknames

02/02/2014 15:36:43 PM

Just having a little fun.....These are my Top 10 Super Bowl Team Nicknames for all-time.....Check it out (in case you want to workout, download this FREE 10-Minute STRENGTH AND POWER WORKOUT):10.

Improve Baseball Power, Playing Speed, Bat Speed and Arm Speed

01/16/2014 00:48:37 AM

If you want to be a great baseball player, power and speed training is crucial in the offseason.Full Body Power TrainingEvery baseball player wants more power, speed and strength. Not every baseball player is training right for explosive power.

Train Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers for Speed and Explosion

01/04/2014 03:16:26 AM

To improve your speed and explosiveness, train and activate the bulkier fast-twitch muscle fibers often.

How Athletes Can Burn More Body Fat

12/21/2013 05:28:07 AM

As an athlete, you need to burn body fat to improve your performance on the field or court.....Many people are confused about what body mass index (BMI) means as it relates to body fat. Keep in mind that it is just one tool to use when you are lookin

2 Top Kettlebell 5x5 Size and Strength Workouts

12/21/2013 04:38:17 AM

by Mike Mahler, Mahler's Aggressive Strength5x5 training is a standard protocol that has been around for many years. It is also an extremely effective way to pack on size and strength. It was a favorite of legendary bodybuilder Reg Park who just happ

Top Power Running Technique Improves Speed

12/12/2013 04:49:21 AM

Run faster by applying more force to the ground when you run.

Barefoot Style Running Shoes vs. Traditional Trainers

11/29/2013 19:22:55 PM

Ever since the idea of running and training barefoot burst into the running community with the release of Chris McDougall’s best-selling book, Born to Run - which advocated running barefoot after a study of the amazing Tarahumara tribe, a reclusive

5 Tips to Improve Speed with Lower Body Strength and Power

11/28/2013 03:11:39 AM

Lower body strength and power will improve your running speed.

Rate-of-Force Production Powers Athletic Moves

11/23/2013 01:38:13 AM

Rate-of-force production or speed strength is one of the best indicators of whether you will succeed in your sport.

3 Tips to Rehab a Sports Injury

11/14/2013 06:24:06 AM

When you rehabilitate (rehab) a sports injury, you need to be patient. If you take shortcuts or try to speed up the healing process, you will probably end up re-injuring the old injury.I have a client who has struggled with a nagging hip muscle inju

7 Tips for Offseason Speed Training

11/02/2013 02:09:58 AM

Consistent speed training will help you get faster in the offseason. Playing speed is much more than straight-ahead running speed.Rest, active rest and recovery is paramount in the offseason. Recover from or rehabilitate injuries during this period.

Baseball Offseason Strength, Power and Speed Training

11/02/2013 02:01:05 AM

The offseason is the time to make big improvements in baseball strength, power and speed. Hopefully, you are going strong with your offseason baseball training. If you wait until 2-3 weeks before the season starts, it is too late. Many young baseb

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