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10 Ways I Suck at Losing Weight & Reasons I'll Stay Out of Shape

01/06/2014 14:03:31 PM

It's January, which means the number of people that are suddenly becoming concerned with their weight has skyrocketed. New Year's resolutions all over the globe are reflecting the idea that this is a fresh start and the perfect time to kickstart ...

Why Do Women Say Fine When They Don't Mean It?

10/23/2013 03:28:17 AM

When men say something is fine, they mean "it's fine". When women say something is fine, it never actually means that the situation is fine.Why is that? Is it so incredibly difficult to just express your own feelings in an honest way that you ...

Why Don't People Use Turning Signals When Driving?

09/06/2013 08:16:25 AM

Why is it that some people find it so incredibly difficult to use their turning signals when they're driving? Not only is this so ridiculously annoying, but it's also very dangerous. You would think anyone less than a total moron would do everything ...

McDonald's Milkshake Machine: Always Broken or Lazy Employees?

08/14/2013 17:05:52 PM

It's become a running gag that every time I go to a McDonald's, if I ask for a milkshake or anything similar to it, I'm told that the machine is broken. While granted, it isn't literally every single time, it's at a frequency where it's almost ...

People Don't Dress Up at Casinos Anymore

07/29/2013 03:19:03 AM

I may not be the biggest casino-goer in the world. In fact, I'm about as far as you can get from the typical person you would find in a casino. My extent of gambling so far has been to put a couple of dollars in the slot machines and lose it ...

Choosy Moms and Dads Choose Jif Peanut Butter

07/23/2013 05:00:06 AM

Why can only choosy Moms choose Jif?Thankfully, Jif has had some advertisements that say "choosy Moms and Dads choose Jif", but if you look, their slogan is still dedicated purely to women.One of the objectives of Out on Limbs is equality and ...

Legal vs. Illegal Secondhand Smoking Around Me

07/16/2013 08:00:07 AM

Let me get this first idea out of the way immediately and just flat out state something: smoking is stupid and yes, I think that you're stupid if you smoke. There is absolutely no reason to do it, it's harmful to your body, it's addictive, it ...

Fun for the Whole Family Means Boring and Unoffensive

06/12/2013 07:00:11 AM

One of the key marketing phrases out there in the world of the entertainment industry that is supposed to be an enticement, but in actuality makes me want to run away with my arms flailing like an idiot, is when something is described as "fun ...

Questions and Answers Survey

06/12/2013 05:17:27 AM

I was tagged by Karen of Drawing Room Days for this Q&A blog chain, so without further ado, here are my answers to her questions:QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS1Q: Did you hear about the swimmer that interrupted The Boat Race in England? Do you think ...

Solve Illegal Immigration Problem by Hiring Homeless People

05/13/2013 00:00:06 AM

People call it "the homeless problem". That's because it IS a problem. In an ideal world, would there be homeless people? No. End of discussion. Now, I'm not saying you should bomb them off the planet - far from it. You should take them out ...

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