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Oil embargo on the horizon?

09/20/2011 13:31:00 PM

Could it be déjà vu all over again? It very well could. The big deal right now in the United Nations is the idea of recognizing Palestine as a new member of the UN. This is fast becoming a Big Deal, and it could become a big deal gone bad if the UN > read more

It's just a phase we're going through...

09/13/2011 08:00:00 AM

Saw an article in the newspaper the other day about how we are running out of helium. My sympathy to Simon, Theodore and Alvin. The funny thing was, as I read the surprisingly lengthy article, I could see where you could easily cross out “helium” > read more

Kids today . . .

09/06/2011 16:39:00 PM

Kids today. Sheesh. There, I said it. I’m officially a geezer. Still: Kids today. Sheesh. So I’m out in the garage the other day, fussing with bicycles. That’s what I do. Everybody knows it. People bring their bikes by, and I try to fix them. M > read more

Conservation: the next big thing!

07/21/2011 11:00:00 AM

From time to time, when people talk about the oil crisis we face, and the need for a viable alternative energy resource, the idea is put forth that all we have to do is go at it as we did putting a man on the moon. We did that in less than a decade, > read more

Pick a car . . . .

07/13/2011 15:05:00 PM

Alas, the Tesla Roadster is no more. Or rather, they’ll stop taking orders for them in a couple of months. And while this is touted as big news in the auto world, I’m not shedding a tear for the loss. Did the world really need a $109,000 electric > read more

Remember "Fifty-Five Saves Lives"?

07/06/2011 11:13:00 AM

That three-syllable word, those three little syllables, are being whispered again in the hallways and conference rooms in Washington, D. C. They are being mentioned in hushed tones with a knowing nod, a wink and a finger aside the nose. They are thi > read more

Peak Oil or Peak Oil Production?

06/03/2011 10:58:00 AM

M. King Hubbert had it easy. He was proven right in just 15 years. As a geologist for Shell Oil, Hubbert predicted in the mid-1950’s that US lower-48 oil production would peak right around 1970. And he was right. Maybe not overly popular, but right > read more

Kill your car?!

05/05/2011 12:57:00 PM

Well, maybe not quite yet. ABC Radio National host Robyn Williams posed the question the other day: “(Is this) the beginning of the end for cars?” Good question, Robyn. With gas prices going for all-time highs here in the U.S. this summer, I susp > read more

Clean and Green Nuclear Energy ?!

04/20/2011 17:59:00 PM

“Better to light a candle than curse the radiation.” — Me, about 30 years ago.I haven’t been a fan of nuclear power for a very long time, but it’s still kind of obvious that my opinion on the matter don > read more

Believe in the power of the bicycle

04/08/2011 13:28:00 PM

I found religion on my 60th birthday. Oh, sit back down and let me explain. For my 60th birthday, I decided that I would host a Tweed Ride out to Safety Harbor and have an ever-so-genteel lunch at the Spa. It was delightful. A lovely day all around. > read more

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