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Fire Alarm: Global Warming and Wildfires

09/19/2012 11:46:48 AM

Fires Increase Due To Global Temperature RiseWhile everybody talks about the threat posed by stronger hurricanes due to global warming (see this earlier post ), the greater danger in the American West is from increased number and severity of ...

What Is The "Greenhouse" Effect?

09/17/2012 11:51:00 AM

This post will help you understandWhy the "greenhouse effect" has to do with gases in the atmosphere,How these "greenhouse gases" in the atmosphere warm the Earth (and what that has to do with things that are "red hot"),What this implies for ...

Do Cow Farts Cause Global Warming?

05/08/2012 11:05:05 AM

Bovine Flatulence--Threat or Menace?Cows can digest things we can't, especially including the cellulose in grass and grain. They do this by maintaining cultures of microorganisms in their complicated series of "stomachs" that can break down ...

Weird Science Words

11/27/2011 16:06:21 PM

Science DictionaryHere are some weird science words. Be careful how you use them.Auscultation—Listening. Especially listening to the sounds of the internal organs, as with a stethoscope.Borborygmus, pl. borborygmi—Rumbling and gurgling noises ...

Periodic Table of Videos

11/11/2011 14:54:50 PM

The Periodic Table of the Elements compresses an amazing amount of information into 118 boxes, one for each chemical element. The most stunning revelation of the table is the regularity of patterns formed by the similar properties of elements ...

Show And Tell--Sharing Science By Video

09/29/2011 15:35:42 PM

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) makes hands-on science available by video. Real scientists demonstrate their experiments on line to accompany their publications. A picture being worth a thousand words, and a video being worth at ...

Probability and Profiling

08/30/2011 18:24:42 PM

The Set-Up: I am going to test your understanding of "probability" and "randomness". For purposes of this demonstration, assume that the person in this picture has been randomly selected from all Americans. This is a picture of a randomly ...

Why Is Urine Yellow?

05/21/2011 07:03:57 AM

What true scientist has not asked, at some time or other, "Why is pee yellow?"Some European alchemists in the middle ages apparently thought one possible reason was that there was gold in urine. This led to fruitless, and possibly quite disgusting, ...

Oil Spill Math: How Much Risk for How Much Oil?

05/14/2011 07:14:05 AM

How much oil has spilled?Big quantities are sometimes hard to grasp. They are outside our everyday experience. When you hear that millions of gallons of crude are spilling in the Gulf, how much is that really? Professor James Corbett of the ...

Plants Unhappy About Global Warming

05/14/2011 07:12:04 AM

Rice field in BangladeshNew science raises serious concerns about the negative impact of global warming on crop yields and plant productivity in general.This could be one of the most severe social and economic effects of climate change. Rice ...

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