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Automist solves a problem in St Andrews townhouse

02/07/2015 06:14:00 AM

Automist has been installed as the fire suppression solution for a brand new 4 storey townhouse in St Andrews, Scotland. Due to the height of the building Local Building Control determined that a residential sprinkler or alternative solution was requ > read more

Automist allowed period-built Gyde Barn to comply with building regulations

02/07/2015 05:33:00 AM

Plumis Automist provided an innovative fire safety solution for period-built Gyde Barn in Painswick, Gloucestershire. The stone-built property contained 4 bedrooms in the upstairs living space, which meant that in the event of a fire, escape would ha > read more

Plumis Automist avoids disrupting student lives

02/07/2015 05:00:00 AM

Plumis Automist has been used in one of the country’s larger independent boarding schools in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire by Mainpoint Fire Protection as a key part of an alternative fire protection scheme. The innovative watermist fire suppression s > read more

Growing Business Awards Announces Innovator of the Year Winner

11/26/2014 06:10:00 AM

Fire protection manufacturer Plumis wins national business accoladeLondon, 26th November, 2014:The Real Business Growing Business Awards, held in association with Lloyds Bank and supported by the CBI, announced the 2014 winners last night at a ceremo > read more

Firemaster SW use Plumis Automist for compliance with fire safety regs

11/18/2014 14:41:00 PM

When Mark Evans of FireMaster SW was asked to provide a risk assessment for a tourism business in North Devon, right at the beginning of the holiday season, heidentified the problem of a compromised first floor escape route from an inner bedroom. And > read more

Automist keeps students safe

05/14/2014 12:49:00 PM

Plumis-Automist, the innovative watermist fire suppression solution, has been installed in 7 refurbished student flats in Nottingham as an aesthetic, lower cost, lower risk alternative to sprinklers. The developers, Azamour Investments Ltd, refurbish > read more

Water mist provides a solution for persistent arson attempts

05/14/2014 12:45:00 PM

Arson is the no.1 cause of fire in the UK. Since 1997 the number of malicious fires in Britain has risen to more than 123,000 a year; 50 people die in fires started by arsonists and 3,200 are injured. This causes serious problems to the authorities. > read more

Automist fire protection for prestigious development

05/14/2014 12:33:00 PM

Plumis-Automist the innovative watermist fire suppression solution has been installed in a prestigious London development as an aesthetic, lower cost, lower risk alternative to sprinklers and all the parties involved are delighted with the installati > read more

Automist prevents arson damage

03/26/2014 13:22:00 PM

Exeter City Council installed Automist from Plumis in the flat of a vulnerable resident who had already set fire to his flat 3 times. The innovative fire suppression device is designed to significantly reduce the potential for fire damage. The Counci > read more

New site launched: Open plan alliance

10/29/2013 14:12:00 PM

Homes with open layouts have become some of the most popular and sought-after house plans available today. An open floor plan can make your home feel larger, even if the square footage is modest. By eliminating doorways and widening the passages to d > read more

Fire Suppress Ltd use Plumis Automist to comply with Approved Document B in new build in Somerset

08/12/2013 11:25:00 AM

Plumis Automist has been installed to provide a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and fire regulation compliant solution for a Swedish, pine kit house.The design and location of a new build can have significant budget implications and this build > read more

Mainpoint Install Automist in Prestigious Cheltenham Development

08/12/2013 11:13:00 AM

It is notoriously difficult to carry out any retrofit work on heritage buildings at the same time as complying with building regulations. Mainpoint Fire Protection Ltd, established in Cheltenham in 1991 faced this problem when they were asked to inst > read more

Easy to retrofit fire protection utilised in HMOs

05/21/2013 13:06:00 PM

The problem of meeting HMO licensing conditions at the same time as maximising income potential and avoiding unnecessary, costly and time consuming building work for landlords can be resolved by the installation of Plumis Automist, the first active f > read more

Automist provides viable solution for 4 storey Georgian conversion in Bridport

05/21/2013 10:29:00 AM

The necessary compliance with fire regulations in a conversion project can mean that design is compromised, costs are greatly increased and sprinklers may need to be installed with the potential for significant disruption.The owners of a 4 storey Geo > read more

Automist Fire Suppression for Private Development in W1

05/21/2013 10:22:00 AM

Private developers are just as demanding as local authorities and still need to meet the requirements of Approved Document B whatever the aesthetic considerations and budgetary constraints. Hammersmith’s Devonport Property Consulting were developin > read more

Valentine’s Day: Cooking, candles and smoke, oh my!

02/12/2013 11:00:00 AM

Recent rumours that we’re headed for a triple dip recession will have tons of us skipping the romantic meals out this year and opting for an intimate evening in. This means more cooking, more candles and potentially more fires if we’re not carefu > read more

Providing adequate means of escape through an open plan ground floor after a loft conversion

01/17/2013 06:10:00 AM

All roof conversions must comply with the statutory Building Regulations Part B (Fire Safety) and therefore require Building Regulation approval. Specifically the Building Regulations acknowledge that the risk to life from a fire occurring in a three > read more

Ten people rescued in residential block blaze

11/12/2012 04:41:00 AM

Ten people have been led to safety by firefighters following a fire in a four-storey residential building in East Kilbride.Strathclyde Fire & Rescue sent three appliances to the blaze after receiving a number of emergency calls at around 3.30am on Su > read more

Scottish fire deaths climb 10% despite drop in house fires

10/15/2012 12:22:00 PM

Provisional figures from the Scottish Government have shown a rise in fire deaths, despite a 17% reduction in the total number of fires.Figures for 2011-12 show that there were 57 fatalities, an increase of 5 on the previous year. The total number of > read more

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