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05/31/2014 17:21:44 PM

Philippine political & social events as seen from the vantage point of a Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer, visit the blog to read the rest or for other hot issues of the day. > read more

Solar Freakin' Power , it's about time!

05/22/2014 16:26:58 PM

This technology is long overdue, we can't afford to let this pass if we want to extend earth's life for the next generation to come....... > read more

Filipinos in LA Marathon

03/09/2014 18:02:14 PM

One need not be a celebrity to proudly show your cultural heritage. Case in point is this Filipino marathoner proudly carrying the Philippine flag in all its glory. This guy below not only challenges himself in the grueling 26.2 mile marathon but l > read more

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2014

02/02/2014 21:29:43 PM

A pictorial blog in Los Angeles China town during the Chinese New Year celebration of the wooden horse.Since it was our first time to celebrate the Chinese New Year in China Town, we did not expect a celebration this big complete with a parade partic > read more

Having More Fun in the Philippines?

01/17/2014 19:05:07 PM

Is it really more fun in the Philippines or the predatory corporate culture spoiling whatever fun the tourist enjoys? “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” shouts the slogan in bold letters plastered on billboards, buses, magazines and even on tel > read more

The Romualdez, Roxas, & Aquino political Drama in Haiyan’s aftermath

12/14/2013 23:06:33 PM

The bickering, blaming game, and the crying drama have been dominating my Facebook wall and it can really get tiring or even annoying. What makes it even obnoxiously annoying is how this squabble is starting to create a wedge or was it a simulated we > read more

Social Media's susceptibility to rumor mongers

11/22/2013 17:07:08 PM

The problem with social media is no wait I take that back.......... The problem with liars is that they have "better opportunities" to spread their story telling a lie worldwide as fast as they can pound on their keyboards. > read more

There is no sunshine in the Philippines today

11/14/2013 11:53:51 AM

You and I are very blessed in more ways than many of us realize. But not many of our fellowmen back in the Philippines are, especially those who are languishing in the gutter of poverty and then hammered by back to-back super earthquake and the wors > read more

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