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DCF Begins to Back Away from its Abuse of the Pelletier Family

03/02/2014 22:10:31 PM

As more of the details of this case come to light, more and more people are becoming outraged. It is unfathomable that this barbaric overreach by a state agency is taking place in America. > read more

From Auschwitz to Churchwitz

02/26/2014 22:55:55 PM

We swore we would never forget the German death camps. We swore we would never let them be rebuilt. We swore we would never let such a monstrously evil thing happen again. Not on our watch. No, not ever. > read more

Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’

02/25/2014 22:48:15 PM

Ms. McDonough provides an unvarnished glimpse into the profligate mind of the postmodern “progressive.” (Yes, you read that right. Purity is warped and biblical sexual morality has taken over America.) > read more

Steve Daines: So Far, More Of The Same

02/23/2014 21:33:32 PM

If the politician does not have a basic understanding of, and a commitment to, the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and U.S. Constitution, he or she is incapable of defending our liberties. > read more

Free Justina

02/21/2014 07:33:37 AM

These Yogi's who believe they are “smarter than the average bear” think this justifies giving them taking control of the way we live our lives. > read more

Cutting Free the Totalitarian Left’s ‘BarbWire’

02/18/2014 22:41:11 PM

If you’re comfortable under deception, prepare to be made uncomfortable. We’re cutting free the totalitarian left’s barbwire. > read more

“Have An Exit Plan”

02/16/2014 20:10:12 PM

Matt Drudge, owner and publisher of the “Drudge Report,” recently tweeted a cryptic warning to his readers, “Have an exit plan.” > read more

Kentucky Judge Strikes Down Part of State’s Marriage Law

02/13/2014 23:08:12 PM

Judge Heyburn acknowledged that when courts go against something as fundamental as “traditional marriage,” “they risk some of the public’s acceptance.” > read more

Consumption Is The Road To Dependence On The State

02/11/2014 22:55:08 PM

Without the accumulation of capital (i.e., savings), there is no capitalistic system. Liberal-progressive-socialism will have triumphed. > read more

Thoughts On The Super Bowl And Sports In General

02/09/2014 21:11:25 PM

I saw more than one “punk” turn into a young man after a few years of being subjected to the rigors and discipline of team sports. > read more

The Sad Tale Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

02/06/2014 23:12:52 PM

When Philip Seymore Hoffman jabbed that needle into his arm for the last time, he triggered a myriad of news stories and public displays of grief and adoration. > read more

The Gospel According to Fed Chairman Yellen

02/04/2014 23:15:11 PM

All you need to know is that saving some of your income is bad; spending all of your income is good, even better if you go into debt to increase your spending. > read more

Everyone Loves A Police State

02/02/2014 20:54:33 PM

How is it that people can laud and honor tyrants and butchers? How can people so easily submit to slavery and despotism? > read more

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part II (continued)

01/30/2014 22:19:23 PM

Cultural “leftists” have been pursuing a campaign against Judeo-Christianity, traditional morality, gender identities, the nuclear family, limited constitutional government, free enterprise, the family, civility, individual liberty, personal resp > read more

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part II

01/29/2014 23:00:59 PM

The LA Times called Phil Robertson “a man of legendary individuality, who once passed up an opportunity to sign with the NFL because it might interfere with his hunting.” > read more

Recovering The Habits Of Self-Government

01/28/2014 23:01:24 PM

For those who yearn to recover some of the better aspects of the regime and culture that has passed us by, the question is: how? > read more

Abortion: America’s National Holocaust

01/26/2014 21:58:05 PM

Dr. Bernard Nathanson once headed America’s largest abortion clinic in New York City. He admitted superintending over the killing of 75,000 unborn babies. > read more

Colorado Transit Authority Reverses Unconstitutional Restriction on Speech

01/23/2014 23:06:25 PM

A transit director suddenly prohibited the one-to-one conversations and Gospel tract distribution, citing a city code prohibiting throwing of handbills or literature on the ground in public places. > read more

The Church Ought To…

01/22/2014 23:22:43 PM

How often have we heard someone pontificate on what “the church” should do, or be... or what “the church” should not do or be? > read more

Is Prodigal GOP Inching Home?

01/20/2014 22:15:07 PM

Ronald Reagan often spoke of a “three-legged stool” that undergirds what I call “complete conservatism.” The legs symbolize a strong national defense, strong free-market principles and strong traditional social values. > read more

Another Moses Has Died

01/19/2014 21:05:57 PM

I believe we are in the beginning throes of a revival of liberty the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Washington and Jefferson. > read more

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy

01/16/2014 23:00:36 PM

Phil Robertson noted that his own youthful debauchery was self-destructive and put his marriage on the rocks, and that these were reversed only by his conversion to Christianity. > read more

Living On A Powder Keg

01/15/2014 23:53:25 PM

Just before Christmas of 1776, Thomas Paine wrote “These are the times that try men's souls”. Thus began an article he called The Crisis. He outlined the circumstances of the freedom seeking colonists and the obstacles and threats that lay all > read more

Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS

01/13/2014 21:58:58 PM

These Orwellian regulations will prohibit conservative 501(c)(4) organizations from using words like “oppose,” “vote,” or “defeat” and so much more. > read more

It Is Not Over!

01/12/2014 21:24:52 PM

There is no question that the forces of globalism and socialism have pretty much had their way over the past few decades. > read more

Gay Marriage From The Inside

01/08/2014 22:55:13 PM

Lesbian activist Masha Gessen tells the truth about the motives behind the drive for gay marriage. > read more

Warmers, Please Sit Down And Zip It!

01/06/2014 22:57:42 PM

With a “polar votex” of frigid arctic air plunging North America into record cold temperatures, it would seem to be time to seriously look at the way we permit the global warming prophets of doom. > read more

Christians Awaken For Duck Dynasty Flap

01/05/2014 22:01:46 PM

America is tumbling out of control toward a crash-and-burn impact with disaster, and, for the most part, pastors and churches are asleep--I mean in a coma. > read more

Should Americans Read Other Americans’ Mail?

01/03/2014 00:21:00 AM

The president’s panel on NSA reform gives us the worst of both of these worlds. Consisting of three progressive professors and two high level national security careerists, the panel made forty-six recommendations. > read more

10 Liberal Limericks for 2013

12/31/2013 21:49:08 PM

Time for a little good, clean, limericky fun at liberals’ expense because – well, because they just make it so darn easy. > read more

Forgetting Those Things Which Are Behind

12/30/2013 23:10:54 PM

New Years Day is a new beginning, an opportunity to start over. It is a chance to draw a line at the end of an old year and start fresh. > read more

A Modern Exodus

12/29/2013 21:16:42 PM

the true Gospel message always leads to action. Always! The Gospel requires action. Natural Law is little more than the practical application of the Gospel. The call to preach the Gospel is a call to action. > read more

A New Age Of Miracles?

12/27/2013 10:08:10 AM

Most Americans had been relatively happy with their health insurance and their health care itself for many years. With his signature legislation, Barack Hussein Obama declared his intention to change all that. > read more

The Birth Of Christ And The Birth Of America Are Linked

12/25/2013 20:54:25 PM

Why is it that, next to the birthday of the Savior of the world, your most joyous and most venerated festival returns on July 4? > read more

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