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Colonized bacteria, found in a bucket of organic hazelnut butter, obviously #crosscontaminated #foodsafety #haacp #macro

11/13/2015 21:12:55 PM

Colonized bacteria, found in a bucket of organic hazelnut butter, obviously #crosscontaminated #foodsafety #haacp #macro #foodviaRenCulinaire on Instagram > read more

Special Dinner Plans? Are You Lash Challenged? Do You Hate Falsies?

07/15/2015 23:26:03 PM

I am a dabbler, not really someone beauty indulged, or even an enabler for that matter. As time goes on, and occasions arise that require a gal to transform, needs change to something usually thought of as a splurge or non-necessity. I hate using glu > read more

Culinary Ninja Skills: Create Your Contingency Plan

06/30/2015 19:05:28 PM

Are you a floater? By that I mean do you go through the motions, > read more

My $703.00 deli sandwich! #operatorerror #alwayscheckyourpurchases #safeway

06/19/2015 03:18:12 AM

My $703.00 deli sandwich! #operatorerror #alwayscheckyourpurchases #food #safewayviaRenCulinaire on Instagram > read more

M&Ms Custom Printing, Colors for Any Event

07/22/2012 04:02:18 AM

Chocolate in bar form, from it's humble production years at the turn of the century, has gone hand-in-hand with military rations throughout history. From the America's first World WarW , when soldiers were given chocolate bars in abundance, as a c > read more

Country Does Urban: Does Your Grass Bring Eggs to The Yard?

07/22/2012 01:49:08 AM

These days the > read more

How sweet it is: The Skinny on Low Glycemic Sweeteners

07/14/2012 18:09:52 PM

The market for alternative sweeteners has started blossoming into quite the selection - no longer are consumers tied down to shopping at obscure health food stores or sending away bulk orders to specialty shops to find alternative ingredients, now s > read more

Curb Your Cravings - Not Your Enthusiasm

07/14/2012 18:08:14 PM

January is the month of revival, whispers all around of a better year - aspirations held for those resolutions you have either penned to paper, or kept quietly in your thoughts. According to data published from various studies published throughou > read more

Recipe: Fresh Fruit Napoleons with Blackberry Curd

07/02/2012 20:18:57 PM

I did these blackberry curd & fresh fruit napoleons a while back for restaurant baking. I wished I would've had time to get better pictures. This recipe is more suited for summer, but when winter rolls around, and the holidays have > read more

Spa Pampering at Home Using Food Based Ingredients

06/19/2012 01:03:50 AM

The daily grind. Whether you are a high powered executive or working a minimum wage job, or stay at home parent - everyone has their stressors. Factoring in lack of sleep, deadlines and financial woes can make for one un-happy, sleep deprived camper. > read more

Food Photography #2: Three Flavors of Light

06/15/2012 06:57:01 AM

Today, let's take a look at some of the different flavors of basic lighting: > read more

Food Photography #1: Creating texture & depth

11/28/2011 16:50:02 PM

Hello all, my name is Lee and I am honored to guest-post tips on food photography for Renaissance Culinaire. We are going to try to make this a monthly feature, so send us feedback with questions or suggestions on what we should photograph next!Avo-T > read more

Family Stroll and Tow: When Eating Out Requires Tools

03/19/2011 14:01:44 PM

Imagine yourself on a crisp winter day - the sun streams through the half sleeping trees bathing everything above earth in a golden, unearthly webbing of light. The air is alive with a slight chill, but the sun warms where it's beams have haphazardly > read more

Suffering From An Irrational Fear of Cooking?

12/21/2010 13:38:08 PM

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from CPD (Culinary Performance Dysfunction)? What is CPD? It is the aversion to cooking, in a kitchen, anything besides microwave burritos or jarred spaghetti. Photo > read more

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