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E3 2013: Microsoft Turns On Its Customers and Sony's PS4 May Crash the Industry

06/11/2013 02:46:45 AM

There's an electricity in the air.Yes, once again, it's time for the Electronics Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, the big annual video game industry trade show in Los Angeles which we always hear is becoming more irrelevant. And granted, ...

Two Words on Bullying

03/19/2013 00:59:36 AM

Oh hey, it's 2013 now, isn't it? And I haven't posted anything here for you guys since last November. Obama was rightly reelected, of course, but predictably, we've only seen the usual disappointment from the government since. That's a matter ...

Ghost Roast

12/24/2012 07:07:10 AM

November 1st.It's too late for a Halloween story, you realize. It's the day after. It's too late.That's never stopped me before, you realize. If it's one thing Spiral Reverie readers love, it's waiting forever for posts that may or may not be ...

Election 2012: The Wealthy are Not Entitled to Their Delusions

11/06/2012 17:32:21 PM

Here we are at last, Election Day 2012. Four years ago today, we made history by electing Barack Obama to the office of president of the United States. It's been a bumpy four years since. After all, on inauguration day that following January, ...

E3 2012: Nintendo for Wii and U

06/09/2012 09:52:27 AM

It's over. Go home.Hey, you've reached the last of the big E3 blog posts for this year! And this one's the shortest of the bunch! Because I decided to turn a bunch of relevant content into a later blog post for sometime in the coming weeks! ...

E3 2012: Microsoft and Sony Strangled

06/08/2012 20:53:29 PM

More important than things that actually matter.So, I wrote earlier this week about how increasingly apparent it had become that Sony and Microsoft have no business being in the video game industry in the first place. They both went on to hold ...

Pre-E3 2012: Wii Need Nintendo

06/05/2012 09:07:01 AM

No! No no no! Haven't they stopped this nonsense yet?Oh hey there, internet. Guess it's about time I showed up this year, isn't it? I've actually been working on an assortment of posts for your consideration and prompt disposal, but as usual, ...

The Tears of Caga TiĆ³

12/25/2011 09:55:37 AM

Holiday cheer meets confectionery defecation!It is Christmas day now, isn't it? And as usual, I'm exceedingly sleep deprived after staying up all night working on various things. You'll never find a healthier chap.At any rate, though I was tempted ...

The Cruelest Holiday Season

12/24/2011 17:50:05 PM

Oh hey, it's already December. And not only December, but Christmas Eve. An exciting time of the year, if there ever was one. But arguably, all times in any and all years are both exciting and unexciting at once. Depends on where you are, who ...

The House That Murder Built

10/31/2011 12:41:58 PM

Oh, right. Halloween.Once again, I disappeared for over a month and a half. More blog posts are coming, but things are clogged up, and for reasons that are surprisingly reasonable for once. This time, anyway.But hey, I tossed something horribly ...

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