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The "Word Gap" is About More than Just Words

03/18/2015 23:00:00 PM

There has been a lot of attention in the media lately about the "word gap" between kids in higher and lower income families. Researchers have documented for years that children in families of higher socioeconomic status (SES) are generally exposed to > read more

Beyond Time Out and Loss of Privileges: Creative Discipline Strategies that Work

03/10/2015 17:07:00 PM

By: Dyan EybergenWhat do parents do when giving a time out to a toddler, grounding a misbehaved teenager or taking away his/her TV privileges or cell phone doesn't work? Here are 5 tips for applying creative discipline strategies that teach kids valu > read more

Raising Kids in a Violent World

03/07/2015 06:37:00 AM

With a distressing mix of strong emotions I watched as the TV images of the war in Eastern Europe and bombs falling in the Middle East passed before my eyes. Then yet another domestic shooting incident vied for my attention. Inwardly, the events acte > read more

Baby's Naps Foster Learning

02/19/2015 02:00:00 AM

If you have been a parent for any length of time, you know that naps are a beautiful thing--for your child...and you. Daytime naps are great for helping keep your baby or toddler in a good mood. We all know how edgy a non-napping baby or toddler can > read more

Let Every Day be Valentine's Day: Model Good Relationship Habits for Your Children

02/10/2015 22:23:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen RN As a parenting couple, you have a unique responsibility to model what a healthy relationship looks like for your children. Stand united in the way you raise your family through mutual respect and support. Take measures > read more

Kids and Chores

02/08/2015 23:00:00 PM

When hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood going through the woods all by herself in order to take a batch of freshly baked cookies to her grandmother, we are usually too much involved in the story to notice specific details, especially when th > read more

How to Teach Morals to Young Children

01/28/2015 13:27:00 PM

Teaching moral lessons to young children can often be a difficult thing to do. With the recent celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. day last week, and yesterday's (01/27/2015) 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, > read more

Bedwetting, how parents and caregivers can help a child

01/20/2015 21:33:00 PM

Before I get too into this subject, I need to apologize to my son, who I am sure at some point in his life will see this and be embarrassed that I am sharing this experience with the public.I had a dream once that I was playing and splashing around i > read more

Am I addicted to my phone?

01/17/2015 14:23:00 PM

*****************************************************Enjoy what you just read? Subscribe to our posts or become a follower. > read more

What do you Want for your Child?

01/15/2015 16:43:00 PM

by: Dyan Eybergen RN Parents need to decide what they want for their child and develop a parenting plan accordingly.If you want your children to give and have respect, you have to give it them in order to earn it. Respect begets respect; i > read more

Technoference: How Technology Impacts Your Relationships

01/15/2015 10:51:00 AM

Have you ever sat down to dinner with your partner or spouse and his/her phone keeps beeping for a text message or other notification?Have you ever been trying to talk to your partner/spouse and he/she can't seem to keep his/her eyes off the phone?If > read more


01/11/2015 09:45:00 AM

New Year ResolutionsNow that the holidays and New Year's celebrations are behind us, we go back to business as usual. We pick up our lives where we left off, before the hectic holiday season took hold of our agendas - but with one huge difference: ou > read more

Choosing Practical Baby Items

12/22/2014 07:00:00 AM

As a new parent, it's hard to know what to buy for your baby as stores are filled with things that look useful or cute. > read more

Parenting in a Materialistic World

12/18/2014 00:30:00 AM

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be spending a lot of your time thinking about and buying presents. If you are like many parents, you wonder if all this focus on material gifts might tend to make kids have a more materialistic mindset a > read more

5 Ways to Keep the Holidays Stress Free

12/09/2014 21:44:00 PM

By Dyan EybergenFor most children, Christmas time is filled with excitement and anticipation. They delight in the tradition of Santa Claus, decorations, the making of gingerbread houses and writing out their Christmas wish lists. For parents, this ti > read more

Harmony and Kids

12/06/2014 16:58:00 PM

> read more

These Two Things Can Increase Compliance in Your Children!

11/26/2014 04:00:00 AM

A search on for “parenting” will return around 125,000 results. It’s pretty clear that parents everywhere want to know the “secret” to parenting. Many of those parents want to know how to increase obedience in their children. Tha > read more

Little Boys, Big Emotions

11/20/2014 15:42:00 PM

If you are a parent of a young boy you know that, despite the cultural stereotypes, boys feel strong emotions just as much as girls. Unfortunately, in our society we often (perhaps unwittingly) encourage boys to hide their emotions or “be a man.” > read more

5 ways to Strengthen your Relationship with your Teen

11/11/2014 21:31:00 PM

By: Dyan EybergenIt is never more crucial to hold on to our children than when they reach the stage of adolescence. This isn’t easy to do as it is often a time when we are seen as the enemy – preventing our children from spreading their wings and > read more


11/10/2014 06:09:00 AM

Few images rend the heart as does the image of a suffering child. The apparent injustice is appalling, and you may wonder how a supreme being, or any being for that matter, could tolerate an innocent child to suffer. Feelings of frustration, anger an > read more

How To Induce Labor - Thoughts from a Mom of 4 (soon to be 5)

11/07/2014 07:00:00 AM

A friend gave me this shirt due to everything I have sufferedLooking for advice on how to induce labor? > read more

Structured Activities and Executive Function: A Case of the Overscheduled Child?

10/15/2014 23:30:00 PM

We have heard the stories in the news all the time—some say kids are “overscheduled” and need more time to play. On the other side, parents of the “tiger mom” variety tend to want their children in activities and lessons to encourage their > read more

Building Resiliency in Female Adolescents

10/14/2014 16:53:00 PM

by Dyan Eybergen RN, ACPI Adolescence is a time of extreme negotiation and friendships among teenage girls is probably at the crux. Female adolescents often have a difficult time finding a self identity in which they are comfortable with and get cau > read more

Children's Questions - What's In It For Parents?

10/11/2014 15:51:00 PM

Don’t you just love the type of questions kids ask: Why does Johnny have a cold? Why is there bark in the playground? Who looks after grandma when grandpa is at work? Why can’t we watch one more show? And on it goes. As soon as they learn to say > read more

Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

10/06/2014 00:03:00 AM

For the second time, I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. > read more

School Start Times and Zero Tolerance Policies.

09/24/2014 13:58:00 PM

AAP Policy StatementsSchool Start TimesThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the professional organization of Pediatricians, has the reputation of distributing periodic policy statements. These statements are used to clarify the stance that this > read more

Infant Babbling...It's Not Just Baby Talk

09/18/2014 09:46:00 AM

Is trying to understand your infant’s babbling an effort in futility? Turns out, the answer might be, “no.” A new study published in the journal Infancyputs into question the notion that children’s language development is innate and we cannot > read more

Tips for Cultivating a Working Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

09/09/2014 16:08:00 PM

by: Dyan Eybergen BA, RN, ACPIWorking With the Teacher to Promote Positive Learning ExperiencesWhen parents and their child’s teacher cultivate a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation, it is the child who benefits.With the first month of s > read more

The Art of Grocery Shopping with Kids

09/06/2014 02:58:00 AM

If you're like most parents you prefer to do your weekly shopping alone, as in: without kids. It's easier and faster and sidesteps potential irritations, such as: Don't touch! - Stay close! - Don't yell! > read more

How To Cope With The Beginning Of School

09/05/2014 22:22:00 PM

This is one of the most stressful times of the year for me. > read more

The Moral Messages We Send Our Children

08/21/2014 10:10:00 AM

I would guess that if we asked parents what kind of adult they want their child to be when they grew up; many would mention qualities like, “successful,” “happy,” or “high-achieving.” Would many parents mention qualities such as, “carin > read more

LDS Divorce Experience Survey

08/14/2014 09:22:00 AM

I (Josh Lockhart) have partnered with LDS Living to do a survey on members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have been divorced and their experiences going through the divorce as an LDS member. If you have experienced this or kno > read more

Preparing for the back to school routine

08/12/2014 12:00:00 PM

Your Twitter and Facebook feed may soon be cluttered with meme’s about Christmas being under 20 weeks away. Which for me means it is time to start doing my Christmas shopping, in about 19 weeks. However, with the red and green season already being > read more

Bilingualism: Raising Kids With Two Languages

08/10/2014 00:00:00 AM

Did you know that more than half the people in the world speak more than one language every day? > read more

How To Survive A Move With Children

08/01/2014 15:22:00 PM

1. Don’t move. The end! OK, if you absolutely have to move, which we just did, I have some actual advice. We finally bought our first home after living in the same two bedroom apartment for 12 years and I learned some things. 1. Declutter first > read more

Too Hot...

07/25/2014 15:04:00 PM

Too Hot… > read more

How Do I Teach My Kids Not to Lie?

07/23/2014 12:37:00 PM

Every now and then I get clients who are very concerned about their child telling them lies. Many parents want to teach kids honesty and think if their child is starting to tell lies, that they are on the road toward a criminal lifestyle. However, Po > read more

Fidgety Kids: It’s About the Brain, Not Just the Body

07/16/2014 23:00:00 PM

If you have a youngster at home, you probably notice they like to move…A LOT! I have two young boys and in recent months I have especially begun to notice how much they like to fidget and move. My older son is almost five years old and I was beginn > read more

Unwrapping the Present Called "Patience"

07/13/2014 09:00:00 AM

“Please give me patience, and give it to me now!”We all know intuitively that children benefit greatly from patience shown by those caring for them. Yet, patience remains an elusive quality, extremely hard to incorporate and manifest. But if you > read more

7 Ways to Prevent and Stop Bullying

07/08/2014 21:44:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPIEveryone has a responsibility in making their communities, homes and schools a safe and happy place for kids to be. Every year, thousands of kids are victimized by bullies and suffer the effects of fear and humiliation wit > read more

Some Perspective

07/02/2014 23:14:00 PM

Last night I returned from choir practice and was annoyed one of my children had pulled out the wrapping paper box from under my bed and left it there. > read more

Infant Sleep and Parents' Expectations

06/18/2014 23:00:00 PM

A new study just released in the journal > read more

How to build Resiliency in Children and Youth

06/10/2014 12:45:00 PM

by: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPI > read more

Fully-Present Parenting, the Greatest Gift

06/09/2014 06:41:00 AM

The other day my colleague and I were talking about high school graduation, not a surprising topic for this time of year. We both noticed that some kids seem to be able to navigate well upon leaving school and home, while others don’t fare so well > read more

Teaching Children To Do Service

06/06/2014 08:00:00 AM

I have three sons. > read more

I Think My Child Has AD/HD, What Now?

05/28/2014 08:46:00 AM

On a regular basis I get calls from frantic parents asking this very question. It is a very direct question, but the answer is much more complicated than can be explained in a quick phone call or passing in the halls of school. With recent news stori > read more

Managing anxiety to keep the world open

05/27/2014 13:58:00 PM

Recently I went to the pool with my three year old son. He wanted to be brave and jump off the diving board. > read more

Picture This: Babies Can Recognize Real-Life Objects from Pictures

05/14/2014 23:00:00 PM

Those of you with tiny ones in the house know that almost each day brings a change in their development. My youngest is just over one year old and this is definitely the case with him. Each day it seems he learns a new sign or sound. Recently he bega > read more

6 Pieces of Advice on Finding Parenting Strategies that Work

05/13/2014 13:08:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen RN,ACPINot all expert parenting advice will fit every family or every family circumstance. Although parenting literature it is often based on sound psychological theory and principles, there are too many variables to consider whe > read more

Love, a Parent's Most Powerful Ally

05/11/2014 08:44:00 AM

Love and ParentsIt is remarkable how little love is discussed in parenting literature. Isn’t love at the center of it all? Conception is an act of love and waiting patiently for nine months and preparing for the arrival of the baby is inspired by l > read more

Becoming A Parent Of A Teenager

05/02/2014 13:18:00 PM

I remember the days when I first > read more

Signs Your Teen is Addicted to the Internet

04/24/2014 07:00:00 AM

In today's connected world, it seems like the Internet is creeping further and further into aspects of our lives that have traditionally been “unplugged.” We get much of our news, social interaction, and work via the Internet. The increased con > read more

What is the Goal of Child Rearing

04/16/2014 23:00:00 PM

On the face of it this may seem like a silly question. I think most parents would say something along the lines of their goal being to raise a happy, healthy, kind child that can function independently in the world as an adult. Depending on your part > read more

Should technology be used as a babysitter?

04/15/2014 09:30:00 AM

Last time I indicated that electronics, particularly video games, smart phones, and TV watching, can be beneficial when used to engage, interact, connect and build relationships. Such as family movie nights, face time or Skype, and playing video game > read more

Sibling Fights

04/13/2014 08:52:00 AM

Believe me when I tell you that when I was growing up as the youngest of four, I was involved in many a fight. Later, as a mother of three boys, born just over two years apart, I witnessed at least as many. > read more

Goodbye Bottles, Hello Solids!

04/10/2014 15:24:00 PM

Starting solids is an exciting time for babies because they are finally getting to taste the food they watch you eat! Be prepared for a bumpy ride: One day, baby will scrunch her face and blow raspberries at you in disgust. She may even gag, spit it > read more

5 Things Parent's can do to Help their Anxious Child

04/08/2014 14:49:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPI Does your child exhibit any of the following behaviours? Clinging, crying, and/or tantrums when you are away from him/her?Constant worry where it is affecting his/her ability to fall and or stay asleep on his/he > read more

How To Break The News That You're Pregnant

04/04/2014 13:24:00 PM

There are all sorts of fun ways to let your friends and loved ones know you're pregnant, but telling your older children can be especially challenging when they are going to feel the most impacted by it, yet aren't the ones responsible for the situat > read more

Parental Involvement in High School Can Increase Grades and Decrease Depression

03/26/2014 07:53:00 AM

High school is a tumultuous experience for many teenagers for a number of reasons. Along with the social, emotional, and physical changes that take place during this time, teenagers must face the added difficultly of navigating and preparing for thei > read more

It’s Not Just About Milk: How Breastfeeding Relates to Parenting Practices

03/20/2014 00:30:00 AM

A recent article caught my eye and I thought I would spend some time here exploring it. At first, this study appeared to replicate many others in showing that breastfed babies grow up to perform better on cognitive assessments. This Journal of Pediat > read more

Parenting Olympic Dreams

03/19/2014 10:47:00 AM

My daughter is 13. > read more

Decreasing Parents Fear Around Technology

03/18/2014 16:08:00 PM

I have been noticing that there is a lot of fear around raising children and teenagers in the technology age.Whether it is because of the shame that the mommy wars creates, i.e. who let’s their child watch TV less; or all of the shame that comes fr > read more

Preparing For Parenthood

03/15/2014 11:30:00 AM

Are you having your first baby? > read more

The Mommy Competition: When comparing notes turns ugly

03/13/2014 15:16:00 PM

Sure you know her. You’ve seen her at the grocery store and turned the other direction. You’ve seen her at the park and pretended to be tying your shoe. She’s that kind of mom. The kind that wears a cashmere sweater to an Infant Gymboree class. > read more

How to Manage the Defiant Child

03/11/2014 12:48:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPIAll behavior has meaning. Defiant behavior is no exception. Children are in constant pursuit of having their needs met: physically, spiritually or emotionally. As parents, we are responsible for helping our children get th > read more

Parenting and Spiritual Growth

03/10/2014 08:40:00 AM

As a parent I have often felt frazzled and ready to throw in the towel. And when someone goes on about the joys of parenthood, I’ll go ‘blahde-blahde-blah’ inside and tune them out. What do they know, anyway? > read more

How To Help a High Energy Child

03/04/2014 08:33:00 AM

There’s no denying that some children are just born with more energy than others. These children often need help channeling their energy and learning ways to keep their bodies under control. When helping a high energy child channel his energy, it > read more

Talking To Your Kids About Alcohol Infographic

02/27/2014 07:00:00 AM

CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER... *****************************************************Enjoy what you just read? Subscribe to our posts or become a follower. > read more

Kindergarten Today: High Pressure or Good Preparation?

02/20/2014 00:00:00 AM

Kindergarten is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately as my oldest son is approaching that milestone this coming fall. We have already been attending school tours and hearing his preschool teachers mention skills and behavior that will be exp > read more

Keeping Parenting Simple

02/18/2014 14:03:00 PM

As a parent, and as a person who helps other parents, I sometimes get sucked into the latest parenting trends, or the hottest parenting tips. I want to somehow use someone else’s parenting success that they had with their children on my own. Forget > read more

5 Ways to Foster Independence in your Children

02/11/2014 13:25:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPI > read more

Developing Musical Talent

02/07/2014 19:40:00 PM

I had the wonderful privilege today of accompanying our middle school choir as they visited our local elementary schools and performed for them. > read more

A Home-Made Birthday Party Production

02/03/2014 07:57:00 AM

A Birthday PartyThe other day I decided to surprise my friend with an unexpected visit on the day of her sons’ sixth birthday, carrying a gift for the kid and flowers for the proud parents. I knew there would be a kids' party going on and I figured > read more

Using CBT at Home: Encouraging Helpful Thoughts By Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts

01/28/2014 08:56:00 AM

I recently broke down a client’s metaphorical concern, and probably one that we all have. That is that we are in a hole, and the dirt is piling up on us, and that there is no way out. So, we grabbed a pen and paper and started drawing this. We drew > read more

Helping Your Children Develop Friendship with Their Sibling

01/27/2014 17:37:00 PM

by Jason Caillier“We are family. I got all my sisters with me.”With those words, a catchy melody, and a funky beat, Sister Sledge’s song, “We are Family,” rose to number one on the R & B and Disco charts in 1979. The song celebrates family > read more

Playing With Your Children Can Change How Your Family Functions.

01/22/2014 09:26:00 AM

Throughout my years as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I often get calls or questions from acquaintances regarding many different topics. Since I am also a Play Therapist, I am also asked about "normal" child behavior and what parents can do to decr > read more

The Relationship Between Mothers' Fatigue and Interactions with Toddlers

01/16/2014 00:00:00 AM

As most mothers know, feeling some degree of fatigue on a daily basis is an almost inescapable part of early parenthood. Caring for small children takes a lot of energy and many parents are often caring for an infant (who may not sleep well) at the s > read more

We’ve come a long way Baby! Tips for Breastfeeding in Public.

01/14/2014 07:00:00 AM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPI As reported in the weekend edition of The Globe and Mail: Pope Francis baptized 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel this past Sunday and told their mothers, to have no qualms about breast-feeding them there. “If they are hu > read more

How to Counter Negative Thinking

01/13/2014 08:55:00 AM

Dreading Is the PitsDo you sometimes find yourself dreading the day ahead, knowing how physically and mentally exhausting coming events are going to be? I do. Just thinking about how worn out I know I will to be, takes the wind out of my sails even b > read more

Back to Work After Baby: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

01/09/2014 17:04:00 PM

Are you going back to work? The golden question every new working mom is asked. I anticipated people asking this question, but I had no idea just how hard it would be to answer it. The follow up question was even worse: Who’s going to watch the bab > read more

Setting Goals with Children

12/26/2013 06:00:00 AM

With the new year just around the corner, many people's minds will turn to New Years resolutions. Despite the number of individuals who make New Year's resolutions each year, few achieve their goals. According to a study by the > read more

Research Shows "Difficult" Babies are Most Influenced by Parents

12/19/2013 01:00:00 AM

More and more research is emerging on children's temperaments and how they may or may not affect a child later in life. Based on this research, it is becoming clear that how a child's temperament influences his/her later behavior has a lot to do with > read more

Give the Gift of Time

12/17/2013 09:30:00 AM

The Holiday Season is truly upon us. Some people have completed their Christmas shopping, while the rest of us are envious of them. Especially as we spend our precious resource of time waiting in lines buying that 'perfect' gift.And it is hard not to > read more

Maintaining Balance for the Holidays : 12 steps of Christmas

12/10/2013 15:06:00 PM

By: Dyan Eybergen BA,RN,ACPIIf trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy; life can feel like a three-ring circus. Add the festive season > read more

Parents and Meditation

12/09/2013 09:00:00 AM

Imagine an average day of a parent of young children… > read more

Setting An Example For Your Kids

12/06/2013 12:13:00 PM

I've always known it's important to be a good example to your kids, but I really underestimated my children. > read more

Clean Up the Clutter and Create Some Calmness

11/25/2013 16:47:00 PM

by Jason CaillierSTILL A FEW MORE BOXESSeveral months ago, we moved to a new city in a new house. Having lived in our previous house for about seven years, we became accustomed to everything having "its place." If I needed a hole punch, I knew exactl > read more

Toddlers Really Do Have Their Own Language

11/21/2013 09:24:00 AM

We've all been around toddlers who seem to have a language all their own. Sometimes Mom and Dad can understand this toddler-ease; sometimes not. Now, a recent study shows that toddlers really do develop their own individual language and grammar rules > read more

How to train up a child: A commentary for the masses

11/20/2013 05:00:00 AM

So again this book How to Train up a Child, by Michael and Debi Pearl (c.2010), has caused a ruckus. The book as been read by hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, from parents, teachers, devout Christians, and scholars in social science fields > read more

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