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December! A bit of rant before New Year?

12/14/2015 04:03:49 AM

I haven't posted in a while (again), mostly because I didn't feel like I have any energy and time to rant about anything blog worthy. Living alone in Japan has been great, but it made me realize that the me before that wanted to live/work in Japan is > read more

October in Japan!

10/17/2015 23:29:03 PM

I have finally settled down and have enough space and time to blog a bit.  Well, the pieces are slowly coming together in my stay here. SIM card arrived a week ago, allowing me to freely travel to...places (ie Akiba). Before that, Johnny and I wer > read more

September 2015 Update!

09/21/2015 21:21:14 PM

Umu! Just nice 1 month before last blog post? This month has been kind of hectic off-work wise. My stay in Japan is confirmed and I will be leaving on the 1st of October, so I was dealing with things like Visa, shipping packages and all the othe > read more

LiSA in Singapore 2015 recount!

08/20/2015 21:18:56 PM

I can't believe I forgot about blogging about this, but the truth is, the performance was so great that there really isn't much to say. It's pretty much close to undescribable, like most other concerts I attended. The concert is what I expected it > read more

August 2015 Update! SG50 version?!

08/11/2015 11:00:07 AM

Singapore's National Day has passed again, this time it's 50th year since independance. I'm personally not very patrotic when it comes to my country, but I do appreciate what it had done. Because of that, I don't really have many comments about what > read more

Mid-July 2015 Update!

07/13/2015 03:18:16 AM

I haven't done an update so since I'm feeling kinda down recently, I'll do one right now in the middle of July. Games are really awesome right. They take you out of the real world and let's you enjoy the virtual...yada yada, you know what they say a > read more

FF14 Heavensward existing class patch notes thoughts

06/19/2015 04:46:17 AM

Okay second part of Heavensward patch notes regarding existing class changes. Below are just some of my thoughts and speculations. Maybe in the future I can look back and see if they came true? Disclaimer: Note that the only classes I haven't play > read more

FF14 Heavensward patch notes 3.0 thoughts.

06/17/2015 19:28:50 PM

Patch notes are out! Here are my thoughts for most of them. Let's start from the top. Real talk here. Playable Content Areas New areas and stuff. Not much to comment other than graphics. Art-wise for normal non-snowy areas look very Vangua > read more

Casual Connect 2015 Report

06/16/2015 21:56:46 PM

A bit overdue, but I'm gonna just drop this here: My Casual Connect 2015 Report. > read more

Momoko In Eorzea Part 5: "Disappearance of Rai Dunia Side Story: Misadventures of Momoko and her Popotoes"

05/27/2015 12:16:09 PM

(This post is pure 'rant' style. I'm just going to type whatever's on my mind in attempts to recount what was on my mind with minimal vetting, if any at all. Sorry for any bad English you encounter. Please enjoy my verbal vomit ^_^) Last Tuesday, ou > read more

Momoko In Eorzea Part 4: "New weapons and getting ready for Heavensward!"

05/22/2015 09:27:18 AM

Heavensward is coming in around a month time! So some of us are kicking into the gear of clearing as much content as we can before it hits. Well, firstly, we cleared T9 for the first time as an FC! It was a swell journey, hiccups here and there bu > read more

April 2015 update!

05/04/2015 08:39:26 AM

It's April and a month more to my birthday!  So me and a group of friends did a 3-day Tioman retreat. For those who don't know, Tioman is a nice island off the coast of Malaysia. It's nice to experience life with almost no internet for 3-days. So > read more

Momoko In Eorzea Part 3: Final Cutscenes and Zodiacs

04/13/2015 08:53:25 AM

Man...I just finished the final cutscene before Heavensward T_T What an emotional cutscene. So damn much is happening and so damn much happened that it is impossible to talk about it without spoilers. I had many screenshots but alas I cannot sh > read more

Momoko In Eorzea Part 2: Easter!

04/07/2015 01:22:58 AM

Hi all! Easter has come and gone yesterday, both in Eorzea and in real life. Since this is officially the first time I'm doing an Easter related event, I actually consulted the Great Wikipedia to now more about it since I'm not Christian. As us > read more

Momoko In Eorzea Part I: Introduction!

04/01/2015 11:00:13 AM

Heavensward expansion is just around the corner, so what better time to jump start this little blog by chronicling what I spend most of my time doing after work: Final Fantasy XIV! (?`o´)?(?`o´)? Let's go!!! First, a few introductions! A > read more

Lantis Matsuri 2015 in Singapore!

03/29/2015 06:07:48 AM

I rarely type long posts but god Lantis Feastival was INCREDIBLE. Every singer was godlike, and seeing the audience so happy just makes me feel happy too. It's great that despite racial and cultural differences, we can all enjoy the same anisongs tog > read more

Death of Maxis, but of course, right?

03/05/2015 03:06:09 AM

Wow, last month was madness. Tons of crap happened. My mother's attempt at matchmaking, Chinese New Year, and a loooong mad rush to meet deadline at work. I was drained and on a verge of burnout the last couple of days. Thankfully, I think I'm better > read more

A few things I have learnt (Feb 2015 version)

02/01/2015 07:33:23 AM

In just about 4 months, it will officially be my 2nd year working in the games industry. I have been meaning to write about what I have learnt in my 1st year but since I was not doing any real development, I withheld such a post. Now that I was given > read more

Happy New Year 2015!

01/02/2015 01:22:16 AM

It's *that* time of the year again! Time really flies when you are working. This year is the first year I spent all year as a working adult and before I knew it, 2014 has gone. What has happened over the year? It's hard to recollect either beca > read more

AFA2014 aftermaths!

12/10/2014 10:29:30 AM

It's that time of the year again!! Foo~! AFA2014 has been pretty amazing for me. It seems that every year it just gets better and better! Generally, it is much more spacious, though I felt that there is a lot of unused space. Like they could have > read more


11/24/2014 05:26:01 AM

Well, I'm back from Japan. What can I say? I have done all I could over there and it has been a blast! This trip could not have been more perfect. During my trip, I: Met up with colleagues and friends training over there. Obtained a bunch of > read more


11/18/2014 10:05:39 AM

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11/02/2014 04:36:01 AM

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GameStart Asia 2014!

10/15/2014 11:00:07 AM

So 1 week from now, I will most probably be helping out at GameStart's PlayStation Arena to host the 3v3 Guilty Gear Xrd team tournament and also introduce the game to others. The Guilty Gear Fighting game series had been a rather big part of my life > read more

AFA2014 Anisong lineup thoughts

10/13/2014 00:01:14 AM

December is finally around the corner and that means Anime Festival Asia is around the corner, which also means Anisong 2014. By a couple of weeks ago, they have announced the performers coming over so here are some late random thoughts two weeks aft > read more


09/22/2014 03:55:38 AM

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[Programming] #6: Double pointer trick with Linked Lists.

09/06/2014 11:00:51 AM

If you are using C/C++, there is this really cool trick you can use when dealing with linked lists thanks to the existence of pointers. It saves you a bit of memory, computation power and also coding annoying special cases, so why not use it! Hone > read more


08/26/2014 11:51:44 AM

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08/11/2014 10:22:46 AM

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[Programming] #5 Passing by value and reference, with a pinch of const

07/24/2014 22:37:56 PM

This is going to just be a alternate perspective of the good old "pass by values vs pass by reference" programming topic. The motivation of writing this stems from me currently in a working environment with programmers coming from so many different > read more


07/10/2014 10:31:26 AM

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2014/07/05 ????????????

07/04/2014 15:38:27 PM

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SEAM2014 Aftermath

06/28/2014 08:39:19 AM

I like how this post is 1 week late, but it has been a really busy and tiring week. Oh well, here we go! Through some miracle, I was able to make it for South East Asia Major 2014 (SEAM2014). Wow, what a weekend! What an event! Where do I even begin > read more

[Review] Love Live: School Idol Festival.

06/15/2014 08:42:32 AM

It's about damn time I did a game review ^_^ Here we go: "Love Live! School Idol Festival" This iOS/Android social game has been out in Japan for quite some time now (I think more than a year ago?) and I recently picked it up. The English ver > read more

[Programming] #4 Finding the smallest bit in a value

06/08/2014 12:00:02 PM

More bit magic! This time we are going to find the smallest bit in a value. I encountered this problem while implementing uniform grid spatial partition back in school. Basically after some calculations, I would get a resultant value that contains > read more

2014/6/7 ?????

06/07/2014 04:22:36 AM

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Long ass rant mid 2014

06/01/2014 01:49:05 AM

In just a couple of days, I would have been working the work life for 1 year. Thinking back, a lot of things happened in the past year. Well, of course a lot of things happened in a year but it's more so compared to other individual years. Also, some > read more

[Programming] #3: How NOT to use default arguments

05/28/2014 04:23:20 AM

A friend of mine described this code he saw the other day to me in the legacy code of the game he is working in that involves default arguments in functions. I imagine that it looks something like this (it's in PHP): //PHP!! bool someFunc( $a = -1, > read more

[Programming] Negate bits without conditions

05/20/2014 07:44:39 AM

So here's a quick trick with bits! I love bits operations ^_^. Back when I was a student in Digipen, I did this rather naive way to negate bits: char bits = 11 //1011 char mask = 2 //0010 if ( bits & mask ) { // AND operator bits ^= mask; // XOR > read more


05/17/2014 13:45:32 PM

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05/12/2014 13:31:07 PM

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04/30/2014 13:41:23 PM

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Video game violence?

04/12/2014 06:11:00 AM

Haha the blogger app just destroyed my original angsty post. I guess I'm not fated to do a post about this topic. But I don't care, I'm going to just attempt to rewrite everything! Okay anyway. Video Game Violence! Let's go through a bit about it. I > read more

Melancholic Happiness? (+?????)

04/08/2014 20:04:51 PM

I'm feeling kind of melancholic recently. And also in a mood of writing. Problem is, I have no idea what to be melancholic about. SO. Instead of being melancholic, and make myself suffer about thinking about a melancholic topic that I might potenti > read more

[Game Design] MMO Customization thoughts

03/22/2014 00:50:06 AM

I have been playing FF14:ARR for a couple of months now and it was exactly what I expected it to be. It wasn't new  or fresh in anyway. The Armory system is basically multiple characters in one character. FATEs are dynamic events made popular by Gui > read more

Dungeon Keeper Mobile controversy thoughts

03/09/2014 11:14:33 AM

Quite some time ago, I downloaded this new EA social game that uses the beloved Dungeon Keeper IP. I played it for a good while, chose not to commit into it and moved on. That's the end of my side of the story. Months later, I saw waves of hate re > read more

Madoka Magika Movie Afterthoughts

02/09/2014 09:51:02 AM

Oho? What's this? Finally, an anime-related post? You bet! This series has taken me for a crazy ride since it aired in 2011. For those who didn't watch it yet, know that you are missing a hell lot. It is a brutal show with fantastic writing and scr > read more

Icewind Dale 2 - Revisited (Part 5 - Underdark and lots of monks)

01/25/2014 11:50:57 AM

Chapter 4 starts off pretty grandiosely with some epic music outside of the large Black Raven Monastery. It created a sort of excitement within me that caused me to foolishly cause some of my party member to drop to 1 hp for crossing a flimsy bridg > read more

Icewind Dale 2 - Revisited (Part 4 - Trolls and be trolled)

01/25/2014 11:50:48 AM

After getting past the really boring chapter, Black Isle decides to throw me into disarray. Chapter 3 is mindblowing in terms of logic. You'll see what I mean. Leaving the Ice Temple, the party chanced upon a 'wandering village'. In the villag > read more

10 video games that impacted me

01/18/2014 06:42:00 AM

As a game developer/programmer, at one point I feel that it is worth reviewing what games impact my life, to find out the reasons behind the design decisions I make. This is obviously a difficult list to construct as I have played so many games up to > read more

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

01/01/2014 13:31:20 PM

I guess New Year is a great time to sit back and reflect over how everything went for the past entire year. This is gonna be yet another 'New Year Reflection' post that is most probably meant for no one else but mine to see. Why post it? Well, I dunn > read more

[HobbyRPG] Menus!

12/15/2013 09:50:14 AM

Progress seems slow for the past couple of months, with my weekends either packed to the brim with events, or just me falling sick. Either ways, progress must somehow be made so here goes: As expected, this inventory system takes a pretty l > read more

L2P thoughts

12/15/2013 00:22:34 AM

So last week, L2P came and went mostly uneventfully thankfully. I was there on Saturday signing up for Blazblue's 3v3 tournament mostly expecting to lose so that I can provide commentary alongside Yensen. I did play my best, though I feel that > read more

Totori+ Othogalaxen Boss guide (patch 1.02)

12/15/2013 00:20:55 AM

First of all, I am not sure at this time of post whether other versions outside the Japanese one received patch 1.02. If you have been following guides that promotes Dark Water, I am afraid to say that it no longer works. In 1.02, I think the bosses' > read more

Anisong 2013 Aftermath

12/14/2013 23:57:34 PM

Wow. What can I say? Anisong and AFA has grown so much since the first time it was held in 2008. This is by far possibly the most draining. I only went for Saturday's and Sunday's lineup, but I know friends who were overwhelmed with Friday's > read more

Wow, time flies!

10/22/2013 03:35:35 AM

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. Everything just got more hectic and with upcoming games lined up, updating this blog regularly with reviews does not seem likely, feasible and even worth the effort considering the hits they are > read more

Merry Christmas 2011

10/22/2013 03:35:35 AM

Feels like some 'forever alone' post, but nonetheless, Merry Christmas to everyone before the day ends =)It has been a heck of a long and busy year. I haven't been actively playing games nor watching animes. To me, it felt like the "Disappearance of > read more

10 months later in America!

10/22/2013 03:25:18 AM

Welp. I'm finally in America. Just one more semester to go! Seattle's pretty great so far. Everyone here is extremely friendly and nice to me. It's really cold though, and it's just going to get colder. Yes, this is another revival post. Blogger ha > read more


10/22/2013 03:24:34 AM

Whoops! Wow. 6 months since last update? Unheard of! Well, I haven't given up yet, but work has been piling up on me especially for the last semester (which IMO is the worst semester of all). This semester, I have been re-prioritizing reorganizing mi > read more

[HobbyRPG] Dialogs!

10/22/2013 03:22:38 AM

Dialogs! Anyway, the last week was basically trying to get the game running on the device since we wrote so much code since the last time we tested (which is like...the beginning of time when we had only like 2 files or something). The thing is th > read more

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