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Like The Dead II (Horror/Thriller Short Film - Prologue 2)

05/22/2014 16:47:32 PM

likethedead The second in a quadrilogy of short films telling the tale of a man (Will McCabe) reliving the same day again and ... > read more

Monster In The Car - Horror Short Movie by Matt Abraxs

05/22/2014 16:44:57 PM

An El Duende Production: By Matt Abraxas Starring Matt Armbruster and Zorba Coltrane A Very Short Horror Film made for Film Ri... Source: > read more

FOLLOWER- A Horror Short

05/19/2014 03:56:42 AM

Here is our first of many to come short films. Editor's Comment: I liked this short. The makers did a good job building to the climax. > read more

Cart Slinging Bastard (Short Horror Film)

05/18/2014 06:39:49 AM

"Throughout the ages, many ground-breaking horror films diverged from independent short films, and what you're lookin' at now, is the next big thing in the h... > read more


05/17/2014 19:21:11 PM

A normal ghost hunting trip turns into a horror movie for three young guys. We recommend listening with Headphones or good quality speakers for maximum enter... Share this video with your social network > read more

Povesti horror in Shadows Shorts | Horror stories in Shadows Shorts

05/17/2014 19:18:15 PM

Share this video with your social network This clearly was a trailer to what appears to be a very scary movie. > read more

'NIMA' Part I (Horror Short Film)

05/17/2014 18:56:50 PM

The first of a series of short films intended to make the wait for 'Jonathan' more pleasant and exciting! More info about SCR's upcoming horror short: http:/... > read more

Followed Me Home - A Short Horror Movie

05/17/2014 18:53:58 PM

Lurking in the shadows, a menacing ghost follows a man on his way back home. Strange occurrences take place & the ghost will not be sated - until it gets wha... Short Film > read more

MONSTER (Horror Comedy Short Film)

05/16/2014 06:19:03 AM

There is my second short film made completely alone (Film, act, and edit). It took me around 1 hour to film. Sorry for bad quality, I filmed it in the dark :... This young film maker has potential. He not only filmed the movie and stared in but also > read more

Caller -Short Horror Film

05/16/2014 05:21:40 AM

Should you answer? Sometimes it's best just to let voicemail take the call. Written and Directed by Michael McKenzie. Starring Austin Bauer and Justin Joerge... Share this video with your social network > read more

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