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Peanut Curry | Shengdanyachi Amti

10/02/2016 00:29:09 AM

Peanut Curry or Shengdanachi Amti is a Maharashtrian curry made especially during fasting days. This curry is usually served with varicha bhaat which is made using samo seeds. This varicha bhaat and no onion and no garlic shengdanyachi amti is usuall > read more

Lauki Thepla | Bottle Gourd Thepla

09/28/2016 20:00:36 PM

Lauki Thepla or Doodhi Thepla is a healthy and delicious flat bread which can be packed in the tiffin boxes or had for breakfast or dinner. These can also be made and carried while travelling. You can serve lauki thepla with curds or pickle or any ve > read more

Bengali Egg Curry

09/25/2016 20:00:17 PM

Bengali Egg Curry is a delicious preparation of eggs and potato which are cooked in a gravy made up of onion, tomato and ginger garlic paste. The curry is delicious and can be served either with jeera rice or steamed rice or rotis. This dish can be s > read more

Watermelon Juice And A Review Of KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

09/18/2016 20:00:20 PM

I always prefer extracting juice from fresh fruits instead of consuming packed juice. Juices are one of the easiest and safest ways to replenish the body with nutrients and fibres. I used to hate the process of extracting juice. Adding pieces of frui > read more

Carrot, Beetroot And Radish Sandwich

09/14/2016 20:00:29 PM

Today I am presenting to you all another innovative recipe from my kitchen. The recipe name is carrot, beetroot and radish sandwich. I have used simple vegetables which were present in my fridge to make this sandwich. Normally children are fussy eate > read more

Egg Dum Biryani

09/12/2016 20:00:13 PM

Egg Dum Biryani is a delicious preparation of rice, spicy masala paste and boiled eggs. Serve this dish with raita. You can make this biryani and serve this for parties. Sometimes you can pack it in lunch box too. I had prepared this egg dum biryani > read more

Kiwi Banana Milkshake And A Review Of OZIVA Nutritional Meal Shake

09/12/2016 00:49:05 AM

Since I am a software engineer by profession, I lead a sedentary lifestyle. After office, when I return home, I cook, click and write about food as I am a food blogger too. I have no time for exercise at all. I had been trying to lose weight since ma > read more

Chettinad Fish Fry

09/07/2016 20:00:10 PM

Chettinad fish fry is a delicious and spicy preparation of fish made in the Chettinad region of South India. This cuisine is known for spicy food which is made using freshly ground masalas. You can use any type of firm fleshed fish in this recipe. I > read more

Tea Appreciation Event By Sublime House Of Tea

09/03/2016 10:36:59 AM

We all Indians love to start our day with a cup of tea or “chai”. Many of us have around 4 to 5 cups of tea a day. But I am sure that majority people have atleast 2 to 4 cups of tea during the day. Last Friday I attended a tea-tasting event at So > read more

Bosch Dishwasher Review – Get Sparkling Clean, Dry Utensils Without Any Noise

09/02/2016 23:30:23 PM

2 years back I had been to California on a short vacation of 10 days. I stayed in one of the 5-star residence hotel. My single bedroom suite provided all the comforts and luxuries. It also had a fully equipped kitchen with an expensive dining bar. Th > read more

Tortilla Pizza

08/31/2016 22:30:02 PM

The moment you mention the word pizza everyone jumps with joy. Everyone loves pizza and we love to have them in various ways. Like thin crust, thick crust, extra cheese or with lots of toppings. Today I have made this tortilla pizza which is a very s > read more

Vaya Brand Launch And Vaya Tyffyn Product Review

08/27/2016 20:00:23 PM

You all have seen that I cook various types of recipes. You also know that I cook food early in the morning and pack in our lunch boxes which we carry to office and little one carries to school. But one problem which I face and I am sure which many p > read more

Brigge Launches Bangalore Hobby Week

08/27/2016 12:10:13 PM

We all have different types of hobbies. Some people love to paint, some write poems, some play football, some go hiking, some love to watch movies together with friends and some people like me love to cook, click and blog. The list goes on and on. Th > read more

Patoli Recipe | Pattoleo Recipe | Coconut And Rice Dumplings Steamed In Turmeric Leaves

08/23/2016 20:00:04 PM

Pattoleo or patoli or patolyo or coconut and rice dumplings steamed in turmeric leaves is a traditional Goan food normally made on special occasions like Shravan Sunday or on 1st day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Shravan is an auspicious month in India which > read more

Thayir Semiya | Curd Vermicelli

08/21/2016 20:00:20 PM

Thayir Semiya or Curd Vermicelli is a quick dish which you can make for lunch or for evening snacks. If you are bored of eating curd rice everyday, you can always make this Thayir semiya or curd semiya for a change. > read more

Valchya Bhajjiche Tonak | Malabar Spinach Curry

08/16/2016 20:00:39 PM

Malabar Spinach Curry or Basella Soppu Curry or Vaalche Bhajiche Tonak is a recipe which is almost extinct. This is a traditional Goan recipe. As you all know that nowadays with more and more gourmet foods and junk entering Indian markets, people hav > read more

Pepper Idlis

08/13/2016 20:00:15 PM

Wondering what to cook with left over idlis? Wondering what to serve as a healthy evening snack? Want to eat something healthy but spicy and chatpatta? Try these pepper idlis. Every bite of these idlis are filled with deliciousness. They are very eas > read more

Oats And Spinach Pongal

08/08/2016 20:00:00 PM

Wondering what to cook for breakfast everyday? Try this Pongal or khichdi which is healthy and loaded with nutrients needs to kick-start your day. This Pongal is made with oats instead of rice and no one will even be able to figure out that oats have > read more

Open Faced Radish Sandwich

08/03/2016 20:00:00 PM

Radish sandwich makes a healthy and nutritious breakfast. You can either eat this as open faced sandwich, or slice it with another slice of bread and consume it. I have added a slice of cheese in this sandwich, but you can opt not to add it. You can > read more

Mixed Sprouts Sandwich

07/31/2016 20:00:13 PM

Looking for healthy recipes to pack in kids or your snack box? Wanting to lose weight and looking for recipes which can help you with this? Want to shed bad cholesterol? Well there is a miracle ingredient which can help you to achieve all of this. It > read more

Goan Colocasia Leaves Masala | Terren Tonak

07/31/2016 00:50:47 AM

Terren or Terre leaves or Colocasia leaves are found in abundance in Goa during the monsoon season. They grow in plenty in backyards or in forests. Terre or Terren is a type of colocasia leaf. Other is “Aluche pan” and both can be cooked using th > read more - Shop Indian Specialties Online

07/30/2016 20:00:07 PM is an e-commerce web portal that is gaining popularity rapidly in the Indian e-commerce sector. Little did I know about this unique website. It was introduced to me by a > read more

Barbecue Nation Opens New Outlet in SoulSpace Arena, Bangalore

07/28/2016 20:00:25 PM

Barbecue Nation is the place which comes to our mind whenever we want to dine out, or whenever we want to suggest a place for a team lunch at office. No matter how many times you visit, you still feel like visiting this place often. I remember when I > read more

Kerala Style Mushroom Thoran

07/27/2016 20:00:29 PM

Thoran is a stir fry made with any type of vegetable and coconut in Kerala. Today’s recipe is mushroom thoran or mushroom stir fry Kerala style. This thoran is made with finely chopped mushrooms to which a paste made of coconut and shallots is adde > read more

Rajma Stir Fry | Kidney Beans Stir Fry

07/21/2016 20:00:34 PM

Today’s recipe is stir fried kidney beans ot rajma. Rajma rules the kitchen in every North Indians home. But other than that people everywhere also consume kidney beans due to the health benefits it provides. They are rich in protein. Consumption o > read more

Goan Prawns Balchao | Prawns Pickle

07/18/2016 20:00:06 PM

Prawns Balchao or Prawns Pickle is a recipe which I learnt from my mom. I am proud to say that my mom’s prawns pickle turns the best. Nothing can beat my mom’s magic of making prawns pickle. She taught me this recipe when I got married and I had > read more

15 Minute Cauliflower Fried Rice

07/15/2016 11:29:07 AM

Oh yes! You read it right. Today’s recipe is cauliflower fried rice which can be cooked within 15 minutes. Well actually there is no actual rice in this recipe. It is just made with grated or shredded cauliflower which resembles rice. The same proc > read more

Tofu Fried Rice

07/07/2016 20:00:29 PM

Tofu Fried Rice is a delicious Indo Chinese preparation of rice with veges and tofu. This one pot meal is easy to make and turns delicious. Tofu looks like paneer, but it is made from soya bean curd and is healthier than paneer. It is gluten free an > read more

Noodle Cutlets

07/03/2016 20:00:19 PM

Noodle cutlets is an innovative way to make your child eat veges. These cutlets taste yummy and since they are made with noodles children love them. You can add any type of veges to these cutlets and they get ready in few minutes. I have added onion, > read more

Sunday Brunch at My Place, Movenpick Hotel And Spa, Bangalore

07/01/2016 20:00:12 PM

Sundays are the days meant to sit back, relax and spend quality time with family. Since I work day and night on weekdays, I sometimes decide not to cook during the weekends. Oh yes! I work Day and night. Day time in my office doing my software job an > read more

Mixed Veg Spaghetti Pasta

06/29/2016 20:00:21 PM

Mixed Veg Spaghetti Pasta is a quick recipe which can be done within 30 minutes. Simply boil the pasta and drain it. Add any type of vegetable while making the base. I have used onion, tomato, capsicum and babycorn. You can even add broccoli and carr > read more

Day 2 Of Exploring UB City, Bangalore - Toscano, Singkong And Sanchos

06/28/2016 20:00:05 PM

We all met in the afternoon at UB City on day 2. It was nice meeting everyone again. As per the plan we decided to visit and taste food at Toscano, SingKong and Sanchos. This would complete our project of covering almost all restaurants at UB City. T > read more

Restaurants At UB City - Cafe Noir And Cafe Mangii

06/26/2016 20:00:01 PM

Today's post is a gastronomic photo tour of the restaurants we visited on day 1 namely Cafe Noir and Cafe Mangii at UB City, Bangalore. Please do read the first post about UB City and second post which is a detailed review of two restaurants named Fa > read more

Exploring Restaurants At UB City - Fava And Rasovara

06/26/2016 09:16:48 AM

You all know that I was on a 2 day trip to explore UB City, Bangalore. If you have not yet read then read the first introductory post here.Today’s post is a lovely photo tour and reviews about the food that we relished at various restaurants in UB > read more

Egg Hakka Noodles

06/23/2016 20:00:01 PM

Hakka noodles with egg is one of our favorite at home. Why to go to restaurants to eat Indo Chinese noodles when you can make this delicious dish at home? Making this dish is simple. Boil hakka noodles and add them to stir fried veges and scrambled e > read more

UB City, Bangalore And Sublime House Of Tea

06/22/2016 06:57:58 AM

On 16th and 17th June 2016 I along with some other food bloggers in Bangalore went on a trip to explore the food and dining options at one of the best malls in Bangalore and India’s first luxury mall – UB City. UB City is located 1.5 kms away fro > read more

Fruit Sandwich

06/19/2016 20:00:23 PM

Fruit Sandwich is something that I discovered on the food menu at my office cafeteria. This sandwich makes a filling breakfast. Sometimes when I miss having breakfast at my home due to early morning meetings, I have this fruit sandwich in office. Rec > read more

Banana Oats Pancake

06/17/2016 20:00:00 PM

Banana oats pancake is something which you can cook in a jiffy. So if you are in a hurry during the morning rush hours, simply make these super easy, healthy and quick pancakes and have them with a cup of tea. You can even pack them in your kids snac > read more

Shopping At Local Bangalore Markets

06/13/2016 06:33:09 AM

Being a food blogger, I love to buy grocery. I pick the grocery every week and fill my kitchen pantry. But apart from buying grocery in malls and doing online shopping, I love to hand pick some of the organic and exotic produce from the local markets > read more

Stuffed Jackfruit | Jackfruit Recipes

06/10/2016 20:00:02 PM

Today’s dish is a totally new innovation. This dish is another successful attempt at allowing my pillar of strength “my hubby” in the kitchen. From innovating software products and getting multiple US Patents on his innovations, he is helping m > read more

Masterclass With MasterChef Australia George Calombaris At World On A Plate Event

06/09/2016 20:00:28 PM

The month of June has been always lucky for me mainly because it is the month I am born in. It always gives me multiple opportunities and most of the wonderful things in my life happen in the month of June. This year too the month of June is lucky. F > read more

Grilled Pineapple Wedges And A Review Of Maharaja Whiteline Marvello 35 OTG

06/08/2016 20:00:13 PM

Some days back I received a brand new Marvello 35 OTG from Maharaja Whiteline. Since that day I have been baking and grilling and making lots of yummy and healthy dishes in my kitchen. Today I am sharing with you all grilled pineapple wedges recipe. > read more

Parents - Reliable, Dependable And #NeverLetsYouDown

06/07/2016 06:07:22 AM

Today’s post is different from the regular recipe posts. Today’s post is dedicated to my parents whom I love the most in this world and who loves me unconditionally. > read more

Baked Potato Wedges

06/05/2016 20:00:08 PM

The first recipe which I tried with my Hamilton Beach OTG are the baked potato wedges. But since I never clicked a good picture, I did not share it with you all. Today I again made these potato wedges and they were so good that I could not stop mysel > read more

Aatwal | Atwal | Methi Peiz | Rice And Fenugreek Porridge In Coconut MIlk

06/02/2016 20:00:00 PM

Atwal or Aatwal is commonly known as methiya peiz in Konkani. This dish is made with methi or fenugreek seeds, rice, jaggery and coconut milk. It is commonly made for nursing mothers. This traditional dish is commonly made on the 12th day for the bab > read more

Colostrum Pudding | Poss | Kharwas | Colostrum Recipe

05/31/2016 20:00:14 PM

During my last trip to Goa, my mom-in-law made some colostrum milk cake or colostrum pudding. Colostrum is known as Keet in Konkani and the sweet cake or pudding that we make with it is known as Poss. Some people call it Kharwas too. My mom-in-law ta > read more

Open Toast With Egg, Spinach And Tomato

05/26/2016 20:00:30 PM

Make your breakfast healthier and delicious with this open toast with egg, tomato and spinach. This dish gets ready in few minutes and it can be cooked in a jiffy. Always have it hot with your favorite ketchup and carrot tomato soup.Open toast with e > read more

Caramel Chunkies Pudding

05/21/2016 08:44:55 AM

Caramel Chunkies Pudding is another successful experiment I did in my kitchen today. The end result was yummy and my family was full of praises for me. The addition of Britannia Good day chunkies gave this dessert a unique twist. The taste of these c > read more

Johnson Market, Bangalore - A Heaven For Street Food Lovers

05/19/2016 14:25:38 PM

Whenever I visit places, I love to discover the local food. I have been to some famous domestic and International destinations on vacations and have always tried to discover the local food. Ever since I settled in Bangalore, I was always on a discove > read more

Egg White Sandwich

05/18/2016 10:37:31 AM

Boiled egg white sandwich is another healthy snack or breakfast option which you can make in a jiffy. I first had this sandwich in my office cafeteria and since then I just love it. Whenever I have the sandwich I always ask them to make it without eg > read more

Mango Dosa | Mango Crepes

05/13/2016 19:30:02 PM

Mango Dosa, yes mango dosa, you heard it right. This is a recipe which my hubby innovated. So, giving the whole credit to him. Initially when he told me to make a mango dosa, I wondered what he is he talking about and how will it taste. I actually la > read more

Mooga Gathi | Goan Style Sprouted Green Gram In Coconut Gravy

05/11/2016 09:28:40 AM

Moong Gathi or Mooga Gathi is a traditional Goan dish usually served in temples. This dish is made using green gram or moong sprouts in a delicious coconut gravy which is tempered with mustard leaves and curry leaves. This is a pure veg dish made wit > read more

Living A Mexican Dream At Hard Rock Cafe

05/09/2016 11:01:25 AM

Last month my husband had been to The USA for a business trip. When he returned back he told me all the things that he did there. Apart from visiting few of his friends, he also went and purchased some props for me for my food styling. But there was > read more

Egg Butter Masala

05/04/2016 20:30:04 PM

Egg butter masala or Egg makhani is similar to paneer butter masala. The dish turned delicious and is a must try for any special occasions. Butter masala is a delicious creamy curry which is mildly spiced. To the same gravy you can either add paneer > read more

Banana Fritters In Rabdi | RasMalai With Banana Fritters

05/04/2016 13:53:42 PM

Banana Fritters With Rabdi is another innovation I did in my kitchen today. Rabdi or Rasmalai is a delicious dessert made with milk which has been simmered for long time and reduced to half. Rabdi is also known as Basundi in some places. The thicknes > read more

Palak Puris | Spinach Pooris

05/02/2016 20:30:11 PM

Make your regular puris attractive by making these delicious and attractive whole wheat palak or spinach puris. These puris turn naturally green due to the addition of palak puree. Just mix palak puree in whole wheat flour and make a soft pliable dou > read more

Sabudana Kheer With Mango And Chia Seeds - Dessert With A Twist

04/30/2016 00:21:30 AM

Now that summer has set in, various types of exotic fruits have arrived in the market. One such fruit is Mango. Mango is the king of fruits and nothing beats the taste of Alphonso Mango. Mangoes can be eaten in any form. Add it to your curries and ma > read more

Futi Kadi | Phuti Kadi | Khuti Kadi | Goan Kokum Kadi

04/28/2016 20:30:03 PM

Futi Kadi or Phuti Kadi is a kokum kadi made with kokum (sol) and water. Since no coconut milk is added to this kadi, it is called futi. You can call this as sol kadi without coconut milk. This drink is very good for digestion. Normally Goans have s > read more

Sweet And Spicy Apple Chutney

04/27/2016 09:38:46 AM

I stopped getting store bought jams ever since I started making jams and preserves at home. I want my child to eat healthy food. She eats a chapatti everyday and she wants jams or chutneys to have with the chapatti. Sometimes I make banana halwa or g > read more

Saffola Masala Oats #CraveNoMore Event, Delhi

04/26/2016 09:38:39 AM

Last month I attended the #CraveNoMore event hosted by Saffola Masala Oats. The event was held in the heart of the Country – Delhi at The Grand, Vasant Kunj. Saffola Masala Oats has introduced 2 new variants namely Italian and Chinese and to celebr > read more

Vaalchi Bhaji | Stir Fried Basale Leaves | Malabar Spinach Stir Fry

04/25/2016 20:30:17 PM

Vaalchi bhaji or Stir Fried Basale leaves is a healthy dish which we make in Goa. This is also known as Malabar spinach. This is a zero oil dish and the preparation is very easy. Just mix the ingredients, add water and cook it. The basale leaves are > read more

Suran Tonak | Goan Style Yam Masala

04/19/2016 20:30:00 PM

Yam or suran is a tuber and this is normally found during rainy season. A popular dish is the Yam Tonak or Suran Tonak. Tonak is a gravy made with roasted grated coconut and spices and tastes delicious. Never eat this yam raw and always take care to > read more

How to make South Indian Filter Coffee and a Product Review of Tsakafi

04/17/2016 20:30:09 PM

Every Indian household wakes up to a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings. Most of the people in India are so much used to their cup of tea or coffee that if they do not have it as their first drink early morning, their day does not go well. I myself > read more

Chatpata Baby Potatoes | Stir Fried Tangy Baby Potatoes

04/13/2016 20:30:39 PM

Stir Fried Tangy and Spicy or Chatpata Baby Potatoes makes a yummy and delicious starter in the veg menu. This dish is very easy to make and is a winner for any occasion. My family loved these chatpata baby potatoes and this dish is become a favorite > read more

Pindi Chole Rawalpindi Style

04/10/2016 20:30:29 PM

Rawalpindi style pindi chole is a dish made with chick peas which belongs to the Rawalpindi region in Pakistan. Pind means village and Rawal is a region in Pakistan, hence the name Rawalpindi Chole.Pindi chole is made with white chick peas or kabuli > read more

Snalthy Snacks - A Product Review

04/07/2016 20:30:13 PM

Last week I had been to my child’s school for PTM. There was a huge queue for uniforms and books collection. I was tired due to the queue and we reached home pretty late than we had expected. When I reached home, there was a cute surprise. There wa > read more

Burger King Chicken Fries And A Love Story

04/06/2016 20:30:09 PM

Chicken fries is definitely the best of the world with the flavor of chicken to the finger food which is fries. So wondering what these chicken fries are? Everyone has heard about French fries and everyone loves them a lot. But have you ever thought > read more

Goan Pumpkin Subzi | Dudyachi Bhaji

04/05/2016 08:09:39 AM

Goan Pumpkin Subzi is yet another delicious and healthy dish that we make in Goa specially on the vegetarian days. Today when I made this zero oil pumpkin subzi, it was devoured by all at home. Hubby gave me certain instructions to make this subzi an > read more

Chatpata Rajma Wrap

04/02/2016 20:30:09 PM

Chatpata Rajma Wrap is a nutritious dish made with whole wheat flour and kidney beans which you can have either for breakfast or as an evening snack. Since tomato ketchup and curd is added to this wrap, it does not taste very spicy. People prefer wra > read more

Broccoli Egg Burji

04/01/2016 20:30:07 PM

Broccoli egg burji is a discovery I did in my kitchen. I make different types of egg burji or scrambled eggs with different types of vegetables. I also made it with prawns and everytime it is a big hit in my home. I make the burji or Indian styled sc > read more

Top 5 Grocery Stores In India

03/31/2016 00:37:21 AM

Grocery consumes the maximum part of our budget and it is the most important one too. Grocery shopping make us a little tense as we need to go to stores barring the traffic and > read more

Pumpkin Wade | Pumpkin Pooris | Dudyache Wade

03/29/2016 20:30:34 PM

Pumpkin wade or Pumpkin pooris can be sweet or spicy in taste. These are also known as “Dudyache wade”. Dhudhi as you all know is pumpkin. I always had Mangalore buns which are made of bananas. My mom in law taught us to make these pumpkin pooris > read more

Apple Kheer

03/25/2016 11:44:33 AM

I am a bit late in posting this recipe. I was very busy last week as I had to travel to Delhi for a food event. I made apple kheer for Holi and this post is all about the delicious recipe and Washington apples. Apple kheer is a delicious and a health > read more

Pumpkin Halwa | Kaddu Ka Halwa

03/23/2016 08:53:39 AM

Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Ka halwa is a North Indian dessert which is typically cooked during the festivals like Holi. This halwa is very simple to make. We can make it just like carrot halwa with khoya or condensed milk. I used khoya in the recipe, you > read more

Rava Kheer | Ravo | Liquid Diet After Tooth Extraction | Baby Food

03/18/2016 05:30:15 AM

Rava Kheer or Ravo as we call it in Konkani is a drink which we normally make when we are down with fever or when we cannot eat normal food like rice or rotis. In other words, when we make this recipe when we are on liquid diet. I make this kheer oft > read more

Cauliflower Methi Stuffed Paratha

03/15/2016 21:30:29 PM

Making stuffed parathas for breakfast has become a daily routine at my home. I can make a stuffing of my choice, stuff it inside a paratha and ensure that my family eats healthy food. Eating jam and chapatti for breakfast is not always good due to th > read more

Masala Papad

03/13/2016 01:32:39 AM

Masala Papad is an ideal starter recipe. This is my favorite to make starter as it needs very less time and can be made in a jiffy. I had masala papad first in my childhood at a restaurant and ever since then I loved them. We never made this recipe a > read more

Pudina Chutney

03/09/2016 19:30:12 PM

Pudina Chutney or Mint chutney is what we all make regularly to have with parathas or dosas. Some people add curds to this chutney and serve it with tandoori dishes. You can even add this chutney and make delicious sandwiches. This chutney can be use > read more

Cold Pasta Salad With Potatoes

03/07/2016 10:55:24 AM

Cold Pasta salad with potatoes is an Italian salad. You can serve this salad for parties or have it as an evening snack. This recipe is very simple to make. Just boil pasta, potatoes and green peas separately. You can even add boiled carrots to this > read more

Capsicum Curry

03/03/2016 08:12:36 AM

Capsicum curry is a delicious, rich and creamy curry. Make this curry with colored bell peppers or capsicum and delight your guests. This curry is made up of fried onion and tomato puree to which powdered nuts are added for creaminess. I am sure your > read more

Cabbage And Dal Stuffed Paratha

03/02/2016 19:30:21 PM

Breakfast should always be healthy and packed with nutrition. Another great option for breakfast is the Cabbage Dal Stuffed Paratha. It combines the nutritional benefits of cabbage and yellow moong dal. Cabbage is rich in vitamin C. It is richer than > read more

International Women's Day 2016 - Share, Inspire, Energize

03/01/2016 09:09:54 AM

International Women’s Day is round the corner. Every year women’s day has a theme and this year’s theme is gender parity. Have you ever felt biased due to gender at workplace? Have you got paid less than the male colleagues only due to gender d > read more

Moong Dosa | Green Gram Crepes

02/28/2016 03:33:53 AM

The biggest question in every Indian woman’s mind is what to cook for breakfast the next day. The breakfast should always be a healthy one. Apart from being healthy, it should be tasty. The Moong dal dosa recipe shared today is a healthy and a tast > read more

Try New Dishes In Your Kitchen, Take Some Risks

02/23/2016 20:30:17 PM

Being a foodie, I experiment a lot in my kitchen. I mix various types of ingredients to create new recipes. These recipes just come to my mind while cooking another dish and the new dish turns up mind-blowing. I love to take risk in the kitchen and I > read more

Carrot And Peas Sandwich

02/21/2016 20:30:01 PM

Carrot and peas sandwich makes a healthy breakfast or snack option. Since it has carrot and green peas it is healthy. Children love sandwiches and making sandwiches with such healthy ingredients is a win-win situation for both the parent and the chil > read more

Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Muffins

02/19/2016 23:49:53 PM

My mom in law often makes banana cake when the bananas get over-ripped. Every time we go home, she bakes a banana cake for us. Though she does not bake in OTG or microwave, her cakes are baked to perfection even after baking on sand. She has a convec > read more

Pear And Pomegranate Salad

02/18/2016 20:30:20 PM

I always ensure that my family eats healthy food. This makes me try and innovate new things in my kitchen. Last week I received a box of USA Pears for review. The box contained 2 varieties of pears namely Green Anjou – bright green colored with a s > read more

Oven Roasted Cauliflower And

02/17/2016 09:01:44 AM

I always prefer cooking food at home. That is because I want my family to eat healthy and stay healthy. Hence every week I buy lots of fruits and vegetables. One day I saw a video on Facebook that watermelons were getting injected with some chemical. > read more

Sprouted Chickpea Stir Fry | Black Chana Usal

02/14/2016 20:30:22 PM

Today’s recipe is sprouted black chick pea usali. This is a simple stir fry which I make for the busy weekday nights. The recipe gets cooked within few minutes and is delicious too. If you don’t like to have it for dinner, you can have it for bre > read more

Mushroom Xacuti | Mushroom Tonak

02/11/2016 20:30:14 PM

Mushroom Xacuti or Mushroom Tondak or Tonak is another authentic Goan traditional recipe. The recipe tastes the best when cooked using wild or forest mushrooms. In Goa, we get the forest mushrooms only during the rainy season. They are plucked by th > read more

Domino’s Pizza Pie To Grab Large Market Share In India

02/11/2016 08:03:29 AM

US pizza aggregator Domino’s hoping to roll about 800 pizza chains every year in the next 4 years from now on in India as the company is betting big on technology to take big chunk of sales says Patrick Doyle, CEO & president of Domino’s.Image: > read more

Chili Garlic Toast

02/07/2016 20:00:00 PM

Chili Garlic Toast is a popular tea-time snack. Either have it for breakfast or have it during snack time. This toast is very simple and easy to make. Ever since I made this toast at home, my hubby stopped ordering garlic bread from the popular pizza > read more

Broccoli And Aloo Lifafa Paratha

02/06/2016 12:32:40 PM

Broccoli Aloo Lifafa Paratha – the name itself makes you think what the recipe is? You might be wondering what a lifafa paratha is right. Well today’s recipe not as complicated as it sounds. Lifafa means an envelope in Hindi. This envelop contain > read more

Corn Salsa

02/05/2016 08:47:58 AM

Corn Salsa is a healthy and nutritious dish which is made with corn kernels. Add different vegetables like chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, chopped bell peppers and chopped carrots (optional) to this. Then garnish with lemon juice, salt and red chili > read more

Goan Cashew Curry | Kaju Tonak | Cashew Masala

02/01/2016 19:30:01 PM

Another delicious dish from the western coast of India or the Konkan region is the Goan Cashew nut curry or Kaju Curry. This dish turns out really tasty or I should say heavenly. The dish is normally made using the best quality Goan cashew nuts and s > read more

itsPotluck App - Order Dishes, Share Recipes, Share Pic'ed (Food Photo) With A Click

02/01/2016 07:00:07 AM

Nowadays lots of apps are available on the play store. There are plenty of apps where you can order food online. But have you seen an app which has online ordering, food photos and recipe sharing together? itsPotluck is an unique app available on And > read more

HongKong Restaurant, Bangalore - A Restaurant Review

01/30/2016 06:27:27 AM

Sometime back in Sept 2015, I received an invite for the opening of MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor’s > read more

Strawberry Salsa

01/26/2016 20:30:25 PM

Since the strawberries are in the market, I go to the local grocery store to purchase packets of strawberries simply to munch and to try different recipes. Today’s recipe is a simple one – Chunky Strawberry Salsa. This recipe is inspired from the > read more

Strawberry Jam – No Pectin, No preservatives, 3 Ingredients

01/24/2016 11:16:06 AM

Strawberry jam – The mention of this takes me back to my childhood when my Dad got several bottles of Strawberry jam from Mahableshwar. That was the first time that I tasted strawberry jam. I think I was in class 10th that time. Ever since then, we > read more

Corn Cheese Sandwich

01/21/2016 20:30:07 PM

Corn Cheese Sandwich is a delicious sandwich made with boiled sweet corn, onion and grated cheese. I first had this sandwich in my office cafeteria 5 years back and ever since then I love it and have been making it at home for my daughter. She too lo > read more

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