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Perfect Food Fix During A School Reunion Party

08/31/2015 01:31:20 AM

What would you do if your childhood friends decide to have a school reunion at your home? Can you even think of saying no to them? That too when you share picture of every recipe that your wife cooks with them? > read more

Puli Inji Onam Special

08/28/2015 12:17:53 PM

Today is Onam and it was on my mind to share with you all some authentic Kerala recipes. I know I am a bit late in sharing this, but it's better to be late than never :) Onam is celebrated in the Malyalam month of Chingam and marks the commemoration > read more

Rava Fried Plantain | Kelyachyo Fodi | Pan Fried Raw Banana

08/26/2015 10:19:28 AM

In Goa, we make different types of "fodi" or rava fried vegetables. These are a perfect replacement to fish on our veg days, like Mondays and Thursdays. The rava friend plantain recipe shared here today is a traditional Konkani recipe and I am sure e > read more

Silk Road Vegetarian - A Book Review

08/23/2015 20:30:00 PM

Every food blogger loves cookbooks. My love for cookbooks started even before I learnt to cook. My Mom used to get some cookbooks and I used to secretly read them. That was when I started collecting different cookbooks. I have my Mom's Marathi cookbo > read more

MasterChef George Calombaris Visits Bengaluru

08/18/2015 20:30:01 PM

On 14th August, I was invited for an exclusive tasting session at JW Marriott with The Celebrity Chef George Calombaris, Judge of > read more

Pesto Pasta With Mushrooms And Cherry Tomatoes

08/17/2015 10:42:48 AM

I had always loved Italian cuisine. I tried several types of Italian dishes at home. One of the favorite dish that I try at home is the Pasta. It is a real time saver specially on those days when I return back tired from office. Whipping up pasta and > read more

ASUS Divas Meet At Bangalore

08/16/2015 13:37:02 PM

On 13th August 2015, I was invited to attend the ASUS Divas Meet at Taj Vivanta, M.G.Road.The meet was held at the banquet hall at Taj Vivanta. It was a meet only for the Divas i.e. ladies. When we reached the venue, we were greeted with smile by the > read more

Shark Masala | Goan Shark Curry | Mori Mutton

08/12/2015 21:51:52 PM

Whenever my in laws visited us in Bangalore, my father in law used to get variety of fish and ask my mom in law to prepare different dishes for us. He used to think that we don't know to prepare fish here. Yes, during the initial days, I did not know > read more

Eggless Dates Cake

08/09/2015 09:32:43 AM

Today I wanna share a cake recipe with you all. It's a Dates cake and it's eggless too. This recipe has been shared by my daughters friends Mom with me via whatsapp. It's fun to exchange recipes with Mom's. When I sent her the picture of the baked ca > read more

Sprouts Salad | Sprouted Moong Salad

08/04/2015 21:30:01 PM

After my recipe of Sprouted Green Gram Stir Fry With Cherry Tomatoes was selected among the top 5 best recipes in India by Chef. Pranav Joshi at the Fortune Health Bites Contest, I got motivated to try a lot of new recipes with sprouts. The healthy s > read more

Kudla, International Airport, Bangalore - A Restaurant Review

07/31/2015 21:30:00 PM

This weekend my hubby decided to give us a surprise. He told us to get ready early morning and took us for a long drive. Half the way through the journey he disclosed that we are going to Nandi Hills to enjoy the sunrise and to show some monkeys and > read more

KFC Kitchen Tours - A Little More About The KFC Kitchen

07/26/2015 04:39:00 AM

I was invited for a KFC Kitchen Tour at Meu Square, Bannerghatta Road along with few more food bloggers to meet the Chef's there and to see what it takes to get that fingerlickin good food. It was a long drive from Whitefield to Bannerghatta and we w > read more

Crabs Masala | Goan Crab Curry | Crab Tonak

07/22/2015 23:02:28 PM

"Kulyachem Tonak" or Crab Curry is a delicacy in Goan homes. Many people asked me for the recipe of authentic Goan Crab Masala, so I thought I should share this with you all. This is a spicy gravy with coconut and crabs. The more you cook crabs in th > read more

Buddy Parenting For A Special Childhood - Khuljaye Bachpan

07/18/2015 06:06:29 AM

Mommy, why are our eyes black and white, not yellow and pink?Mommy, Why do clouds float in air?Mommy, Why does the sun set?Mommy, Why should we sleep with eyes closed?All these and a lot more are the questions asked by my little 6 year old and at tim > read more

Hungry Bells App Review

07/18/2015 05:43:35 AM

The first thing that strikes you about the Hungry Bells mobile app is that it isn’t your average foodordering app. It’s a whole lot better, and a whole lot simpler. It’s this simplicity that helps the app > read more

Moringa Leaves Stir Fry With Jackfruit Seeds | Drumstick Leaves Subzi

07/17/2015 10:47:42 AM

Moringa leaves or drumstick leaves are an extremely rich source of anti-oxidants and are extremely good for health. People in India make lots of dishes with Moringa leaves. > read more

Eastern Masala Blends And Ready To Cook Pouches - A Review

07/12/2015 10:52:02 AM

I love cooking and experimenting in my kitchen. Whenever I find a new product in market, I just grab it and try to make some nice dishes with it. Mostly I buy condiments and spices on my own and sometimes I get them for reviews too. I received some m > read more

Dabur Honey Diet Blogger Meet By Indiblogger

07/10/2015 14:15:54 PM

I was one among the lucky 150 bloggers who got a chance to attend the Dabur honey Indiblogger meet at Zuri Hotel, Whitefield Bangalore on 4th of July 2015. When Rumana agreed to join me to the venue I felt good. After being stuck in traffic for nearl > read more

MK Dabbawala App By Mast Kalandar

07/09/2015 01:10:05 AM

To all my friends who have an android phone, here is a good news for you. The popular North Indian chain of restaurants Mast Kalandar has launched an app called MK Dabbawala.The best thing about this app is that they have daily changing menus with fr > read more

Above Ground Level Lounges At Kempegouda International Airport (KIAL), Bengaluru

07/04/2015 06:37:45 AM

Last weekend I had to visit Pune, my native place. I was at the Kempegouda International Airport by 5.00 PM and my flight to Pune was scheduled to depart at 7.00 PM. But it got delayed due to the bad whether and I had to wait at the airport. I decide > read more

Sweet Vermicelli Upma | Vermicelli Sheera

07/01/2015 09:47:02 AM

Today I made Sweet Vermicelli Upma or Vermicelli Sheera and surprised my hubby. Having chapatis and mango jam for breakfast everyday had turned boring. My kid still loves the mango jam that I did and love to give it to her as it's homemade and health > read more

Jamva Chaloji - Parsi Cuisine At Movenpick Hotel And Spa, Bangalore

06/28/2015 03:44:46 AM

I was invited for tasting the Parsi food at My Place, Movenpick Hotel and Spa last Saturday by Chef Rayomund Pardiwalla. He has selected a few of his grandmother's secret recipes for this event. I had never tasted Parsi food before and was excited to > read more

Ambi Pur Air Effects A Great Boon In My Kitchen- A Product Review

06/27/2015 06:11:34 AM

Today I want to introduce you all to Ambi Pur Air Effects air freshener. I have received this product from BlogAdda for a review. After receiving this product I felt that I should have had bought this product long back when it got launched in the mar > read more

Chefs Basket Explorer Pasta - A Product Review

06/24/2015 21:30:00 PM

Do you like pasta? Or do you love pasta? I know many people love pasta. I totally love pasta. Weekly once I prepare pasta at home. It is perfect either for snacks or for dinner. I love to load my pasta with cheese and totally enjoy the taste. I am th > read more

K25 Karavalli Classics At The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore

06/22/2015 13:43:46 PM

I > read more

Bakasur, Whitefield - A Restaurant Review

06/18/2015 12:33:47 PM

Last weekend I was feeling too lazy to cook something. So we decided to go out for dinner. My hubby did not want to drive too far and suggested that we go to a place close to our house. I logged in to and searched for a restaurant in Whitef > read more

Chicken Chettinad

06/15/2015 06:36:02 AM

Chicken Chettinad is chunks of chicken marinated with turmeric powder, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, spice powders and curd and is then mixed into a fiery curry made up of onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste and curry leaves in a rich combination of > read more

Top 5 Restaurants To Order Chinese Online In Singapore

06/09/2015 21:30:01 PM

Chinese food is trendsetter in every possible region listed at map. I don’t think that there is any place in world where you cannot find Chinese food. Moreover Chinese food is consumed with profuse amount of joy by people of all age groups. All I m > read more

Health Benefits of Honey & Cinnamon

06/07/2015 20:30:00 PM

> read more

Mackerel Recheado - Stuffed Mackerels | Goan Recipe

06/01/2015 21:30:00 PM

After Grilled Recheado Prawns, it is Recheado Mackerel. This is another authentic Goan dish and is a favorite at home. If you are in Goa, do not miss eating this dish in restaurants. It is just awesome and delicious. Believe me. I just love this dish > read more

Kurkure Bhendi | Crispy Ladyfingers Fritters

05/24/2015 21:30:01 PM

In my office foodcourt we have "Lunch At Home" food counter which serves us with delicious Andhra styled meals. They also serve these Kurkure Bhendi and these are our favorite. I only go to this food counter to eat these crispy bhendi and other delic > read more

Grilled Prawns In Recheado Masala

05/21/2015 21:30:00 PM

It was just a regular weekend. As usual hubby went to the local mall to get fish. He came back with some mackerels, sardines and tiger prawns. Always wanted to try recheado masala and this time I thought that it is a perfect opportunity to make reche > read more

My Pillar Of Strength, My Source Of Motivation, My First Expert - My Mother

05/19/2015 06:20:56 AM

When a child is born, a mother is also born. The mother takes care of child’s every need. Right from feeding the child to changing nappies to putting them to bed, the mother sacrifices her sleep, her every need and completely devotes herself to the > read more

Mango Recipes

05/18/2015 00:10:26 AM

Now is the season of Mangoes and I am sure you all are cooking with lots of mangoes. Some of you are even experimenting new dishes with mangos. I am sure some recipes from here with mangoes will inspire you to try some more. Click this link to get th > read more

3-In-1 Savings On Online Shopping Deals, Discounts And Cashback

05/16/2015 12:18:32 PM

I have come across an online shopping site named dealsncashback which gives the advantage of 3-in-1 savings. Here you can compare prices, find some free coupons and get extra cashback. It helps the users find great deals offered by famous retailers a > read more

Bharwan Karela | Stuffed Bitter Gourds

05/15/2015 13:48:58 PM

When the hubby cooks something, yes it has to turn delicious. Today I have the recipe of stuffed bitter gourd or "bharwan karela" and it is prepared by my hubby. Yes! Believe me. He loves bitter gourd and he made this recipe so that I too start likin > read more

Chicken Saagwala | Palak Chicken

05/09/2015 21:30:00 PM

After many days I cooked chicken at home. Yes, it was Chicken Saagwala or Palak Chicken. Chicken marinated in a paste of coriander leaves, garlic, ginger, green chilies, kasoori methi, lemon, yogurt and simmered in a mildly spiced spinach curry. Garn > read more

Share The Load At Home And Live Happily

05/09/2015 11:34:58 AM

Nita never knew that her life will change completely after her marriage. She was just an engineering graduate and immediately she was married. She always wanted to do a job, but her husband told her that she need not work and be a house-wife. But des > read more

Assam1860 Tea - A Product Review

05/08/2015 09:05:31 AM

Some days back the folks at Assam1860 tea asked my address to send a sample of Assam1860 tea. How could I say no? Given the fact that I am a tea lover. I can have tea at any time of the day. Tea is favorite in every Indian household. Every office go > read more

Mackerel Pickle | Mackerel Balchao | Goan Recipes

05/03/2015 07:30:32 AM

Mackerel Pickle or Mackerel Balchao is one of the delicacy from the Goan Kitchen. Since my childhood I have this and I just love it. Before my marriage my Mom and aunts used to make this delicacy. After marriage I was missing it and learnt it from my > read more

It's Raining Deals And Discount Coupons On

05/01/2015 13:20:29 PM

I just came across this site named where you can get 2 products for the cost of 1. Yes! You read it right. You can get two products for the cost of one. Now who wouldn't like purchasing 2 products for the cost of one? Buy1Get1 is the only > read more

Skylit RoofTop Restaurant At Citrus Hotel, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru - A Restaurant Review

04/26/2015 09:20:46 AM

I > read more

Order Food Photography Props And Cookbooks Online

04/24/2015 01:23:39 AM

You all know that I am a food blogger and I love to write about food. Apart from writing about food or recipes, I also love to click pictures of the food that I cook. For a food blog to be successful, the pictures have to be of very good quality and > read more

Cluster Beans Subzi

04/21/2015 12:54:58 PM

Cluster beans are also known as Chidki in Goa or Gawar in Maharashtra. I have prepared this subzi in a typical traditional Goan style. The Keralites also prepare in a similar way. I have added little bit of jaggery as this subzi is slightly bitter. A > read more

Various Entrance Exams In India

04/20/2015 08:57:51 AM

This post is based on exams which is in continuation to the previous post. You all know that various entrance exams are conducted every year for checking the ability of students in various fields. The competition is tough and the students who crack t > read more

A Portal For All Entrance Exams In India

04/16/2015 11:00:24 AM

Today I want to tell you something which is completely different from food. Yes, at times I feel like sharing stuff which is not related to food. Do you remember your college days? Especially those days when you had exams and you used to study day an > read more

Sunday Bruch For Easter At Hotel Crowne Plaza, Electronics City, Bangalore

04/14/2015 10:05:40 AM

I had been to Hotel Crowne Plaza with my family to celebrate Easter. We went there in the afternoon for brunch and really had a great time. As soon as we reached there we were greeted by the staff at the restaurant and we were quickly provided with a > read more

Fried Breadfruit | Breadfruit Rava Fry | Neerpanas Fodi | Jeevkadgi Fodi

04/11/2015 04:34:54 AM

Come the summer season and you will see various types of recipes being prepared using the seasonal summer produce. Breadfruit is one such vegetable that you will see on trees in this summer season. Some people don't know how to prepare this tasty veg > read more

Healthy Salad With Beet, Carrot, Tomatoes And Onions

04/07/2015 12:54:06 PM

A > read more

Thai Pineapple Curry

04/06/2015 11:43:30 AM

I had some chopped pineapple lying in my fridge and I wanted to try recipes with it. Apart from eating it as is and making fruit juices to beat the summer heat, I thought of trying some Thai dishes. My hubby once told me that he tried Thai food in Th > read more

Tiger Trail At Hotel Royal Orchid - A Restaurant Review

03/31/2015 09:12:57 AM

Last weekend I was invited to attend a blogger's table at Hotel Royal Orchid. They have a newly opened a F & B outlet called Tiger Trail which serves pan Indian Grills and Kebabs. Tiger Trail is a memoir of an experience that they had a decade ago. I > read more

Summer Recipes

03/27/2015 07:54:14 AM

I am sure you too are not feeling like eating those spicy foods this summer. It is just March and the temperatures are rising. I am wondering how "Hot" it will be in the upcoming months of April and May. Thanks to global warming... So beat the heat w > read more

Desi Health Bites - Sprouted Green Grams And Cherry Tomatoes Stir Fry

03/20/2015 10:29:03 AM

Today's post is a simple yet healthy Sprouted Green Grams And Cherry Tomatoes Stir Fry. Sprouts as you all know are wonder foods. They are excellent source of protein and calcium. They help to develop immunity against certain diseases, are excellent > read more

Desi Health Bites - Plantain Cutlets

03/16/2015 11:12:44 AM

Today I tried a new dish using plantains. We eat plantain once a week, but normally we make a dry subzi/stir fry out it or simply fry with rava. Eating the same type of dish every week does get a bit boring at times. So I keep on trying new recipes. > read more

Watermelon Rind Cake To #CreateFearlessly

03/13/2015 01:39:08 AM

Today I ventured upon a totally new and innovative experiment in my kitchen as a part of #CreateFearlessly activity by Blogadda. I badly wanted to bake a cake with my new Hamilton Beach India Large Oven at the same time I wanted the dish to be unique > read more

LadyFish Fish Fry | Silver Whitting Fish Fry | Muddoshi Rava Fry | Fish Fry | Goan Recipes

03/13/2015 01:02:21 AM

Muddoshi or LadyFish is a fresh water fish and is extremely tasty. It is easy to clean this fish. It is very delicate and it's meat is whitish in colour. Apart from making muddoshi fish curry/hooman with this, you can also fry this fish with rava. I > read more

Launch Of Magnum Choco Cappuccino At MasterClass 2.0

03/06/2015 19:30:00 PM

Last weekend I was invited to JW > read more

Steamed Vegetable Momos | Steamed Vegetable Dumplings Using Tupperware Steam It

03/01/2015 11:11:38 AM

Steamed vegetable momos or steamed dumplings makes a perfect snack. Since it is > read more

Olive Oil, Cinnamon And Lemon Biscuits Using Hamilton Beach India OTG

02/27/2015 01:18:29 AM

I am writing today's post with lot of joy from my heart. Yes! I am one of the lucky bloggers from India who is selected to review the Hamilton Beach India products by Blogadda. I had applied for Party Planner which consisted of Hamilton Beach India O > read more

Sol Kadhi | Kokum Kadi | Goan Kadhi

02/23/2015 02:21:06 AM

Sol Kadi or Sol Kadhi is what we Goans have at the end of every meal regardless of whether the meal was vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Some people mix with rice and have it and some just love to drink as it is. Kokum is very good for digestion and no > read more

How To Clean Prawns - Video Recorded Using #MyAsusZenFone

02/18/2015 10:18:39 AM

#MyAsusZenFone had been a darling companion all these days. Apart from using it for making and receiving calls and browsing the internet, I loved it because of its great camera. I can click great pictures on the fly. Not just that, I also used it to > read more

Cauliflower Stir Fry

02/15/2015 21:56:03 PM

Cauliflower Stir Fry is one of the easiest recipes using cauliflower. This recipe is quick and is easy to prepare. You can prepare this recipe during the morning rush hour and pack it for tiffins with phulkas or bread. You can even make a roll with t > read more

Hyderabads Paradise Comes To Bengaluru - A Restaurant Review

02/14/2015 13:03:04 PM

On the busy junction at 100 ft road and CMH road Indiranagar, Bangalore, just diagonally opposite to KFC and Pizza Hut, has opened a brand new restaurant - Paradise. Yes, the legendary biryani brand from Hyderabad has opened it's first outlet in Bang > read more

A Food Blogger's Companion #MyAsusZenFone

02/10/2015 22:30:00 PM

Ever since I received my new smartphone, I have received a new companion for my everyday food photography and food events. My new Asus Zenfone 5 is not just a smartphone but it is a great gadget for clicking photographs and since it is beautifully cr > read more

Masterclass At Bengaluru Baking Company, JW Marriott, Bangalore #BBCDelights

02/09/2015 11:48:06 AM

Last weekend I was invited for a masterclass at Bengaluru Baking Company(BBC) at JW Marriott, Bengaluru along with a few other foodies. BBC is one of the trendiest networking hubs in the city. It is a classic pastry shop. Within a short span of time > read more

Dates Milkshake | Dates Shake | Recipe With Dates

02/07/2015 08:33:58 AM

Since I have a sweet tooth, I used to keep eating chocolates after lunch in my office. I would just go to food world and grab a Milky Bar as I love milk chocolates. Nowadays I have replaced all the sweets and chocolates with dates. I keep a handful o > read more

Masala Omelette Recipe Using #MyAsusZenFone

02/04/2015 09:43:44 AM

Today I ventured upon a new experiment in my kitchen. I have got a brand new smartphone Asus Zenfone 5. Asus is a global leader driven by innovation and commitment to quality and this phone has received the Budget Smartphone Of The Year - 2014 award > read more

A Truly Memorable Valentine's Day With Unlimited Powers

02/01/2015 20:30:00 PM

Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. You all might be making plans to celebrate this day in the best possible way right? Well, if I say you get unlimited powers in this world, then how will you make this the best day for your Valentine? You will be > read more

Mackerel Curry | Mackerel Sour And Spicy Curry | Goan Fish Curry | Bangda Curry | Hooman

01/31/2015 11:29:01 AM

Today's blog post is dedicated to that lady who pinged me on my facebook page and told me that she wants the Goan Bangda Hooman or the Mackerel Curry which we make in Goa. She also said that ever since she discovered my blog she is kinda hooked to it > read more

#UseYourAnd And Be UnStoppable

01/29/2015 08:20:44 AM

There was a time when a girl was born in Indian families, the mothers used to only think about getting them married. Daughters were a huge burden for their parents. Parents used to save everything for the marriage of their daughter. Slowly things st > read more

Tips For Home And Kitchen Improvement

01/27/2015 23:29:44 PM

Since Republic Day is on Monday this year, we got a really long weekend. I decided that I would not go out anywhere but will relax in the luxury of my home and to finish off long pending tasks. The first thing that was on my mind was to declutter and > read more

I Wish I Never Had Pimples

01/27/2015 02:54:18 AM

I was a beautiful girl since childhood and always had clear skin. Everyone would appreciate me for my clear skin as there was not a single blemish on it. It was during my college days, some 15 years back that I first experienced acne. That was a real > read more

Masoor Tonak | Sabut Masoor Dal Masala Recipe | Whole Brown Lentils

01/23/2015 09:54:18 AM

Sabut Masoor Dal or Whole brown lentil is known as just Masoor in Goa. We Goans make a delicious coconut based gravy using this sabut masoor dal and it is known as "Masoor Tonak". Tonak means any spicy curry made with coconut and spices to which eith > read more

IIM Calcutta- A Glimpse

01/17/2015 23:30:02 PM

Few days back I published a post on IIT Kharagpur. Soon after that many people pinged and asked me information about some more colleges in India. Some people wanted to know more about management colleges in India. So I decided to write about the Indi > read more

Grated Carrot Salad with Tomato, Onion And Chia Seeds

01/17/2015 04:21:25 AM

Everyone makes resolutions on New Year's eve. Some abide by them and some get busy in their life that they totally forget about it. But I feel that we should make some resolutions which are like our goals and stick to atleast a few of them. This New > read more

IIT Kharagpur - A Note On The College

01/14/2015 09:14:09 AM

Today’s post will be slightly different than the usual posts on food and restaurant reviews. I will be writing about one of the top colleges of India i.e. IIT Kharagpur. I know that a lot of my blog readers are students and parents who might be loo > read more

Mackerel Sukha | Mackerel Recipe | Goan Fish Recipes | Bangdyache Sukhe

01/12/2015 23:11:38 PM

When Mom cooks food it always becomes tasty. Similarly when my Mom cooks fish, I just love it and nothing beats food which my Mom cooks. The Mackerel recipe in today's post is another recipe which I learnt from my Mom. This was the dish which I was c > read more

#UnshareMyFries with McDonald's

01/08/2015 11:22:01 AM

Yesterday evening I was too tired to cook something after office.We decided to go to > read more

California Walnuts And BBC GoodFood Masterclass At Hilton, Bangalore

01/07/2015 11:41:31 AM

Last month I was invited for an exclusive masterclass by BBC GoodFood India Magazine in association with California Walnuts and FBAI at Hilton Embassy GolfLinks, Bangalore. Pastry Chef Roshan Mendonsa from Hilton Embassy Golf Links demonstrated 3 scr > read more

Raise Of Over $150K In Angel Funding By Online Education Portal

01/06/2015 10:03:49 AM

Delhi-based Collegedunia Web Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates the education portal, has raised Rs 1 crore ($162,787) in angel funding from MIH-acquired automobile site’s CEO Umang Kumar, along with a bunch of undisclosed > read more

Chicken Fried Rice - A Guest Post By

12/31/2014 00:22:53 AM

Today I will be presenting to you a recipe to prepare chicken fried rice. This recipe is a guest post by Do try this simple recipe.Chicken Fried RiceFried Rice is one such meal that can complement a host of delectable Chinese gravies. > read more

Red Leafy Amaranthus Recipe | Tambdi Bhaji

12/27/2014 08:44:46 AM

Red Leafy Amaranthus or Tambdi(Red) Bhaji is commonly grown in Goa by some localites. It has numerous health benefits as it is packed with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates and iron. It is served with rice. There are lot of way > read more

Tomato Curry | Tomato Saar

12/20/2014 02:16:23 AM

During the busy rush hours in the morning, I always try simple and easy recipes. Today's recipe, i.e. Tomato Saar or Tomato Curry is a very simple one. I cook rice everyday and therefore I have to cook a curry to go with the rice. I pack lunch for 3 > read more

A Special Trip For A Special One - Trip To Ooty

12/18/2014 10:49:21 AM

Since a long time I wanted to take my child out on a vacation where she can enjoy to the fullest. It was 14th Nov, Children's day. We started early morning at 5 Am with our car, from Bangalore for Ooty. The drive was a pleasant one. My little one had > read more

Vanilla Kipferel And Mince Pie At Desserts And Baking Workshop, JW Marriott, Bengaluru

12/17/2014 11:35:51 AM

Since Christmas is around the corner, we see that a lot of people are busy baking a lot of yummy goodies. I being a food blogger, I can see that the social media is flooded with lot of posts related to baking. Different things like plum cakes, tarts, > read more

Nankhatai | Indian Cookies

12/14/2014 03:30:25 AM

Nankhatai or Indian cookies are those biscuits which I used to have in my childhood These are known as dying Indian biscoot. I remember these used to be commonly available in the local bakeries. I used to love to have them as a tea time snack. Just d > read more

DIY Recipe Box -

12/11/2014 21:30:00 PM

Last week I got a mail from to review their DIY (Do It Yourself) > read more

Gajar Ka Halwa Using Maharaja Whiteline Multi Cooker | Carrot Halwa

12/09/2014 05:28:59 AM

I received this Maharaja Whiteline Multi Cooker as a gift from Maharaja Whiteline during Diwali this year. What else could be a great gift for a food blogger? Since that day I kept on experimenting different types of dishes using my new multi cooker. > read more

Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk | SeerFish Curry | Surmai Fish Curry

12/07/2014 07:27:46 AM

Fish Curry is a curry which I cook on every weekend. My hubby being a fish lover, gets home a variety of fish. There was a Seafood Festival at More Megastore and hubby got a recipe book when he bought fish. So I thought of trying a recipe from that b > read more

Golden Fried Prawns | Batter Fried Prawns | Deep Fried Shrimps

12/04/2014 08:43:52 AM

Prawns are a favorite in my house. All my family members love Prawns. My hubby gets prawns just because I love them like anything. The tiger prawns that we get are juicy. Apart from the normal rava fried prawns, I make number of dishes using them lik > read more

Tava Fried Paneer | Pan Fried Cottage Cheese

12/01/2014 08:42:07 AM

Two packets of milk got spoiled again. It was then that I made paneer out of the spoiled milk. I have been making cottage cheese at home since years out of spoilt or "phata hua doodh". I wanted to try a different dish and most importantly I wanted th > read more

Peas Pulao | Rice With Green Peas | No Onion And No Garlic Recipe

11/24/2014 08:30:27 AM

These days Green Peas are in season. Every year I buy the fresh peas, peel them and freeze them. In this way I get to use peas through-out the year. I want to share with you all a simple recipe which I used to make using frozen peas. Now since you ge > read more

Chocolate Fudge For Thanksgiving

11/22/2014 11:22:22 AM

My hubby had got some chocolate morsels during his last trip to The USA. I used these today to make delicious chocolate fudge. I had attended a chocolate making class last year as I love to eat chocolates. I eat a chocolate everyday after my meals. T > read more

Talle Suke | Sardines Masala Goan Style | Goan Fish Recipes

11/18/2014 06:42:29 AM

In Goa, we get variety of sea fish and there are number of fish recipes.'Talle Sukke' meaning sardines dry masala > read more

Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal At Nando's Kitchen - A Restaurant Review

11/11/2014 11:49:59 AM

Last weekend I had been to Nando's Kitchen to savor the exotic Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal. Since my hubby was out of town I had to take my little one along.I got a warm welcome by Shambhavi who is the Brand Manager at Nando's Kitchen. She had rese > read more

Crab Masala | Spicy Crab Gravy | Crab Recipes | Crab legs

11/07/2014 10:07:42 AM

I just realised that this wonderful recipe is lying in my archives. I had cooked this recipe during my trip to Goa when my brother came home with fresh crab catch. It was a great chance for me to try something delicious as I love Crabs. Also I am a c > read more

Tangra Food Festival At JW Marriot, Bengaluru

11/04/2014 10:25:10 AM

On Saturday, The1st Nov, I was invited at JW Marriot for the Tangra Food Festival. Tangra is a region in east Kolkata that traditionally housed a large number of tanneries owned by people of Hakka Chinese origin. Food from Tangra is a distinct varie > read more

CupCakes With Desi Frosting Workshop At Paparazzi, Royal Orchid Central

11/02/2014 09:39:10 AM

Did you guys see the chef holding the cupcakes? Well he is the renowned Chef Hafizulla Baig and he conducted the cupcake workshop for few select food bloggers at Royal Orchid Central. We learnt to make all those beautiful cupcakes and also learnt to > read more

Rava Fried Ridge Gourd | Ghosalem Fodi | Goan Recipes | Luffa | Turai | Semolina | Goan Recipes

11/01/2014 03:42:09 AM

Ridge Gourd fry with rava/semolina is very simple to prepare. It turns delicious and since ridge gourd is high in water content, you can feel it when you bite into the juicy ridge gourd. It tastes slightly sweet and juicy but since you coat it with r > read more

Indian Dessert Recipe Contest - Round-Up And Winner Announcement

10/28/2014 08:45:04 AM

The Indian Dessert Recipe Contest concluded successfully. We have received a total of 30 entries for this contest and I want to thank everyone who actively participated in this contest. The sponsors had a tough time in choosing the winners as each an > read more

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