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Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Warp-Up, 7/29/2016"

07/29/2016 00:37:43 AM

"Weekly News Warp-Up, 7/29/2016"By Greg Hunter’s"It’s now been totally exposed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rigged the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. This is a turning point that says no way Clinton can be elected > read more

“Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack”

07/28/2016 19:52:06 PM

“Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack”What Robby Mook did is pure McCarthyism.By Austin Bay"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"* > read more

Musical Interlude: Tron Syversen, “Moonlight Reflections”

07/28/2016 19:44:07 PM

Tron Syversen, “Moonlight Reflections”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/28/2016 19:41:54 PM

“The dark Horsehead Nebula and the glowing Orion Nebula are contrasting cosmic vistas. Adrift 1,500 light-years away in one of the night sky's most recognizable constellations, they appear in opposite corners of the above stunning mosaic. > read more

Chet Raymo, “We Are Such Stuff...”

07/28/2016 19:40:57 PM

“We Are Such Stuff...”by Chet Raymo“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not.Sometimes a thousand twangling instrumentsWill hum about mine ears, and sometimes voices,That, if I then had wa > read more

The Poet: Galway Kinnell, "Another Night in the Ruins"

07/28/2016 19:39:34 PM

"Another Night in the Ruins""How many nights must it takeone such as me to learnthat we aren't, after all, madefrom that bird that flies out of its ashes,that for usas we go up in flames,our one work isto open ourselves, > read more

"Noticing Synchronicity: Interconnected Experiences"

07/28/2016 19:26:47 PM

"Noticing Synchronicity: Interconnected Experiences"by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM"Things happen in our lives for a reason, even if that reason is not clear to you right away. When events appear to fit together perfectly in our lives it may seem at f > read more

"Hillary Says 'F You' Again"

07/28/2016 17:17:25 PM

"Hillary Says 'F You' Again"by Michael Covel"Are you “Ready for Hillary”? It doesn’t matter. She’s in charge. You, the proletariat, have no choice. That also means the Democratic primary voters have no choice either. The empty pantsuit always > read more

"Truly A Ride..."; "Time, Life, and the Roller Coaster"

07/28/2016 16:37:03 PM

"Life is truly a ride. We're all strapped in and no one can stop it. When the doctor slaps your behind, he's ripping your ticket and away you go. As you make each passage from youth to adulthood to maturity, sometimes you put your arms up and scream, > read more

Midday Musical Interlude: Simon & Garfunkel, “The Boxer”

07/28/2016 16:21:00 PM

Simon & Garfunkel, “The Boxer”- > read more

“Deutsche Bank Announces 98% DROP in Profits; Stock Dives 5% Today- Failure Deemed Imminent"

07/27/2016 21:44:43 PM

“Deutsche Bank Announces 98% DROP in Profits; Stock Dives 5% Today- > read more

"Wikileaks Releases Hacked DNC Voicemails"

07/27/2016 19:37:56 PM

"Wikileaks Releases Hacked DNC Voicemails""On the third day of the Democratic National Convention, when President Barack Obama and vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine are scheduled to speak, WIkileaks has released hacked voicemails from top Democrati > read more

Musical Interlude: Ludovico Einaudi, "Elegy for the Arctic"

07/27/2016 19:12:33 PM

Ludovico Einaudi, "Elegy for the Arctic"- > read more

The Economy: “The Bloodsuckers Are Coming for Your Cash”

07/27/2016 19:04:13 PM

“The Bloodsuckers Are Coming for Your Cash”by Michael Covel"In April, I warned my Trend Following subscribers this might happen… And now it’s getting closer by the hour. A monetary “Frankenstein” birthed by central bankers has broken free > read more

"Doug Casey On President Hillary Clinton, World War III, & The Deep State"

07/27/2016 18:54:28 PM

"Doug Casey On President Hillary Clinton, World War III, & The Deep State"by Nick Giambruno"Will Hillary Clinton win in November and ensure the Deep State stays in control? I recently sat down with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to discuss this. D > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/27/2016 18:19:30 PM

“M13 is one of the most prominent and best known globular clusters. Visible with binoculars in the constellation of Hercules, M13 is frequently one of the first objects found by curious sky gazers seeking celestials wonders beyond normal human visi > read more

The Poet: Ina D. Ogdon, "Brighten The Corner Where You Are"

07/27/2016 15:58:41 PM

"All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined- those dead, those living, those generations yet to come that the fate of all is the fate of each, and the hope of humanity rests in every heart and in every pair of hands. Therefore, after > read more

Chet Raymo, “Moments of Being”

07/27/2016 15:57:02 PM

“Moments of Being”by Chet Raymo“A passage from the "Pensees" of Teilhard de Chardin: "Though the phenomena of the lower world remain the same- the material determinisms, the vicissitudes of chance, the laws of labor, the agitations of men, the > read more

"A Tiny Ripple Of Hope..."

07/27/2016 15:55:44 PM

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. > read more

"Vulcan Guiding Principles"

07/27/2016 15:53:45 PM

"Vulcan Guiding Principles"By Moon"Ideally, do no harm. Harm speeds up the heat-death of the Universe, and indirectly, your own. > read more

The Economy: Greg Hunter, "Gregory Mannarino- We Are Existing in Fantasy Land"

07/27/2016 00:30:29 AM

"Gregory Mannarino- We Are Existing in Fantasy Land"By Greg Hunter’s > read more

“Top 5 Criminal Lies by Hillary Clinton In Two Minutes”

07/26/2016 23:36:06 PM

“Top 5 Criminal Lies by Hillary Clinton In Two Minutes”"War Crimes trump, so to speak, her obvious federal felony violations of operating a private government through her personal e-mail while Secretary of State. She lies continuously about these > read more

Musical Interlude: Kevin Kern, “Another Realm”

07/26/2016 22:03:59 PM

Kevin Kern, “Another Realm” > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/26/2016 22:01:56 PM

“It looks like a lunar landscape but this remarkable photograph actually shows our Milky Way and the planet Jupiter in all their glory - viewed from a cave in America's Utah desert. The spiral galaxy, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, was ca > read more

"A Dent In The Universe..."

07/26/2016 22:00:21 PM

"Listen to me. We're here to make a dent in the universe.Otherwise why even be here?"- Steve Jobs > read more

The Universe

07/26/2016 21:58:39 PM

“It's no accident that when you look closely into the eyes of another, the very first thing you see, is yourself. That when you hold their hand, you can feel your own warmth. And that when you give of yourself, you give to yourself. Because, quite > read more

"Alive in Joy: Dispelling Drama"

07/26/2016 21:57:01 PM

"Alive in Joy: Dispelling Drama"by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM"Some people are so used to creating drama that a peaceful existence seems uncomfortable for them. There are scores of people in the world who seem to be magnets for calamity. They live th > read more

Chet Raymo, “Try To Remember…”

07/26/2016 21:54:17 PM

“Try To Remember…”by Chet Raymo“In a sleepless hour of the night, I was trying to remember the last name of a person I have known well for more than forty years. When my spouse stirred in her sleep, I asked her. She couldn't remember either. > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/26/2016 21:08:57 PM

Marlow, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by. > read more

"Don't Explain..."

07/26/2016 21:07:31 PM

> read more

“Trump Overtakes Clinton For First Time In CNN Poll”

07/26/2016 00:10:04 AM

“Trump Overtakes Clinton For First Time In CNN Poll”A whopping 68% of Americans now saying > read more

Musical Interlude: Vangelis, “Hymn”

07/25/2016 22:50:12 PM

Vangelis, “Hymn”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/25/2016 22:45:06 PM

“Far beyond the local group of galaxies lies NGC 3621, some 22 million light-years away. Found in the multi-headed southern constellation Hydra, the winding spiral arms of this gorgeous island universe are loaded with luminous young star clusters a > read more

"Don't Wonder..."

07/25/2016 22:44:14 PM

"Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't.In the face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant,wonder what the hell it is that makes us hold it together."- "Grey's Anatomy" > read more

Paulo Coelho, “The Mystery of Discovery”

07/25/2016 22:42:52 PM

“The Mystery of Discovery”by Paulo Coelho“Tonight, before leaving, I’m going to spend time sorting through the pile of things I never had the patience to put in order. > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/25/2016 22:39:19 PM

Grass Valley, California, USA. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

The Poet: David Whyte"In the Beginning"

07/25/2016 22:37:56 PM

"In the Beginning""Sometimes simplicity riseslike a blossom of firefrom the white silk of your own skin.You were there in the beginningyou heard the story, you heard the mercilessand tender words telling you where you had to go.Exile is never easy an > read more

"The Most Beautiful People..."

07/25/2016 22:36:26 PM

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. > read more

"A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness"

07/25/2016 22:34:39 PM

"A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness" > read more

"Regret: The Weight of the Past"

07/25/2016 22:33:24 PM

"Regret: The Weight of the Past"by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM"Holding onto regret is like dragging the weight of the past with us everywhere we go. Holding onto regret is like dragging the weight of the past with us everywhere we go. It drains our e > read more

The Economy: "Derivatives Contracts "Not worth the paper they're written on" as Struggling Deutsche Bank Closes Nearly 200 Branches"

07/24/2016 23:37:34 PM

"Derivatives Contracts "Not worth the paper they're written on" > read more

Musical Interlude: Deuter, “Black Velvet Flirt”

07/24/2016 23:35:16 PM

Deuter, “Black Velvet Flirt”- > read more

"Clinton Cash" Documentary FREE Online

07/24/2016 19:27:25 PM

"'Clinton Cash', is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.” 'Clinton Cash' investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being > read more

“DNC Emails Don’t ‘Suggest’ Conspiracy Against Sanders, They PROVE It”

07/24/2016 19:15:03 PM

“DNC Emails Don’t ‘Suggest’ Conspiracy Against Sanders, They PROVE It”by Caitlin Johnstone"Reddit user noSine summed it up perfectly in a top post on the subreddit SandersForPresident today: “I’ve been seeing the word ‘suggest’ in h > read more

Musical Interlude: Moody Blues, “The Voice”

07/24/2016 19:05:48 PM

Moody Blues, “The Voice”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/24/2016 18:55:01 PM

“This intriguing trio of galaxies is sometimes called the Draco Group, located in the northern constellation of (you guessed it) Draco. From left to right are edge-on spiral NGC 5981, elliptical galaxy NGC 5982, and face-on spiral NGC 5985- all wit > read more

Chet Raymo, “Retirement”

07/24/2016 18:51:52 PM

> read more

"The Democrat's Nomination Process Was A Corrupt, Rigged Lie"

07/24/2016 18:16:59 PM

"The DNC Will Die Immediately Unless It Apologizes-The Democrat's Nomination Process Was A Corrupt, Rigged Lie"by Caitlin Johnstone"The jaw-dropping emails leaked from the DNC showing blatant, relentless, and unmitigated collusion against one of thei > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/24/2016 18:09:14 PM

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

Bertrand Russell, "Three Passions"

07/24/2016 18:08:14 PM

"Three Passions" > read more

"Clinton Cash" - Official Movie Premiere Online Free

07/24/2016 00:47:12 AM

Update, 10:30 PM: This video has been changed from free online back to paid only. My apologies for any inconvenience. > read more

Musical Interlude: The Moody Blues, “Your Wildest Dreams”

07/24/2016 00:23:32 AM

The Moody Blues, “Your Wildest Dreams”- > read more

“Good as Goldman: Hillary and Wall Street”

07/23/2016 22:35:24 PM

“Good as Goldman: Hillary and Wall Street”by Jeffrey St. Clair“Nothing seems to rattle Hillary Clinton quite so much as pointed questions about her personal finances. How much she’s made. How she made it. Where it all came from. From her mira > read more

Musical Interlude: Medwyn Goodall, "Invocation, Part 3"

07/23/2016 18:21:45 PM

Medwyn Goodall, "Invocation, Part 3" > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/23/2016 17:26:20 PM

“Have you ever seen the Pleiades star cluster? Even if you have, you probably have never seen it like this: all dusty. Perhaps the most famous star cluster on the sky, the bright stars of the Pleiades can be seen without binoculars from even the de > read more

“Hillary Clinton Has Seizure/Convulsions?”

07/23/2016 17:00:26 PM

“Hillary Clinton Has Seizure/Convulsions?”by DaPhoneyRapperz"This recent video showing a seizure type episode suffered by Hillary Clinton adds to the reoccurring questions about the overall health of the Democratic Party's nominee. This took plac > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/23/2016 14:39:25 PM

Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

"In Magic- And In Life- Time..."

07/23/2016 14:34:33 PM

"In magic- and in life- there is only the present moment, the now. You can't measure time the way you measure the distance between two points. 'Time' doesn't pass. We human beings have enormous difficulty in focusing on the present; we're always thin > read more

The Poet: Pablo Neruda, “Still Another Day”

07/23/2016 14:24:42 PM

“Still Another Day”“The days aren't discarded or collected, they are beesthat burned with sweetness or maddenedthe sting: the struggle continues,the journeys go and come between honey and pain.No, the net of the years doesn't unweave: there is > read more

Fukushima Update: Your Radiation This Week, July 2, to July 16, 2016"

07/23/2016 14:01:48 PM

Publishing change: Due to Bob Nichol's other commitments these updates will now be delivered every two weeks instead of weekly. The next new update will be on July 30. This most recent update is posted to keep you as informed as possible. The radiati > read more

"The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, a Physicist At CERN Before He Committed Suicide"

07/22/2016 21:59:39 PM

"The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, > read more

Musical Interlude: 2002, “An Ocean Apart”

07/22/2016 19:33:22 PM

2002, “An Ocean Apart”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/22/2016 18:54:55 PM

“Some 4 billion light-years away, galaxies of massive Abell S1063 cluster near the center of this sharp Hubble Space Telescope snapshot. But the fainter bluish arcs are magnified images of galaxies that lie far beyond Abell S1063. About twice as di > read more

Chet Raymo, “A Life Sentence”

07/22/2016 18:51:14 PM

“A Life Sentence”by Chet Raymo“’We each only really speak one sentence in our lifetime. That sentence begins with your first words, toddling around the kitchen, and ends with your last words… in a nursing home, the night-duty attendant vagu > read more

"Three Things..."

07/22/2016 18:43:57 PM

“To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have y > read more

Kurt Vonnegut, "The Last Rites of the Bokononist Faith"

07/22/2016 18:39:57 PM

"The Last Rites of the Bokononist Faith""God made mud.God got lonesome.So God said to some of the mud, "Sit up!""See all I've made," said God, "the hills, the sea, the sky, the stars."And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around.Lucky > read more


07/22/2016 18:34:08 PM

"Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes to simply be a human. Maybe, we're th > read more

"Surely, You Did Something..."

07/22/2016 15:33:54 PM

"It's 3:23 A.M.And I'm awake because my great great grandchildren won't let me sleep.They ask me in dreams,'What did you do while the planet was plundered?What did you do when the earth was unraveling?Surely you did something when the seasons started > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/22/2016 14:54:23 PM

El Paso, Texas, USA. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

The Poet: John Clare, “I Am”

07/22/2016 14:47:47 PM

“I Am”"I am— yet what I am none cares or knows;My friends forsake me like a memory lost:I am the self-consumer of my woes—They rise and vanish in oblivious host,Like shadows in love’s frenzied stifled throes;And yet I am, and live— like v > read more

Greg Hunter, “Weekly News Wrap-Up 7/22/2016”

07/22/2016 00:10:39 AM

> read more

Musical Interlude: Bob Seger, “Turn the Page”

07/21/2016 23:04:31 PM

Bob Seger, “Turn the Page”- > read more

Musical Interlude: Simon & Garfunkel, “American Tune”

07/21/2016 20:44:21 PM

Simon & Garfunkel, “American Tune”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/21/2016 20:12:33 PM

“Is this what our own Milky Way Galaxy looks like from far away? Similar in size and grand design to our home Galaxy (although without the central bar), spiral galaxy NGC 3370 lies about 100 million light-years away toward the constellation of the > read more


07/21/2016 20:05:57 PM

"It's extraordinary how we go through life with eyes half shut, with dull ears, withdormant thoughts. Perhaps it's just as well; and it may be that it is this very > read more

Chet Raymo, “tl;dr”

07/21/2016 19:25:26 PM

“tl;dr”by Chet Raymo“When I was invited to write a weekly column for the Boston Globe (the original Science Musings) those many years ago, I thought it took at least a thousand words to say anything that anyone would want to read. A gripping le > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/21/2016 19:18:48 PM

Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

“The Valley of Despair: Seeds of Light”

07/21/2016 19:17:57 PM

“The Valley of Despair: Seeds of Light”by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM“Even in our darkest times, there are seeds of light within ourselves, we need only call them forward. Anyone who has walked through the valley of despair and come out the oth > read more

"We Say..."

07/21/2016 19:16:46 PM

"We say to the confused, 'Know thyself,' as if knowing yourself was not the fifth and most difficult of human arithmetical operations. We say to the apathetic, 'Where there's a will, there's a way,' as if the brute realities of the world did not amus > read more

"The Difference Between Stress And Burnout"

07/21/2016 19:04:52 PM

"The Difference Between Stress And Burnout"by Kari Henley"Clearly the stress barometer in our country, and around the world, is escalating. The reaction to the recession has moved from shock and fear, into anger and rage. The high hopes of "Yes We Ca > read more

Musical Interlude: The Moody Blues, “English Sunset”

07/20/2016 22:02:48 PM

The Moody Blues, “English Sunset”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/20/2016 17:50:06 PM

"Lapping at rocks along the shore of the Island of Nangan, Taiwan, planet Earth, waves are infused with a subtle blue light in this sea and night skyscape. Composed of a series of long exposures made on April 16 the image captures the faint glow from > read more

"Humanity's Brotherhood Of Misery..."

07/20/2016 17:46:02 PM

"Life is messy. It's not easy and it's definitely not for the timid. Everyone has a past. Things that stab them right between the eyes. Old grudges. Old shame. Regrets that steal your sleep and leave you awake until you fear for your own sanity. Betr > read more

Chet Raymo, “Work of the Heart”

07/20/2016 17:43:25 PM

“Work of the Heart”by Chet Raymo“In 1914, at age 39, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke had a substantial body of published work behind him. "Work of sight is achieved," he wrote; "now for some heart work." That's more or less what I have been doing o > read more

"Let Go and Let Flow: Taking a Leap of Faith"

07/20/2016 17:29:21 PM

"Let Go and Let Flow: Taking a Leap of Faith"by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOm"When you make a leap of faith you can accomplish almost anything you set out to do. Many people, in heeding the guidance of their souls, find themselves contemplating goals t > read more

"All That Is Life..."

07/20/2016 17:26:57 PM

Click image for larger size."You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and suffer and understand, for > read more

The Poet: Mary Oliver, "Flare, Part 12"

07/20/2016 17:24:40 PM

> read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/20/2016 17:20:29 PM

Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

"Or So One Thought..."

07/20/2016 16:52:54 PM

"Life is hell, but at least there are prizes. Or so one thought."- Janet Frame > read more

"50,000 ‘Freedom Bombs’: “War Really is a Racket”

07/20/2016 16:39:28 PM

"50,000 ‘Freedom Bombs’: “War Really is a Racket”by Chris Campbell"While the media continues to play the hypnotic harp, strumming the hive’s emotions to feel, once more, the rush of moral high-ground about scripted speeches made by scripted > read more

Musical Interlude: Ludovico Einaudi, “Four Dimensions”

07/19/2016 19:11:21 PM

Ludovico Einaudi, “Four Dimensions”- > read more

"A Look to the Heavens"

07/19/2016 19:05:58 PM

"What makes this spiral galaxy so long? Measuring over 700,000 light years across from top to bottom, NGC 6872, also known as the Condor galaxy, is one of the most elongated barred spiral galaxies known. The galaxy's protracted shape likely results f > read more

Chet Raymo, “Nuclear Landscapes”

07/19/2016 19:01:46 PM

“Nuclear Landscapes” > read more

The Poet: John O’Donohue, “For The Time Of Necessary Decision”

07/19/2016 18:59:40 PM

“For The Time Of Necessary Decision”“The mind of time is hard to read.We can never predict what it will bring,Nor even from all that is already goneCan we say what form it finally takes;For time gathers its moments secretly.Often we only know i > read more

Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet- On Pain"

07/19/2016 18:57:57 PM

"The Prophet- On Pain""Your pain is the breaking of the shellthat encloses your understanding.Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that itsheart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.And could you keep your heart in wonderat the daily mir > read more

The Daily "Near You?"

07/19/2016 18:41:22 PM

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Thanks for stopping by! > read more

The Economy: "Markets and Black Swans"

07/19/2016 18:28:27 PM

"Warning: 'Black Swan' Spotted"by Brian Maher"God doesn’t play dice with the universe, Einstein famously opined. But does He play dice with the stock market?It’s Monday, Oct. 19, 1987 — “Black Monday.” The stock market plunged a nightmare 2 > read more

“Willingness to Feel: Opening to Understanding”

07/19/2016 14:03:25 PM

“Willingness to Feel: Opening to Understanding”by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM“When we are resisting something based on a limited understanding, we must then open ourselves to willingness. There are times when we may find ourselves struggling or > read more

"Never Get Busted: Ex-Cop Reveals How Cops Know You’re Lying"

07/19/2016 13:54:59 PM

"Never Get Busted: Ex-Cop Reveals How Cops Know You’re Lying"by Chris Campbell"I have absolutely nothing against the police and, for that matter, honest police work. There are just as many, if not more, good people in blue suits (and even jackboots > read more

"How It Really Is"

07/19/2016 13:32:04 PM

> read more

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